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Our mission is to give consumers an edge as they shop online


Shopping online is no longer something reserved for a fortunate few. However, as online shopping has become a regular aspect of day-to-day life, the process hasn’t gotten any easier. Retail sites offer an amazing variety of products and the consumer is now faced with too many choices. Picking a product that you either want or need has become so difficult, that the average individual has to spend at least a few hours consulting reviews and product descriptions before actually making the purchase.

To save you some time and to help you decide faster, we have created top5-reviews.com, a trusty guide that enables you to find the product that you need at the lowest possible price. It’s a new way of shopping online!



Top5-reviews.com will allow you to avoid search engines and their “customized” results!


To make shopping as simple as possible, all you need to do is use the “search” function on our website. You simply type in the product you are interested in and then browse the list of items that best fit your criteria.

Top5-reviews.com will do your research for you as it is able to go through hundreds of the most relevant reviews and find out which products do deserve your consideration. These products are then given a base rating which is assigned according to a multitude of parameters like:

  • Popularity – reflects how well the product is doing on the market, i.e. how many products are sold each day;
  • Brand appreciation – measures how popular a manufacturer is and how its products are received by consumers;
  • Value for money – reflects how a products is perceived by buyers and experts in the field;
  • Price – easiest way of comparing products in the same category.



How are the base ratings determined?


By going through the available online information, Top5-reviews.com has access to expert consumer websites, owner reviews, sales data and the social media activity concerning each product. This information is analyzed with the help of specialist software that generates the base ratings after it has compiled all the information it has gathered. The results are then verified by our team of experts who are tasked with checking whether the search parameters have been influenced by false information which is often found online. As you may know, certain retailers do artificially boost their sales ratings for certain products to make sure they get to sell their entire stock. This and many other practices may influence the results of our algorithms and our team tries to root them out.



What do the base ratings show?


The base ratings are a conventional score that is designed to allow you to quickly and easily compare products against each other. Please keep in mind that the result may vary in time as the market and consumer preferences are continuously evolving. This means that the ratings you see are only relevant for the moment of the search and they are subject to change.



What other information do we provide?


Besides the base rating, you will be able to go through some of the product characteristics for each item on the list and decide whether that particular item is the most appropriate for your needs.


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