A Vtech baby walker is one of the best toys you can purchase for your little one, as the educational purpose of such an affordable device is quite unbeatable. Getting informed before making the decision to purchase one model or another can make a difference for your kid, as well as for your budget. Use our buying guide to find the best Vtech baby walker on the market, and help your baby take the first steps with the aid offered by this fun toy. These baby walkers come equipped with all kinds of flashy lights, music and sounds, so your toddler can have a lot of fun.

2.2 VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

What to look for when buying a Vtech baby walker?



Since a baby walker is essential for your baby’s first steps, you also need to make sure that he/she is doing this while being completely safe from accidents. One thing to look for in a baby walker is a sturdy handle, so that the kid can grab it without any fear of slippage. Also, you need to make sure that the walker does not have any sharp edges, as it is fairly easy for kids to just fall and hit their little heads on objects happening to be around. Vtech has a good reputation in making such toys, and their gadgets are usually very kid friendly, especially their baby walkers.


Educational value

Since a Vtech baby walker is more than a simple walker and comes equipped with a baby activity center, you should be interested in the educational value, as well. Look for all kinds of turning gears, spinning wheels, lights and sounds. Since babies at this age learn especially through what they hear and see, it is good to have a baby walker that can provide the right kind of visual and audio stimulation for your kid.


Durability and lifespan

In your quest to find the best baby walker of 2020, do not forget to search for a model that is durable and has good lifespan. The best walkers you can find on the market are supposed to be around your family for up to 30 months, so this is something to consider. Vtech baby walkers are usually difficult to destroy, even when put to heavy work. Pick a model that fits your tastes best and enjoy watching your kid attempting her first steps.



VTech Sit-to-Stand

1.1 VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning WalkerThis particular Vtech model can easily be considered the best Vtech baby walker you can find on the market right now. It comes with a wide array of features, and it is geared towards children of 3 years of age and above. The product is designed to grow with your baby until she is ready to go to school.

An interesting aspect of this particular model is that it comes in various modes and it can even be adapted for different types of learning. For instance, the activity panel is standalone and can be placed on the floor so that your little one can play directly with it. Also, as your kid grows, you can attach the panel to the walker, so that the child continues to learn, while making efforts to walk.

The baby activity center is quite rich in attractions. The 5 piano keys play different notes, the 3 spinning rollers are a lot of fun and the shape sorters help your kid recognize shapes. The built in telephone headset will have your toddler giggle with excitement each time she picks it up and hears animal sounds on the other end. All in all, this walker from Vtech is one of the best baby walkers under $30 you can purchase at the moment.

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Vtech Sit-to-Stand – Pink

2.1 Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker - PinkIn case you are looking for a baby walker for your daughter, look no further than this Vtech baby walker. Like all the Vtech items for kids, this one serves multiple purposes and it comes in a pretty shade of pink that your daughter will absolutely love.

For parents on the lookout for a pretty pink walker, this is a great baby walker with wheels that they can purchase for their kid’s bedroom. The child can play with it inside the room, but she can also take it outside for a ride. As your toddler grows, this baby walker will truly come in handy, as it is designed to accompany your daughter as she gets ready to go to school.

The baby walker reviewed here is a lot of fun. It has three slots that will teach your kid different shapes, a telephone handset that lets various sounds be heard when picked up and piano keys to help your daughter create her own musical pieces, the first in her life.

With a nice design and cute shades of pink, this baby walker is the right choice for any parents. Just enjoy your little one having fun, while trying to make the first steps in her life.

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VTech First Steps

3.1 VTech First Steps Baby Walker New baby walkers in 2020 include this particular Vtech baby walker. The design is simply great, and your kid gets to learn a lot of things while paying with it. The front panel is removable so you can set it on the floor, making it easy for your toddler to play with its features. Parents are particularly satisfied with the fact that the music is entertaining, without being annoying. The play center is truly a delight for any toddler and it has great educational value that parents definitely appreciate in a toy.

Rollers, shapes, animal sounds, music and a telephone handset make this baby walker a good choice for any kid just learning how to get through her first steps. The walker is addressed to children above the age of 3 and it is unisex. In brief, this baby walker is a great choice if you want your kid to learn more than just walking. The entire construction is sturdy, so you can put it to the test all you want, and you will not see it break with ease.

Vtech makes baby walkers that are widely appreciated for their educational value, entertaining options, and sturdy construction, and this particular model is no exception to the rule.

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