Best TV DVD Combo Reviews



Top rated TV DVD Combos in 2021


Having a cramped or confined living space can have its blessings as well as its limitations (Pun Intended). For one, it allows you just enough space to do the most essential. For another, it enables you to check out the best TV DVD comboreviews so you can get a product that suits you just fine.

Of course, the one living in a cramped dorm room, small pad or spare room doesn’t always have to mean you. It could be a sister moving off to college, a son or daughter off to see the big city, or just a grandchild getting their own digs and finally asserting their independence. But whatever the case may be, getting a hold of a great TV DVD combo for Christmas or for any other occasion (or non-occasion) would be highly appreciated by the receiver.

Anyways, if you’re the shopper who wants to bag the best rated TV DVD combo for yourself or for someone else (Let it be me!), there’s a relatively varied but still small market where you can do your shopping. The only trouble is, TV DVD combis more or less offer basically the same features. This makes it more difficult to make a great choice. None of the major TV brands have jumped in on the market.  That leaves less popular brands to cover an apparent and still viable market for profitability. The key for buyers however, is to be able to discern which brands cater to their specific requirements on the best rated TV DVD combo.

One limiting factor to such an appliance, no matter how well the manufacturer builds up their product, is the fact that the TV component typically outlives the DVD component. It is therefore a huge necessity to bag the best Black Friday deals on a product that can match its versatile use with dependable quality on both components. Having a TV DVD combi repaired may prove to be a costlier proposition than say, just getting a straightforward flat screen TV and a Blu-ray DVD player. And yes, since we’re on Blu-ray players, there are some TV DVD combos where the player component is unable to adopt the Blu-ray technology on video, movie or music media. Simply put, they can’t play Blu-ray discs. Oh darn!

But wait! You don’t have to feel hopeless or disenchanted about getting a most reliable unit that can aptly address your issues on versatility and space-saving concepts. Thanks to TV DVD combos, you can insert a disc into the built-in slot of the television. Pretty nifty really, especially since TV DVD combi manufacturers have finally begun to outdo each other on the slimness of their units. No homeowner planning to upgrade their appliance collection would be remiss for getting a unit that can handle the need for saving space and enjoying two appliance functions with just one product.

Therefore, get thee to an appliance store where you can bag an affordable unit for your living room or entertainment center. However, make sure that whatever choice you make for the best TV DVD combo 2021 has all the elements presented above.


Things to consider:

–          Good quality surround sound that can rival that of a TV and DVD player as separate components, for optimal enjoyment

–          High-definition TV and DVD capability, for sharp picture quality alone or when connected to a blu-ray disc player

–          A TV tuner for free TV broadcasts aside from the occasional DVD, because there are just some things you can’t do without

–          Great variety of inputs and outputs to provide connectivity when it matters the most


Magnavox 28MD403V/F7 Hi-Definition HDTV/Built-In DVD Player


With a premium resolution of 720p, the Magnavox 28MD403V/F7 Hi-Definition HDTV with Built-In DVD Player promises optimum enjoyment for those who value good quality entertainment. The slim design carries the LED backlight technology well, enabling it to deliver images with ideal contrast, with bright whites and profound blacks on the same image. The Magnavox HDTV with Built-in DVD player has an integrated ATSC TV tuner for HDTV broadcast reception so you can enjoy free TV aside from having a DVD player at your disposal. Enriched color performance is obtainable thanks to this system’s dynamic contrast. Straightforward switching from free TV use and back is offered, making this thebest TV DVD combo 2021. When a DVD is pushed into the player, the unit automatically turns to DVD mode. Pressing the channel button switches it back to TV mode.

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JVC LT-32DE73 LED HDTV/DVD Player Combo


The JVC LT-32DE73 LED HDTV/DVD Player Combo brings high-def home cinema experience to smaller living spaces. It boasts of a wide screen measuring 32 inches. Picture quality rivals that of larger TVs in a convenient size ideal for a dorm room, den, office or bedroom. This product is lauded in plenty of best TV DVD combo reviews due to its slim design with LED backlight, which enables it to deliver amazing color and clarity through dynamic and intensive contrast. Whites are brighter and blacks are darker, ensuring great contrast in images. The appliance is so versatile it can even be used as a computer monitor especially for gaming. Enjoy your favorite DVDs on the built-in DVD player, which eliminates the need for separately purchasing a separate component.

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Axess TVD1801-13 LED TV/DVD Player


With maximum resolution of 1366 x 768, the Axess TVD1801-13 13.3″ LED TV/DVD Player ensures that you can enjoy clear images and great details in the images. It has a good contrast ratio of 500:1, for whiter whites and deeper blacks. It has a built-in digital and analog television tuner, making it highly versatile for whatever kind of technology is available in the community. It offers 12V car cord technology so you can bring the unit along when you travel and enjoy watching your favorite DVDs on the road. The USB input and HDMI input slots allow connectivity for greater variety on media that you can enjoy on the unit. It has multi-language screen display so you can adjust the settings effortlessly without worrying about having to translate.

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Featuring a 32-inch display, the RCA LED32B30RQD 32-Inch LED HDTV/DVD Combo offers several technological advances in video and audio to give you value-for-money home theater experience like no other. It offers HD 720p resolution for powerful image quality supplemented by stunning clarity and vivid, lifelike color. High contrast ratio and brightness levels ensure premium quality 1366 x768 resolution pictures for HD viewing. Slim cabinet design engineered with high quality ensures easy integration with the rest of your home theater appliances or living room décor, with its 16:9 wide screen that delivers sharp images with amazing detail. The product offers 3500:1 contrast ratio, ensuring deep blacks and clear pictures and even shadow details. Clear motion scenes are generated thanks to the fast 6.5ms Response Time.

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Proscan LED-HDTV W/Built-In DVD Player


Brighten up your children’s room, play room, college dorm, office, bedroom,  or any location where a diverse but compact TV DVD combo can prove to be the best element yet. The Proscan 19-Inch LED-HDTV W/Built-In DVD Player has ATSC Digital Tuner so you can maximize free TV broadcasts at your leisure. The 16:9 aspect ratio makes it a high-definition TV ideal for enjoying movies, and when used as a computer monitor, for appreciating graphics and images on various computer programs and applications.  It has the following connections: VGA, HDMI, YPbPr, Coaxial Out, PC Audio, AV Audio/Video, Headphone and RF so you can do more with just a single appliance. The Proscan 19-Inch LED-HDTV W/Built-In DVD Player also offers exceptional sound quality so you can fully appreciate movies and free TV programs the way the director meant you to.

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Best RF Modulator Reviews



Top rated RF Modulators in 2021


From the 30 various brands and models of RF modulators that I found, I managed to trimmed them down in to five to make it easier to make a well-informed choice. I consulted with some experts and read best RF modulator reviews to make sure that my recommendations will lead into the highest level of satisfaction.


Channel Plus 5445 Quad Channel RF Modulator


Best RF Modulator ReviewsIn your quest towards being able to find the best RF modulator in 2021, you should not forget to take a look at this model. The rock solid built of this model has made it win the hearts of many people. This is simply indicative of the durability of the product. Even after many years of using such, this will not surely call for an immediate replacement. It is sure to withstand even the most demanding use of the product. It also works once taken right out of the box. There is no more need for you to deal with complicated setup or series of instructions before it can be finally operated.

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Dynex WS-007 RF Modulator


This will prove to be another option that will not lead into frustration when it comes to the best RF modulator in 2021. If you think that your old TV is no longer useful, you have to think again. With a device like this one, you can still make it functional. This modulator will make it possible to establish connection with newer components that are no longer compatible with your TV that has been around for a long time already. To add, the high quality of this product has been noted by many, which makes it exceed even those that are found in the higher end of the market.

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RadioShack 15-2526 RF Modulator


As you try to evaluate the possible choices when it comes to the top rated modulator in 2021, make sure that this specific model is included in the list of possibilities. The excellent conversion capability of this model will make it functional for a variety of purposes. One thing that makes it the preferred choice of some people is that it is exactly as it has been described by the manufacturer. This is as against in the case of other products that are deceptive from the way that they are advertised, which can prove to be really frustrating in the end.

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RCA CRF940 RF Modulator


Among others, the reasonable price tag of this model can be considered as a paramount reason on why it has never failed to gather words of praises from its users. This is considered to be the most ideal device to have if you need to deal with various inputs, especially if you are using an older model of TV. There are various inputs found in the product, making it compatible with multiple devices. One good thing about the product is that the connectors are gold-plated, which makes it able to resist corrosion and allows the product to withstand many years of use with little or no maintenance at all.

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Channel Plus 5415 Single Channel RF Modulator


Best RF Modulator ReviewsAs it has been noted in the best RF modulator reviews, there is no doubt that this is one option that is sure to not bring regrets. The positive experiences that have been shared by other people can provide you with the guarantee of being able to enjoy nothing but the highest level of satisfaction from this product. You can expect the output to be crisp. Otherwise, this would have never been voted by its users as amongst the best. Given the positive attributes of this product, there is no doubt that it can provide the best value for money.

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Best Flat Screen TV Reviews



Top rated flat screen TVs in 2021


Your entertainment room will not be complete without a TV in it. In this case, you should not just choose any TV. You should choose one that has been positively received in the best flat screen TV reviews. If you are clueless on what these models are, reading the remaining paragraphs can prove to be a lot of help.


How to select the best flat screen TV for the money –  Professional Buying Guide


With so many televisions on the market, you may be at a loss when you are trying to choose between the most popular flat screen TVs. We have created this buying guide the help you navigate some of the highest rated features and choose the right television for your home.

Beside budget, the size of the television is one of the most important factors when choosing a TV. If the TV is going to go in a large room and will be the focal point, you will want to choose a bigger screen—and of course, a smaller room would benefit most from a smaller screen. The size of the screen is important because you want to have the most comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience.

After you decide what is the best size for the intended space, you will want to decide what type of TV you want. If you are looking for an affordable flat screen TV, you may want to choose an LCD device. While LCDs do not give you the sharpest picture, it does give you a nice picture for the cost. If you are able to spend a little bit more money, you may want to look at LED-back lit LCD televisions. This television is slimmer than most flat screens and they produce colors that are more vibrant and richer blacks than regular LCD TVs. At the very top of the flat screen TV hierarchy is the plasma TV. Plasma TVs give off the best picture quality and are usually only available in sets that are over 42 inches. Keep in mind that if you choose a plasma TV, it is a large an investment.

why to buy from amazon

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Available Sizes Price HDMI Ports Smart TV Our Rating Where to buy

Vizio M701d-A3R

70 inch $$$$ 4 YES A+ AMAZON

LG 47LN5700

39 – 55 inch $$$ 3 YES B+ AMAZON

Samsung UN40EH5000

32 – 50 inch $$ 2 No B+ AMAZON

Panasonic TC-L60DT60

60 inch $$$$ 3 YES B AMAZON

Vizio E390-B1

39 inch $$ 2 No C+ AMAZON


In a world where high definition is everything, you will have to choose a resolution. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that smaller sets can get away with running off a 720p resolution and still have a nice picture. Larger sets will require 1080p or higher in order to have the crisp picture that you expect with a new flat screen TV.

Television technology has improved and manufacturers have created 4k ultra HD TVs, which is the highest resolution you can get now. What this means is has double the vertical and horizontal resolution of regular 1080p televisions. Because this technology is still new, it is an expensive option.

Other than these basic considerations, you may be wondering about other special features to look for. The best rated televisions include features like 3D capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and App integration like Netflix, Hulu and other streaming sources. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to forego these extras, as they can boost the cost considerably.

When you are choosing between what kind of television you want to purchase, keep these things in mind during your decision-making process.


Things to consider:

  • Your budget is an important factor, as it dictates what size the TV may be, what type of TV you can get, and the features you can afford.
  • LCD TVs are affordable options that produce a decent picture whereas plasma televisions can give you the best picture for your money. LED-backlit LCD TVs are a nice middle ground television because it is affordable but still can produce a vivid colors and crisp lines.
  • A good rule of thumb is choose a 720p resolution TV for small TVs and 1080p or 4K for larger TVs. The smaller television will still look good with 720p but you will notice a difference if you have a large screen that has a 720p resolution.



Vizio M701d-A3R Smart LED HDTV


Compared to the older models that have been released by Vizio, this model takes pride into having an improved user-interface that makes its operation a snap to accomplish. It also has the internet connectivity to allow you to access a multitude of apps online. The 3D technology that is found in this model has cinema-like quality. It comes packaged with 8 3D glasses that will surely be more than enough for what you need. It also has LED backlighting that can adjust automatically based on the dimness in the room where you are watching. Lastly, it has 240HZ refresh rate that eliminates blurring.



There are thousands of Americans trying to find which product is the best from the many Smart LED TVs out there. For them we recommend the M701d-A3R Smart LED TV, a 70 inch source of vibrant entertainment which every movie lover will undoubtedly appreciate

Due to its stylish construction and part of M-Series the TV is designed to offer edge-to-edge picture, with clear colors and vibrant contrasts

Equipped with an advanced Razor LED backlighting technology this Smart TV delivers brilliant pictures with rich blacks and bright whites, needed to offer complete cinematic experience

Designed with Theater 3D technology comes with 8 pairs of 3D glasses, this Smart LED TV can deliver Full HD in 1920 x 1080p resolution, with high fidelity to colors and background layers



Does not come with a HDMI cable (this is an accessory sold separately)

Some setup is needed in order to set the optimal viewing experience


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LG 47LN5700 Smart HDTV


While you will most often use your TV in watching movies and your favorite shows, this model can do more than that, which is exactly one of the reasons on why it is considered to be amongst the best flat screen TV in 2021. This unit will provide you with internet access, allowing you to be entertained in a variety of ways. This also offers one-of-a-kind experience when it comes to connectivity. You will find it easy to access a wide array of contents from various external devices. The dashboard can be also personalized so that your favorite contents will be within easy reach.



As one of the most popular products from LG Electronics, the 47LN5700 Smart TV is designed to offer a vibrant visual experience in full HD 1080p which movie fans will definitely adore

With built-in Wi-Fi technology this LED Smart TV allows users to easily access entertaining video content such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube or Amazon Videos

This affordable flat screen TV features an advanced TruMotion 120 Hz technology which provides an interactive visual experience, set in high brightness, color details and unprecedented clarity

The television set comes with an intuitive Magic remote which offers users the chance to control video content with gestures and voice



The included remote control does not come with batteries (sold separately)

Does not offer access to Smart Share through NFC enabled technology


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Samsung UN40EH5000 LED HDTV


As you look for the best flat screen TV in 2021, brand name is an important factor to consider. With such, this is one option that you will surely not regret as it is made by Samsung, which is one of the most trusted names within the product category. In addition, since this is LED, you will also be happy that it offers energy efficiency. If you are concerned about your impacts to the environment, it is good to know that this is made from materials that do not cause harm to the environment. This unit comes with an Eco light sensor that automatically configures picture quality based on the light in the room.



Considered by many people as the best flat screen TV for the money from Samsung, the UN40EH5000 offers images that simply impress with clarity in deep blacks and pure whites, needed to create a thrilling visual experience

Features the Clear Motion Rate 120 which permits users to enjoy high actioned movies without worrying about blurriness

This television set incorporates Wide Color Enhancer Plus which sets the basis for a thriving cinematic feel, with sharp and vivid contrast during each video played

Incorporates an USB connection that allows people to play music, movies or view photos directly on TV



The included remote control does not come with batteries (sold separately)

Does not come with a HDMI cable (available for purchase separately)


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Panasonic TC-L60DT60 LED HDTV


Best Flat Screen TV Reviews3D viewing is considered by many to be the next generation in home entertainment experience. With such, you can consider buying this TV, which comes with four pairs of polarized glasses. More so, the best flat screen TV reviews have also noted that this is a good model because of the picture quality that can be delivered by such. Even if you are watching fast-moving scenes, you will not experience blurring as the images will still be as clearly as possible. The IPS LED panel of this model should be also highlighted as it provides optimized viewing experience in different angles.



Since there are so many people trying to figure out what are the best products from the current offer on TVs, we decided to offer assistance. On this note, we recommend the TC-L60DT60 60 inch LED TV from Panasonic, a model capable of delivering amazing picture quality

The LED TV has a sleek and minimalist profile which makes it easy for people to install it in different rooms without worrying about compromising the overall décor

Comes equipped with Intelligent Local Dimming technology that ensures rich gradation, intense colors and smooth dark scenes

Features Super Clear Resolution and a powerful image processor which makes the television set able to render high-resolution images with realistic details



The remote control requires some accommodation with audio and video controls but not much


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Vizio E390-B1 LED Smart TV


If you are still on your search for the top rated flat screen TV in 2021, you should not forget to take a look at this model. The built-in Wi-Fi that is found in this model will provide you with the opportunity to access movies and games, among other things that can be found online. It has the ability to create stunning images through the crystal clear display that will make it possible to see even the smallest details. It also has HDMI connections so that you can access contents from various external devices and enjoy them in high quality.



As the highest rated flat screen TV from VIZIO, the E390-B1 LED HDTV features crystal-clear LED-lit technology for a vibrant visual experience, packed with rich colors and vivid contrast

This television set can deliver Full HD 1080p resolution which means that users will enjoy crystal clear images during each video played

With an ultra-slim 10mm frame this TV is 30% thinner than other models from this category, making it perfect for any home theme

Due to the USB port, people can play music, movies or view photos directly on the TV without any problems whatsoever



The user manual should’ve included more information on connectivity possibilities


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Best DTV Converter Box Reviews



Comparison Table


Product Dimensions (inches) Price Dolby Digital Remote Our Rating Where to buy

Mediasonic HW180STB

7.1 x 1.4 x 4.5 $$$ YES YES A+ AMAZON

iView 3500STBII

5 x 7 x 3 $$$ YES YES A AMAZON

HomeWorx HW100STB

8 x 7 x 9 $$$$ No YES C AMAZON

Sansonic FT-300A

7 x 4 x 1 $$$$$ No YES B AMAZON

Apex DT250A




Top rated DTV Converter Boxes in 2021


With the switch from analog programming to digital transmission, the best DTV converter box reviews have collected a much wider readership base. Offering clearer and higher transition programming, digital program providers have been able to show the public how digital platforms revolutionize TV viewing experience, with outstanding voice and data services being added to the picture. Installation is relatively easy with an existing coaxial cable, plus the antenna in and TV out ports of your television. Just take your cue from the five brands described below and start enjoying what high definition viewing is all about.



Mediasonic HW180STB


Best DTV Converter Box ReviewsThe Mediasonic HW180STB HomeWorx Digital Converter Box is your top choice for best DTV converter box 2021 thanks to its ability to convert digital ATSC transmission for your analog and digital TV monitor or projector. It has Media Player Function and supports Dolby Digital. The HDMI Out simplifies things with easy installation. It also supports USB Flash Drive up to 64 GB and serves as a USB Multimedia Player. Additionally, the HW180STB supports MPEG-1 Layer I & II Dolby Digital Audio so you can enjoy immersive sound that just can’t be beat.


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iView 3500STBII


Want a digital video recorder or DVR/tuner without recurring monthly fees? Then hurry up and get what the top DTV converter box reviews have been talking about: the iView 3500STBII Multi-Function Digital Converter Box. Capable of pulling in over-the-air or free and cable broadcasts, the iView 3500STBII is also able to record shows to a USB hard drive or a USB stick. Connect your 500GB USB drive to the USB Media Port of the 3500STBII and then install a UHF/VHF antenna for the home. Then you can record a great number of shows in HD, without having to pay monthly fees.


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HomeWorx HW100STB


Enjoy analog-to-digital conversion even when your TV is of conventional analog type with the best DTV converter box 2021: the HomeWorx HW100STB ATSC Digital Converter Box.  With Electronic Program Guide or EPG, the HomeWorx HW100STB provides a wealth of program information that you’ve not seen before with your older analog TV transmissions. Have your own Favorite channel list. You can exercise parental controls on programs. The HW100STB has Auto Tuning, signal quality indicator, composite output (RCA) and closed captioning. An Emergency Alert System (EAS) displays emergency information from TV stations.


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Sansonic FT-300A


Even older TVs deserve to get connected to digital TV signals even without a cable or satellite subscription. Get news, TV shows and programs even on your conventional analog TV sets when you have the Sansonic FT-300A Digital-To-Analog TV Converter Box. Just plug in your RF coaxial cable connection with composite video and audio outputs, and start enjoying remarkable channel display, V-Chip parental controls and closed captioning.  The Sansonic TV Converter Box has selectable channel 3 or 4 analog output. It easily supports system and programming information in both digital widescreen 16:9 and standard 4:3 definition aspect ratios.


Buy from for ($62.98)




Apex DT250A


The Apex DT250A Digital Converter Box is mentioned countless times in many best DTV converter box reviews thanks to its lightweight profile. The Apex DT250A Digital Converter Box tips the scales at just two pounds. It comes with a remote control and an RCA output.  Just plug your TV’s coaxial cable into the digital converter box and begin viewing high definition digital transmissions from providers. The set comes with an A/V cable and a coaxial cable so you don’t have to purchase those separately. You can install the box yourself or ask a professional to do it for you.


Buy from for ($49.98)




Best slingbox alternative reviews


Everybody wants to have one controller for all smart and tech devices inside their homes. And, although these alternatives could be a bit pricier, they will certainly help you easily control your TVs, media players, tablets, and even phones or game consoles. However, there are plenty of such products on the market and, if you don’t have enough time to review them properly, you will find it difficult to make a choice. We have reviewed these products for you and came to the conclusion that the Roku Express – HD Streaming player is the best item because it delivers fast HD streaming for an amazing price, you can control all smart devices in your house, and it provides simple navigation for all users. If the Roku Express is not available for purchase, you can always opt for the Roku Premiere – HD and 4K as a viable alternative in terms of performance.



Comparison Table



The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


Finding the right Slingbox alternative could prove a bit difficult, especially with so many options available on the market right now. We have to admit that we live in a fully digital and interconnected world, where multimedia content doesn’t only refer to what you see on TV. Thus, in order to share experiences faster and easier with your friends, as well as to ease your access to all this multimedia content available online, you will require an additional tool. You can see it as a universal remote, the product that gives you access to a whole world of entertainment.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of Slingbox alternatives on the market right now that allows you full access to your TV content on all devices, but you need to spend some time searching for the right product. So, if you want to achieve all that and not spend all the money on the process, you need to take into consideration some characteristics.


Cost-effective alternatives

Registering to Slingbox may not prove such a good TV alternative at the end of the day because you will have to spend additional amounts of money to have access to all your favorite content. Some products and content distributors may not even be accessible, so you will end up paying more for seeing less.

Luckily, there are plenty of viable alternatives on the market right now. So, in terms of cost and efficiency, you will want to purchase a product that allows you to see all your TV content anywhere in the house or anywhere you will have a good wifi connection and a portable screen. From smart TVs to smartphones, and tablets, you will be able to watch your favorite shows anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, you will also be able to record your favorite TV shows or games and watch them later. Some Slingbox alternatives enable other additional available options, transforming all your displays into true multimedia channels. So why pay more for one platform when you can choose more viewing options with the same amount of money or considerably less?

Viewing profiles

If you’re not pleased with your current TV cable providers, a Slingbox alternative allows you all the freedom in the world. And, just as with any other multimedia package available, you can choose between different viewing profiles and options, depending on your monthly price range, as well as your own preferences.

For instance, if you have access to HD and full HD devices and want to experience cable-free television on all of these devices, you will have to apply for a premium package that allows HD transmission on all of these devices. This means you will be able to watch all your favorite TV shows, movies, and matches in full clarity, as long as your transmitters allow the high-definition technology.

On the other hand, if you’re only interested in frugal television, a basic package will provide you will all of these benefits, for a fraction of the cost. These packages are mainly suitable for older people who don’t care too much about seeing all images crystal-clear but are still looking for cheaper alternatives to traditional TV cables.

Full multimedia content

If you decide on such a device, make sure you can watch and enjoy all private televisions, and still be able to browse the Internet, save and share photos, watch YouTube videos, and more. We suggest opting for devices that have other TV platforms integrated, from Amazon Video to HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu, and other platforms. This way, you will get to stay connected and watch your favorite shows everywhere you have access to an Internet connection.



Products for Specific Needs


Best Slingbox Alternative with Tuner


SiliconDust HDHomeRun HDHR4-2US


Because this device has dual tuners, you can watch live television on a DLNA-compatible device. This includes smart TVs, game consoles, media players as well as any computer that may have access to your network. The SiliconDust HDHomeRun Media player is the best Slingbox Alternative with a Tuner because you are able to record full 1080o broadcast resolution, watch, pause, reward live television, and record all of your favourite television shows. On top of all this, you can also access two channels at once.



Buy from for ($99)




Best Slingbox Alternative with HDMI


D-Link The Boxee Box HD


With the Boxee Media player, you can access your favourite television shows and movies from Netflix and Vudu on your HDTV instantly. You can also access media files like videos, songs, and other pictures that may be on your computer or your home network with this box. This is the best slingbox alternative with HDMI capabilities because you can access your media quickly and on your television through the HDMI cord that is included. It is recommend that you use a wired, high speed internet connection to connect the devices.



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Best Slingbox Alternative from Belkin

Belkin @TV Plus 


With this slingbox alternative, you are able to watch television anywhere—this includes live sporting events, shows and movies. You can access the media from any smartphone, tablet, or laptop that has access to Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks. Because the device works on a Wi-Fi connection that is built into the device, you do not have to worry about purchasing a separate adapter or running an Ethernet cable to the device. Some say this is the best slingbox alternative from Belkin because it allows you to record directly to mobile device. You can watch anything that you have previously recorded onto your DVR or your mobile device.



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Top rated sling box alternatives in 2021


Following people’s demands and meeting their needs is the role of technology that has always come forward with the greatest, most efficient and professional products. The best sling box alternative reviews introduce the world to the finest models that allow their users to watch any TV shows from their mobile devices.



Roku Express 


If you’re looking for one of the most affordable multimedia remotes and HDhomeruns, this is definitely the product for you. For just a fraction of the cost of regular TV cable, this Roku device allows you to watch your favorite shows, movies, and serials, in the comfort of your own home, on all smart devices. From smartphones to tablets or smart TVs, you will have access to over 4,500 multimedia channels filled with music, movies, TV shows, and more.

The easy-to-use remote will give you instant access to your favorite online platforms – from Netflix to Hulu, Google Play, and Sling – everything will be much easier to browse and watch.



The product does not require additional monthly rental fees paid to enjoy a smart house, fully connected to the multimedia content.

The product delivers fast HD streaming for low prices, giving you access to over 4,500 channels and entertaining possibilities.

The easy-to-use remote will easily help you navigate through the listed options, allowing you to choose your favorite private television, and watch your favorite shows.



Some of the clients who purchased the product complained about the bad customer service that doesn’t offer the required support to all of its clients. This is a basic version so some of the Roku features may not be available.


Buy from for ($45.95)




Roku Premiere 


Another visionary product from Roku, this HDhomerun will work perfectly on all HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs in your house. The product comes with a fast quad-core processor, as well as well dual-band wireless for impeccable live transmissions without interruptions. The signal is very strong so you will enjoy digital TVs in high clarity and definitions, without having to worry about buffering times or low Internet speed.

Thanks to this device, it is now extremely easy to have access to over 4,500 paid and free TV channels, including the most popular platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, or PBS Kids.



The unbiased search allows you to easily browse through the multitude of channels and find the cheapest rates, and even free access to your favorite television programs.

Thanks to the Roku mobile app you can use the voice search, share photos and videos with other Roku users or your own contacts via wireless apps, as well as listen to your TV shows using headphones.



The HDMI cable on this product is not included, meaning you will have to pay extra if you want to watch all programs in high-definition. In addition, you will have to buy a separate Roku access for all your TVs, so it is not truly rentable if you think in perspective.


Buy from for ($69.98)





Amazon Fire TV Stick 


Since it is easy to install and utilize, the Fire TV Stick should be at the top of the list of products that you ought to consider. It comes with a plethora of content from various apps and providers ranging from Netflix to Hulu and HBO NOW.

The Alexa Voice Remote boasted by this choice enables you to pronounce your favorite TV show. Like magic, the device will do its job and start streaming that particular channel where the program is broadcasted.



With this choice, you have access to over one hundred and ninety channels from excellent providers.

The model comes with Alexa Voice Remote, which means that all you’ll have to do to watch your favorite show is pronounce its name.

It’s one of the most budget-friendly choices out there, so if you’re trying to keep it simple and cheap, you should consider it.

Best of all, the unit picks up right where you left off. Connectivity isn’t an issue as this device works with HDMI and WiFI.



Some of the apps made available by the various providers compatible with the Fire TV Stick aren’t particularly advanced.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




SiliconDust HD HomeRun HDHR3-US


If you need the very best sling box alternative products right in your hands, then the SiliconDust digital TV will bring all you have longed for, due to its utmost efficiency and 2 digital tuners that both ensure supreme comfort and customer satisfaction. It is a handy product that comes with a stylish design that can perfectly fit in any house and any style.

Furthermore, it offers options such as Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial TV and both unencrypted cable and ATSC digital TV. Definitely, one of the most advanced models that can bring tomorrow’s technology and features in your everyday life.



Considered by many as the best rated sling box alternative from SiliconDust, the HDHomeRun digital TV is a TV tuner that once connected to the home router provides access to TV everywhere a computer is present

Working in unison with Windows Media Center, the tuner permits users to record live high definition TV shows, movies or sports or stream them wirelessly on smartphones or IPads

Due to its HD streaming functionality, the device can stream full quality digital stream in 720p or 1080i video resolution when possible

It requires a computer with Dual Core processor, 1 GB of RAM and 1 to 4 GB of space for a 1 or 2 hours of digital TV recording



The set-up process takes some time, around 30 to 40 minutes after following all the instructions from the manual


Buy from for ($99)




Vulkano Flow 010410VF


Modesty is not typical of the products that are listed in the best sling box alternative reviews, since they reach excellence and top quality. The easily installed Vulcano Flow model is such a high quality product and offers its users the benefit to both control their TV set and also watch their favorite programs while being practically anywhere out there, due to its advanced features that allow 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity options. Apart from streaming TV from any room of your house without the need of a wire, this product that has jumped out of the tops of all sling box alternative deals, guarantees that you will get your favorite shows recorded in the hard drive of your pc or Mac easily, leaving all worries behind.



Presently the highest rated product from Vulkano, the Flow Mobile device is the ideal accessory to watch popular TV shows, movies or talk-shows on TVs, PCs, smartphones or tablets

This mobile device permits users to record video or audio content on the DVR and then playback it whenever they desire

With a sleek and contemporary design, this digital media recorder offers the TV experience under the strict control of the user

Considered by many as a great product for Christmas the device incorporates an electronic program guide that allows users to keep track of the TV content



Requires connection to the internet and cable service to operate

Requires the Vulkano app in order to stream video content which is sold separately at a low price


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Belkin TV Plus G1V1000


Not any product can be considered a worthy candidate of the best and finest sling boxes, since not all provide professionalism or come with the latest technological features. However, the Beikin @TV has conquered the tops of all the best sling box alternative reviews with its 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity options that give its users the privilege to enjoy any show, movie, documentary, musical, concert or other favorite program at the comforts of their tablet, smartphone or notebook. In addition, the Belkin TV set provides a feature that can record any selected TV program or show on a mobile device, regardless of the user’s position inside the house or far away from it.



Most of the Black Friday deals on sling box alternative include the Plus Mobile Television Anywhere from Belkin, a device which permits people to watch sports, movies, television and TV shows direction on smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs

Due to its Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G compatibility the device permits users to stream live or recorded videos on different media devices

It comes with a specific TV Plus applications with works on most tablets, PCs, Mac computers and smartphones

Backed by an exclusive 2 year warranty this device also includes Swipe Surf which allows users to scroll through channels in style or tap to record videos



The software occupies 250 MB of storage space

The iPhone application is sold separately


Click to see the price on Amazon!





SiliconDust HDhomerun – Not available


This HDhomerun will provide free HDTV, as well as live and recorded HDTV shows on plenty of wifi devices, from personal computers to smartphones, tablets, and more.

If you purchase this product you will drastically cut the spending on cable TV monthly rental fees for additional products with similar technologies. You will also end up paying less every month and enjoy a rich streaming content, on both free and pre-paid TV platforms.

You can even watch and record in full 1080p resolution thanks to this HDhomerun product. Enjoy multiple TV entertaining options through this device.



Watch, record, watch live or save for later your favorite TV shows and programs with this universal HDhomerun device.

For just a fraction of the monthly cost of cable TV you are now allowed to watch a full entertainment content, no matter your preferences. Watch in HD everything you want.

It is suitable with most of new-generation HD TVs, regardless of the manufacturer, including Apple TVs.



Some of the customers claimed the client service was not extremely helpful, taking it long enough to solve issues. Moreover, if you want the product to be mounted by specialists, expect paying large amount of extra money.



Roku LT – Not Available


Best sling box alternative reviews

Combining advanced technology and innovative design, people are introduced to the Roku LT model as it is one of the most updated and solid products that are available to the market so far. Its users are granted with great comforts and huge selection of options when referring to watching TV, since they are allowed to watch more than 300 channels in perfect clarity that makes the whole cinematic experience as one of the kind. Moreover, it offers HD streaming and HD resolution of 720p that provide high compatibility with almost any type of TV set.  Of course, we are dealing with a true representative of the best sling boxes with features that make many other products of this type simply history.


Monsoon Multimedia 010410VL – Vulkano Lava


Among the numerous contented customers, the vast majority had decided to pick up a product from the best sling box alternative lists and in particular the Monsoon Multimedia 010410VL model. It is a fine product that delivers various connectivity options that allow your TV set to have complete access to your smartphone, pictures, music and videos, via its UPnP technological feature. In addition, it gives its users the ability to both control the TV set from any location and watch their favorite programs by utilizing their mobile devices. Needless to say that a product enlisted in this year’s deals would also provide comforts within the house’s grounds and the Monsoon model couldn’t be an exception.




SlingBox Alternatives – What to Look For:


Home entertainment is important for thousands of Americans that desire to discover moments of joy and relaxation whenever they turn on the TV. For years now people have used Sling box or Sling box alternatives in order to control different media sources with limited effort. Recent statistics show that more and more people are trying their best to discover entertaining and easy to use sling box alternatives. Fortunately the market is more than willing to help people expand their media fun sources. People desire to easily control and share data from the TV and other media devices and thus create a vibrant source of entertainment. Discovering the right sling box alternative requires proper guidance since the market’s offer can be pretty overwhelming.

In order to make people’s job easier we decided to lend a helping hand by testing 30 of the most popular Sling box alternatives in 2021. Each product was tested for 4 hours by skilled engineers. When the test results came through we managed to carefully write the best slingbox alternative reviews. You should take a second to consult professional information on these products in order to safely determine which one deserves to be in your home. A good media device allows you to control every entertainment source. With a simple web connection to your smartphone, notebook or even tablet you will be able to control every media source. The videos will appear on the screen just like on the TV. In the comfort of your home you will enjoy seeing movies, TV-shows, applications and even games. Finding the right sling box alternative might take some time if you don’t have access to professional buying guides.

How to find the best sling box alternative in 2021? Well, this is a tough question. First of all you have to understand how the machine works. This electronic device allows people to share different data with minimal effort. You will be able to watch different channels even if you are on vacation. The device manages to stream media signals in the home network, for added joy and fun. You should also see whether or not the service is fully compatible with your home HDTV. Furthermore connect the MHL adapter with smartphone or tablet for easy video management. Remote viewing and safe television programming becomes easier than ever! The sling box alternative will set a vibrant connection to media entertainment!

With the best sling box alternative in 2021 you will be able to watch movies, TV-shows, concerts and documentaries with minimal effort. Furthermore the device helps you browse around for the right movie, ideal after a long day of work. Out of the most popular sling box alternatives available on the market include some of the following Vulkano Lava, Roku Box, Apple TV, Belkin TV, HDHomeRun and even Monsoon HAVA Platinum. These entertainment devices are very popular Americans that love true entertainment. Share whatever you like, in matters of movies, music and concerts. With the right device you’ll enjoy vibrant media fun whenever you want!





Best AV Receivers 2021



If you’re here just to find the best AV receivers and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information.We have collected a vast reservoir of information on the best AV receiver by compiling ratings on expert review sites and taking those along with actual owner feedback. Thankfully, our tireless research and information gathering have led us to the best unit on the market, the Onkyo TX-RZ800, which has separate amp and processing blocks housed in one space-saving box, requiring less complicated setup and operation. The three-stage inverted Darlington Circuitry on all channels ensures a noise-free signal path, delivering impressive audio performance for home theater setups that will make any audiophile feel on top of the world. Enjoy steady control over the speaker drivers that feature high-current amps for impressive clear sound, earth shaking bass and awesomely focused audio image. If you love THX movies, you will truly appreciate the power of this AV receiver to turn up the audio setup even more for nothing less than pure, sonic heaven. If the Onkyo TX-RZ800 is unavailable, we highly recommend the Yamaha RX-V379BL as an excellent second best option.


Top rated AV Receivers reviews


IWhile stereo receivers operate as two-speaker units that can be placed in multiple rooms, the best AV receivers 2021 are built to get one up on their mechanical counterparts by adding digital audio processing, switching, surround-sound capability, digital video processing, network video and audio support plus automatic speaker set-up systems to their configuration.

As the heart of an entire home theater system, some of the best rated AV receivers are capable of impressively handling a variety of tasks. Remember that the more inputs and outputs on the unit, the more components can be accommodated. Take a note of what components you already have or are planning to get so as to make a sensible choice on a truly functional AV receiver system for your specific requirements.



Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Channels Price Output Wattage Wi-Fi Ready Our Rating Where to buy

Denon AVR-S500BT

5.2 $$$ 140 watts No A+ AMAZON

Yamaha RX-V677

7.2 $$$$ 125 watts YES B AMAZON

Sony STRDH750

7.2 $$$ 145 watts No B+ AMAZON

Pioneer VSX-524-K

5.2 $$ 140 watts No B+ AMAZON

Onkyo TX-SR333

5.1 $$ 110 watts No B AMAZON


Of course, it is never enough to establish the number of connections you want. You should also first determine what kind they are. Offering digital connections, the best AV receiver for the money provides more enhanced audio and video quality than analog connections. An HDMI connection offers ultimate entertainment experience on high-definition equipment. Take note that it is only HDMI 1.3a that can support all of the latest formats intrinsically. However, if you plan to get a new yet more affordable AV receiverwith a lower HDMI version, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t.

When we talk about POWER, it doesn’t always refer to volume. Power denotes the receiver’s ability to deliver dynamic and detailed audio. Serious audiophiles want a high-wattage receiver to obtain better sound quality in contrast to those with less power. And that is even at low and medium volumes. The speaker’s sensitivity should never be taken out of the equation, as lower sensitivity jacks up the required power. The room’s size should also be considered since a larger room where the entertainment system is found will require more power.

If you want to be able to enjoy more advanced features to help you enjoy your favorite tunes in time for Christmas, get a unit that has AirPlay compatibility. A lot of new models have this capability, but that should not be a limiting factor to getting one that suits your needs just fine.

There are irresistible Black Friday deals on products that offer automatic speaker calibration. Such technology eliminates the common audio-video testing problem for novices just to ensure that their components are working as they should. The receiver does the harder part by analyzing and then automatically adjusting the sound of connected speakers. This simplifies syncing of both surround sound and traditional two-channel home entertainment systems that carry different types of components.

A high-tech receiver unit that is most reliable should also have a receiver display that is not too tricky to master. Before shelling out precious cash on a product that offers impressive figures and such, make sure you will not be lost in all the various controls, menus, features and other elements of the unit. The learning curve should not be too steep to make you give up on maximizing each and every feature of the system. Otherwise, you’d only be setting yourself up for disappointment if you get a high-tech unit that you’ll only allow to gather dust in the room.


Things to consider:

–          Ample number of connections of the right type for what you already have in your home entertainment system, plus allowance for expansions you may be making in the future

–          More-than-enough wattage or power to fill the room or accommodate speaker sensitivity

–          Automatic speaker calibration to enable easy integration with various components and obtain optimum entertainment experience

–          User-friendly navigation through the system menus and features, for maximum use of the system


Onkyo TX-RZ800


1.Onkyo TX-RZ800

Engineered for the modern audiophile, the Onkyo TX-RZ800 is able to maximize the audio power of Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ soundtracks for compelling sound performance from your movies and TV programs every time. The speaker drivers comprising the high-end amp offer unequalled steady control to ensure delivery of ultra-clear sound without any signs of phase shifting, so you can enjoy truly award winning bass and impressively focused audio image every time. The onboard original Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC) technology purges pulse noise from audio signals for a receiver that effortlessly handles THX Reference levels for enjoying object-based movie soundtracks using the most advanced HDMI terminals, or for wirelessly playing albums via AirPlay.


Click to see the price on Amazon!



Yamaha RX-V379BL


2.Yamaha RX-V379BL

From the brand that knows how to make music, movies and TV their absolute best, the Yamaha RX-V379BL supports Bluetooth wireless music playback so you can have an endless source of audio entertainment. Equipped with 4K Ultra HD video support plus HDCP 2.2 compatibility, this model gets truly impressive reviews and ratings of 2021 for how it calibrates the listening environment automatically to bring you nothing less than optimal audio performance thanks to its built-in YPAO microphone audio calibration. The unit even accommodates smaller satellite speakers thanks to its extra bass setting. The Virtual Cinema Front surround processing is a technology that creates ‘virtual speakers’ in the back of the room to deliver an immersive audio experience even when your speakers are all located up front.


Buy from for ($338.95)



Denon AVR-S500BT Network A/V Receiver


Built with Denon’s patented Setup Assistant, the Denon AVR-S500BT 5.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver is easily the best AV receiver 2021.  It comes with a measurement microphone that allows easy and quick customization of the unit with the user’s specific speaker system and audio media source to facilitate exceptional audio performance. You can even enjoy your favorite audio tracks wirelessly due to the built-in  Bluetooth wireless streaming technology of the AVR-S500BT. The receiver system remembers up to five different streaming devices to give everyone in the family personal enjoyment of their fave tunes. It has a dedicated USB input mounted on the front panel plus 5 HDMI inputs. It is also  fully compatible with 3D sources and features 4K60P Ultra HD video pass-through to fully support  the latest model of 4K Ultra HD televisions.
Click to see the price on Amazon!



Yamaha RX-V677 Wi-Fi Network AV-Receiver


One of the best AV receivers 2021, the Yamaha RX-V677 AV receiver has 7.2-channel Wi-Fi built-in. It is a  high performance network AV receiver that is compatible with the latest HDMI® version plus  4K Ultra HD upscaling for the latest HDTV models. Get revolutionary home entertainment experience via  AirPlay® and HTC Connect™.  The RX-V677 carries Yamaha’s exclusive YPAO™ R.S.C. and YPAO™ Volume that ensure remarkable system sound quality and balance. Multi-zone operation on the AV receiver allows system expansion, for when you decide that more is better. With the system’s built-in Wi-Fi capability, wireless connection is possible with a standard household wireless router. This makes things easier so one can enjoy network audio and music streaming services. The  unique Wireless Direct feature lets you stream music directly from your smartphone or tablet when no Wi-Fi router is available.


Buy from for ($655.99)



Sony STRDH750 Audio/ Video Component Receivers


You won’t look at AV receivers the same way again with the Sony STRDH750’s impressive 7.2 Channelof impressive audio power. Thanks to its added amplifier functionality, configuration flexibility is made possible. The AV receiver has built-in Bluetooth capability with NFC One Touch Listening, so you can conveniently stream and control your Bluetooth audio experience with compatible music players, your desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. It has built-in AAC and aptX codec support that works optimally to avoid signal quality loss when the user wirelessly streams music. The onscreen graphical user interface allows easy set-up and control. You can use this technology to adjust settings, change inputs and confirm volume levels. High-resolution audio playback is enabled through convenient USB connectivity. The AV receiver carries 4 HD Inputs so you can make the most of video and audio capable devices via HDMI.
Buy from for ($379.95)



Pioneer VSX-524-K Audio/ Video Component Receiver


Utilizing advanced new technologies such as 4K Ultra-High Definition Pass Through, the new VSX-524-K strongly pushes Pioneer’s heritage of quality sound reproduction and innovative technology. Get more from your home entertainment system with the VSX-524-K’s 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs. It efficiently handles 4K2K Ultra HD video at an impressive rate of 60 frames per seconds. The receiver also capably provides connectivity for all media sources such as cable boxes,  Blu-ray Disc players, and gaming consoles. All of its four HDMI inputs support not only 3D but also the revolutionary new 4k Ultra HD content. The AV receiver system readily supports music playback and control using the new iPhone 5 and iPad mini, or through the front panel USB port.  The Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration system (MCACC) enables optimized multi-channel listening experience by analyzing every speaker’s connection and customizingaudio performance.
Buy from for ($139.99)



Onkyo TX-SR333 Home Theater Receiver


Engineered with 5.1 channels of high-current low-distortion amplification, the Onkyo TX-SR333 guarantees high-resolution for surround sound entertainment that’s unbeatable at any time. It has six  incredible 4K/60 Hz-capable HDMI 2.0 inputs to allow maximum enjoyment from  media players and game consoles, plus technologically advanced Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding for maximum experience of sound. Fully discrete hi-fidelity amplifiers boost the  massive high-current transformer for amazing audio performance way beyond anything that can be expected from an A/V receiver in this price bracket. Get  wireless audio streaming via built-in Bluetooth capability. The rear-panel USB enables impressive playback of hi-resolution and lossless digital music. High current delivery is a given thanks to Onkyo’s Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT). This allows easy control of the speaker drivers for faithful reproduction of musical audio.
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Best Mirrorless Camera 2021



Mirrorless Cameras – What to Look For:


AWhether you are taking artistic photographs or using the camera on vacations, a mirrorless camera is a great investment. Although, if you are new to photography and you aren’t sure what features you should be looking for when you are looking at the highest rated mirrorless cameras, it can be overwhelming.

We have created this guide to help you determine what is the best mirrorless camera for you. While we cannot tell you specifically who makes the best camera, we do hope that the information you gather from this guide will be able to help you make that decision for yourself.


The Form

There are three different forms that these cameras are available in. The slimmest cameras are usually the most affordable and basic mirrorless systems available. These cameras are a little like the best of both worlds because they handle like a digital compact, but they have the sensor of a mirrorless. A compact mirrorless camera are a bit larger than the previous style and they require some kind of bag to carry. However, they are lighter than a standard DSLR and they provide you with plenty of manual controls that will allow you to customize your shot. Then you have the cameras that are big like a DSLR camera. These cameras work very much like a DSLR, but the viewfinder is electronic instead of optical. This difference is that these cameras are pretty responsive, although not quite as clear.
The Budget

The budget is a crucial component when you are thinking about purchasing a mirrorless camera. Your ideal price point will dictate the form of the camera that you want to get. As previously mentioned, the slim cameras tend to be the cheapest but they do not offer as many options as the larger cameras. If you want full control over your photographs, you will have to be ready to fork over a substantial amount of money.


Ease of Use

If you are new to photography but you still want one of the highest rated mirrorless cameras, you will want to make sure that you choose a camera that is easy to use. If you are more advanced and understand the intricacies of manual controls, then you may feel more comfortable getting an advanced camera.

why to buy from amazon

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table

Product Megapixels Price Lens Display Our Rating Where to buy

Panasonic DMC-GF6KK

16 $$$$ 14-42mm 3″ Touch LCD A+ AMAZON

Sony NEX-3NL/B

16.1 $$$$ PZ 16-50mm 180° tilting LCD A AMAZON

Samsung NX2000

20.3 $$$ 20-50mm 3.7″ Touch LCD B+ AMAZON

Nikon 1 J1

10.1 $$$$$ 10-30mm VR and 30-110mm VR 1 NIKKOR 3″ LCD B AMAZON

Canon EOS M

18 $$$ EF-M18-55mm IS STM 3″ LCD B AMAZON


As with all things, there is a learning curve when it comes to mirrorless cameras—especially if you are a novice. With practice and perseverance, you will be able to take stunning photographs. The electronic view finders in the mirrorless cameras help you to capture memories and create beautiful works of art.


Expert mirroless cameras buying guide


Mirrorless cameras are the new kids on the block, although many people may not know exactly what they are and what they can do. These cameras are somewhere between a compact digital camera and a DSLR. They create beautiful images and perform like a DSLR, without the hard-to-learn controls and big lenses and the extra weight. Let us put it this way, a mirrorless camera is what you would get if the compact digital and the DSLR had a baby. If this interests you, you can anticipate seeing these cameras available in a Black Friday deal. Before you get too excited, we urge you to read this guide so you know what to look for when choosing the right camera for your needs. Cameras come in all different sizes and this should be a factor that you strongly consider when you are choosing which mirrorless camera is the best device for you and your budget.

Generally, the smallest cameras are basic and the most affordable models available. If you do not mind a little bit of extra bulk, you can get a comfortable compact camera. These cameras may not fit into your pocket, but they are still light enough to carry in a tote with other items. The comfortable compact also features manual controls, which makes to camera function like a DLSR, just with a smaller body. Of course, you can find models that handle just like a DSLR. What is the difference between a DSLR and a DSLR-like mirrorless camera? The latter is electronic rather than optical like a DSLR. This means they are more responsive to low-light situations and they can display digital information that can be seen on the electronic viewfinder. One of the appeals of a DSLR is having the option of different lenses to create unique photographs.  Top rated mirrorless cameras have several different lenses that you can attach to your device. These lenses will give you the ability to take high quality photographs. These lenses come in systems made by different brands. It is difficult to say which lenses are the best though. That is a personal preference, depending on what you are looking for from your lenses.


Best Mirrorless Camera for Travel


Sony Alpha a6000 Camera with Power Zoom Lens


Photographers who want to test the limits of their creativity with one of the best mirrorless cameras for travelling, the compact and lightweight camera by Sony is right up your alley. The 24.3MP camera is able to capture fast action shots in incredible detail due to the Exmore APS HD CMOS sensor. This camera features a higher resolution than many other DLSRs and uses the same gapless on chip lens structure that other Sony full frame cameras offer. The 1.4M dot Tru-Finder OLED electronic viewfinder delivers 100% frame coverage with an approximate 33 degree viewing angle, providing you with incredible visibility.



Buy from for ($648)



If you wanted to choose a camera as a gift for Christmas for someone, you want to take into consideration what he or she may find most useful. If the person is an amateur photographer, you may want to choose a camera that have automatic modes. If image quality is their main concern, you will want to choose a camera with a large image sensor, as this dictates a higher quality photograph. Just keep in mind that the larger the sensor, the larger the camera will be also. This could be a concern if the user will want a compact device that is easy to take with them on the go.


Best Mirrorless Camera for Beginners


Canon EOS M Compact System Camera


If you are just starting to get serious about taking amazing photographs, the Canon EOS Compact System is one of the best mirrorless cameras for beginners. The 18MP camera with CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 image processor can produce high resolution still imagery. You have the ability to take full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second, even in low light. The 3 inch, 1040-dot LCD monitor is integrated into the design of the camera and uses a touchscreen interface that makes it easy to navigate the menus and playback options. The touchscreen also grants you complete control over focus points, thanks to the Touch AF function.



Buy from for ($298)



Photography is a fantastic hobby to get into, and the technology is improving to make cameras much more user friendly but still have all the bells and whistles too. Mirrorless cameras are among the highest rated cameras on the market because they are smaller than a DSLR but they produce DSLR-quality photographs.


Best Mirrorless Camera for Video


Samsung NX210 Mirrorless Wi-Fi Digital Camera


To create professional quality images and video can that rival any premium DSLR, the Samsung Wi-Fi camera is considered to be one of the best mirrorless cameras for videos, as it features a 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor. Every pixel has a larger sensor area and is hit by more light. This guarantees low noise, high dynamic range, and impeccable color differentiation. The higher sensitivity lets you take pictures even in situations where the lighting isn’t the greatest. This new sensor allows you to take full HD video without any distortion or problems.



Buy from for ($180)




Things to consider:

  • Mirrorless cameras come in three forms: slim cameras that are easy to carry, comfortable compact, which functions like a DSLR but with a smaller body, and DSLR-like cameras which uses an electronic viewfinder that displays information.
  • If you want to add lenses to your camera, you will have the option of several different lens manufacturers to choose between. Each manufacturer has a wide range of lenses and it is a personal preference of what you are looking for.
  • Ask yourself what is important to you when looking for a camera. Do you want a camera that is easy to use? Keep in mind that a large sensor equates to better pictures, but also adds bulk to the camera. This is important if portability is a concern.


Top rated Mirrorless Cameras reviews


Photography has reached a stage in which cameras are used not just for depicting reality with great fidelity but also for making the most of what reality has to offer and using enhancing creative features for making up a new world. These features are to be found in the best mirorless camera 2021 of which I got to learn more after reading more than 50 reviews and recommendations. Artsy photographers have gone wild with this easy to handle and stylish looking camera that makes life a little more interesting.




Panasonic DMC-GF6KK Mirrorless Camera


Best Mirrorless Camera 2021Most of the mirrorless camera reviews 2021 have praised this Panasonic model for its highly reliable Wi-Fi connectivity feature. What would a light and portable camera be without good connectivity on the go? The creative control features makes photography fun and easy to handle. Still, this camera has very sophisticated looking photos that provide clear image at high resolution. The stylish design is even more appealing for those who need to have a full day carrying camera along their pockets.



When it comes to a mirrorless camera vs dslr, the Panasonic DMC-GF6KK is  a clear winner thanks to its 16 megapixel sensor and high resolution tilting touch screen on the rear that measures three inches

Upgraded new Venus image processing engine, plus improved AF performance and with a new low-light mode for better and effortless focus every time

Has 19 different filter effects that work impressively well with  the novel panoramic shooting mode, giving the option to put in filters to enhance the panoramic shot.

Built-in WiFi capability which, with the NFC (Near Field Communication) system, allows set-up through WiFi to smartphones



Requires separate purchase of a carrying case and a memory card to enable travel and storage with the feature-packed camera


Buy from for ($599.99)





Sony NEX-3NL/B Interchangeable Digital Camera Kit


Slim and light, easy to wear in your packet, the best mirrorless camera 2016 offers full resolution pictures, in-depth zooming and video recording. ISO 1600 or auto mode features will have you making perfectly clear photographs while you can still work up your skills with Photo Creativity Features. This long lasting camera will have you taking up to 500 shots and not to worry about having your camera slipping off your pocket, the stylish design also comes with a great anti-slipping feature.



Competes with confidence in contests that pit the mirrorless camera vs dslr, thanks to its superb image quality, speed, and matchless features all set in a compact frame

Utilizes a larger APS-C sensor, which is fundamentally the same one used in the smallest and lightest DSLR from the same manufacturer

With full VGA resolution on the 921,600-pixel 3-inch LCD, for the sharpest image quality that is also  easy to view even under the brightest light

Can be programmed to display typical exposure information, including shutter speed, aperture and   ISO sensitivity, plus an automatic mode that offers adjustments on aperture control for field depth



Recording video does not allow manual control over aperture and shutter speed

Is not compatible with current breed of Alpha lenses


Buy from for ($475.98)




Samsung NX2000 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera


Mirrorless camera reviews 2021 have constantly praised this stylish camera that comes with great features for fully creative and artistic photographers that feel like sharing their pictures instantly. This SMART featured camera will have you sharing files on your social media apps, e-mails or clouds. But first, you can actually edit your pictures with highly intuitive touchscreen and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. All in all, you can either share great pictures that give full high definition of your focus or have blurry features make you express reality in a more distorted form.



Carries a20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and Samsung NX lens mount, with a number of lenses available to suit any shooting requirement

Can record full HD video with stereo sound, and can shoot up to 8fps at full resolution, with a command dial on top that allows quick changes to settings

Special i-function button on the lens permits the use of the front lens ring to change common settings, so the camera is always ready to capture incredible images

Neatly laid out menus  can be scrolled through to facilitate selection using the touch screen, with easy-to-read options in large characters



Doesn’t have a built-in flash, but this doesn’t detract from the camera’s other features

Display can be difficult to view when light is particularly bright


Buy from for ($399.95)




Nikon 1 J1 Digital Camera System


As usual, Nikon has constantly been triggering to giving all right features for having the perfect photos. This revolutionary camera perfectly reacts and helps you have the best photos you may think ok. Not to worry of ever having weird looking moments in your pictures, because Nikon will have them doing it by itself. Mobility has never been faster with this small sized camera that makes you create, edit and share your work with Wi-Fi connectivity. Nevertheless, this tiny jewel will upgrade your personal style and have you increase maximum popularity with great looking pictures.



May not have the V1’s 1.4million-dot EVF but this camera boasts of its own built-in flash, whereas the V1 requires use of an optional Nikon SB-N5 flash unit

Has a 3-inch LCD monitor at the back that displays at 460k-dots, plus a 1020mAh Li-ion battery that is built smaller to conform to the more compact and sleeker frame

Uses a 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor that is about four times the size of a regular 1/2.3in chip used in a wide array of majority of compact cameras and about a third of the size of  regular APS-C sensor employed in most DSLR models

Solid build quality combined with good image quality and fast AF performance make the camera a wonderful choice over low-end dslr



Sensor size somewhat limits the depth of field, but this can be resolved by maximizing the 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor

Small lithium-ion battery can offer fewer shots obtained on a single charge


Buy from for ($419.99)




Canon EOS M Compact System Camera


This versatile mirrorless camera will perfectly adjust to any kind of light and provide instant clear High Definition Pictures. This powerful device will have you taking videos or track moving subjects without having any blurry effect. In-depth zooming and cinema style portraits are a great way to start making this camera worthwhile of its investment. It surely offers a wide range of features and good automatic control, but it also comes as a learning opportunity for those who need to take photography to the next level.



Highly-responsive touchscreen LCD with multi-touch operation and impressive touch auto-focus capability, for more impressive shots of even the most impossible-looking poses

Shoots images in an amazing array of lighting conditions, thanks to the camera’s versatile ISO range that increases the sensitivity of the unit

Fast autofocus speed designed for taking videos and photos at optimum levels, all thanks to the onboard Hybrid CMOS AF that enables easy capture of even moving subjects

Cropping or enlarging specific details of a photo is made easy and convenient thanks to the 18.0 megapixel CMOS sensor



Takes some time to start up and autofocus function lags a bit, which just goes to show how the camera optimizes on its native features

Does not carry flash but ability to adapt to lighting conditions is great


Buy from for ($229.99)




Best Home Theater Receiver Reviews



If you’re here just to find the best home theater receiver and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered plenty of information about different products for sale in this category by looking at reviews and ratings in actual owner feedback and comparing those with what is in expert review sites for audio equipment. Fortunately, our in depth product comparison and research helped us find what we consider the best in this category, the Onkyo TX-8020. This model delivers 50 watts per channel for compelling audio experience every time. It comes with Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT), which delivers superior audio power at 50W+50W along with discrete outputs stage circuitry plus a high-current, low-impedance to flawlessly handle even the most demanding sonic loads. You can enjoy lively dynamics plus accurate timing for all kinds of music. The bass, treble and balance controls simplify operation while the A/B posts for the speaker support multi-room setups so you can enjoy a full-scale performance that no soundbar can outclass. If the Onkyo TX-8020 runs out of stock, we recommend the second best option, the Yamaha R-S202BL.



Comparison Table



The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


What is the best home theater receiver seems to be a recurrent question in thousands of American households. This is a media device which significantly improves the overall audio and video experience. There are a couple of important things to take into account while browsing for a brand new product.

Yamaha RX-375 3D

Surround sound

Most of the top10 home theater receiver models come equipped with surround sound. This audio particularity permits users to safely enjoy a full cinematic experience. It is important to invest in a home theater receiver that permits people to enjoy clear sounds from online sources like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and many others. Surround sound should include decoding systems like Dolby Digital, DTS-HD Master audio, Dolby TrueHD and DTS. These are the primary surround sound qualities that ensure proper clarity during movies, TV shows or streaming music. Furthermore there are some models compatible with Dolby Atmos soundtracks, capable of delivering accurate sounds.


Music playback

Finding the best product for the money can improve the overall audio and video experience. Each movie or song played will sound better than ever. So, it is important to find a home theater that is fitted with special sound modes for music listening. There are home theaters that include special stereo modes, permitting users to listen only to the front speakers and subwoofer. Some home theater receivers come equipped with unique modes with Dolby Pro Logic II system that adds 2 channel music in surround sound. People can also connect multiple music sources, ideal to set a thriving audio experience.



Most of the current home theater receiver ratings best to worst underline the importance of multiple connectivity ports. Setting a complete audio and video experience becomes easier once people can connect other media devices like Blu-ray discs, DVD players or even game consoles. As a result the device should include coaxial and optical audio inputs. Fortunately most of the top home theater receivers incorporate many ports, needed for daily media experiences. Still, people have to make sure that the device comes with optical HDMI, S-Video, digital and video outputs. These are the primary connectivity ports for enhanced cinematic experiences.


In conclusion

A good home theater receiver should be able to render clear sounds during movies or songs. As a result, connectivity, surround sound and playback systems permit users to set the basis of a complete and entertaining sound experience.



Products for Specific Needs


Best home theater receiver for movies


Yamaha RX-V377


Taking into account that thousands of Americans love watching movies, a good home theater receiver is needed. According to the latest statistics it seems that the RX-V377 model from Yamaha can deliver 100 W per channel at 8 ohms with 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency. This powerful home theater receiver incorporates YPAO sound optimization which improves sound reproduction. Furthermore the device comes equipped with Extra Bass that significantly enhance bass sound. Regarded as the best home theater receiver for movies this unit is engineered to provide a thriving sound experience. As a result every song played will impress and delight.


Buy from for ($294.49)




Best home theater receiver for music


Sony STRDH750


How to identify the right home theater receiver? Well, most of the reviews that we consulted underline the solid construction of the STRDH750 model from Sony. Considered by many as the best home theater receiver for music this model comes with 7.2 channels, capable of rendering around 1015 watts. Due to the Bluetooth technology, people have the possibility of streaming music directly from smartphones, notebooks and tablets. This unit is fitted with 4 high definition inputs and special 4K resolution pass-through, optimal to connect other media devices. Furthermore the device incorporates HD digital Cinema Sound which delivers a theater-like experience during each file played.


Buy from for ($379.95)




Best home theater receiver for under 300


Pioneer VSX-824


Everyone loves hearing clear sounds during each song played. The best home theater receiver for under 300 comes from Pioneer, the VSX-824. This powerful receiver features an innovative system that matches Android and Apple platforms. The device incorporates 6 HMDI 2.0 inputs and 4K2K ultra HD video which improves sound experience. This advanced home theater receiver comes with a wide range of entertainment features. One of them includes access to a wide range of internet radio stations like Spotify, SiriusXM or Pandora. Due to its affordable price this powerful device permits people to completely enjoy home sound experiences without restrictions.


Buy from for ($139.99)




Top Rated Home Theater Receivers in 2021


Home theater receivers are essential items in order to make it possible to have a more immersive entertainment experience even at the comfort of your own home. In this article, five of the best models that have been lauded in many best home theater receiver reviews will be noted, giving you the possibility to choose the one that can prove to be the best choice.



Onkyo TX-8020


Onkyo is a brand that has long been prominent in the industry because of its excellence in sound reproduction, and this specific model can be seen as a testament to such commitment of the company. The Onkyo TX-8020 stereo receiver has an elegant design that is complemented by powerful performance, making it a top choice. It is commended for its superb ability to deliver signals without interruption for the best output that is possible.




 Delivers amazing audio performance and it is quite affordable, accessible to anyone on a tight budget

Easy to connect to TVs, game consoles, Blu-Ray disc players and other portable devices for vibrant audio experiences and clear sounds

 Offers a powerful and distortion free 50 and 50 W of audio power, discrete and vibrant enough to set stunning music playtime parameters

 First option for thousands of Americans to the question “what is the best high end home theater receiver”



 The descriptions and functions of the little buttons are pretty difficult to read (more information is present in the manual)

 Some assembly is required (takes 10 to 30 minutes to install)


Onkyo TX-8020 Stereo Receiver is definitely one of the best rated models money can buy. My sound system sounds better than ever with its help. I have had a very pleasant experience with it so far, so I definitely recommend it.” Bennie Stanley


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Yamaha R-S202BL



Boasting advanced circuitry design plus state-of-the-art Bluetooth support, the Yamaha R-S202BL offers a lot of potential for endless audio entertainment possibilities. This unit comes from the highly reputable brand for top quality audio equipment so you are assured of dependable quality and performance.



This model comes equipped with speaker selector and speaker terminals for two systems to allow you to link two sets of speakers for a truly awesome audio entertainment experience. Switching between outputs is effortless thanks to the speaker selector that enables you to decide whether to derive sound from just a single speaker system or from both.

This unit is also equipped with a power management feature that switches to standby mode automatically so even if you forget to do it yourself, this device can do it for you. Choose from 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours on standby or to switch the unit off. With standby mode having a power consumption of only 0.5 watt, you get dependable energy saving performance.

This stereo receiver provides natural sound so you can enjoy matchless audio performance every time. This model embodies simplicity while boasting a sophisticated design to meet the needs of a budget modern home theater system.

This device also comes with 40-station AM/FM preset tuning so there’s no need to use another appliance just to listen to your favorite radio channels. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily make the most of streaming music services along with music from your smartphone and other devices.

The brushed aluminum finish ensures a lightweight simple design while keeping the unit resistant to rust and chipping so the unit looks smart and clean through the years.



Learning to control this home theater receiver without the remote can pose a somehow huge challenge that you need to overcome if you are to make the most of its many features.


Buy from for ($149.95)




Yamaha R-S201BL



Boasting Yamaha’s renowned sound quality, the Yamaha R-S201BL is a product of high technological expertise that creates a rich audio experience. This model carries a simple design and sophisticated electronic circuitry to make it a fantastic addition to your family room.




Offering an exceptional 100 W x 2 High Output Power, this model is sure to make your music enjoyment at home more exciting. Signal routes are significantly shortened while optimizing the circuit layout to ensure superior audio delivery. Power loss is reduced when the power amp circuit and power transformer are placed near each other, for crisp and clear sound.

The unit comes with AM/FM Preset Tuning that enables you to store up to 40 stations in its memory so you can instantly listen to them at a press of a button. You can use either the remote control or the receiver to program which stations are to be stored in memory. With Auto preset, locating and setting FM stations is effortless.

Carrying on the tradition of Yamaha High-Fidelity audio that the brand is renowned for, this home theater receiver has an elegant smooth finish that enables it to blend well into any modern Hi Fi listening environment. The volume knobs and operating buttons are simple and easy to control for optimal functionality.

The speaker terminals on this model are geared for two speaker systems for trouble-free interface with two sets of speakers. Switching between speaker outputs is hassle-free so you can opt to listen to both systems or just one of them.



Some adjustments on the levels can be set using either the remote or the receiver itself, but not all on just one of the two components. It would be nice if the receiver carries all functionalities for convenience.


Buy from for ($240)




Sony STR-DH540



This is the second best product we’ve discovered on the market today. It has a variety of capabilities shared by the formerly mentioned Yamaha model, but is somewhat limited on some accounts. It does feature a higher number of HDMI inputs and works with 3D-compatible devices of users.




The Sony STR-DH540 features a fresh design that makes it possible for the user to enjoy as much audio and video content without him or her feeling frustrated because of the controls of the device. The buttons are somewhat minimalistic but they are easy to use even by the not so tech-savvy user. The front panel of this model has a USB port, a mic jack and a mobile phone jack.

In regards to connectivity, the Sony is a winner over many other units out there. It has 4 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output. The inputs come with full compatibility to other Sony devices and to disc or Blu-ray players that support 3D. Networking features aren’t supported, as is the case with the Yamaha unit showcased above.

The Sony is very versatile, in that it can be utilized for a wide array of tasks and activities. What’s more, audio calibration is a breeze with this product, as it comes with the Digital Cinema Auto Calibration. The STR-DH540 is accompanied by a microphone that can be utilized to capture the sound coming from the speakers.

Since the Sony STR-DH540 has gathered some of the best av receiver reviews, we say it might be worth considering if you’re still prospecting the market.



Some owners have complained about the limited wattage.


Buy from for ($274.95)




Yamaha RX-375 3D


This is the best product on the market because it’s among the most powerful units we’ve analyzed and it incorporates the unique YPAO sound optimization system. It’s one of the safest machines to use if you want to enhance your audio and video experience. Most of the people who have reviewed it claim it’s one of the best Yamaha receivers out there.




The Yamaha RX-V375 has virtually anything one might ever desire. It’s more than capable of handling movie soundtracks as it offers precise surround sound all across the five channels it comes with. While it might provide a somewhat limited soundfield compared to other Yamaha models, it definitely gets the job done without breaking anyone’s budget.

In order to design the perfect product, the Yamaha engineers had to cut down on the connectivity capabilities of this device. However, if you’re not exactly keen on wireless music streaming, you might have the pleasant surprise of realizing that the Yamaha RX-V375 has outstanding sound quality compared to other models on the line. For example, even though the unit doesn’t feature AirPlay, Bluetooth or internet radio, one can still use it with the USB port it features.

The Yamaha can work with pretty much any other audio or video equipment you might have around the house. It has two component, two optical and two digital coaxial inputs, one HDMI output and the USB port we were mentioning above.



Some of the minor complaints of several users were related to the AM/FM stations and the inability of the device to perform an auto search.


Buy from for ($299.99)




Pioneer VSX-1123


8The Pioneer VSX-1123 is an excellent solution for a home theater receiver, capable of enhancing the sound capabilities of a 7.2 sound system. With this receiver you will be able to upscale different video contents to as much as 4K Ultra-High Definition resolution. The HTC Connect System will be at your disposal once you’ve acquired the VSX-1123, helping you to quickly connect through wireless to HTC smartphones. And if you want to save energy, you can activate its Eco Mode which will slightly decrease its top audio level.



The entire setup process won’t pose any difficulties because it has some simple steps which are well-described in its manual

The VSX-1123 has a superior power level with its 7 supported channels, even 9 if the second zone is activated

Its 8 HDMI inputs offer a huge amount of connectivity options to other devices

This receiver offers the possibility of up-scaling videos or movies to a 4K Ultra HD resolution



For Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities you need to buy individual adapters (their prices aren’t expensive and are very simple to install)

Just two digital audio inputs (optical and coax), limiting the options you have if you’re an audiophile (for a regular user they are enough)


“The Pioneer VSX-1123 has been the best Xmas gift I have ever received. My 7.1 system sounded great, but once I connected it to this home theater receiver the sound quality was enhanced even more.” – Steven Gudino


Buy from for ($287.99)




Harman Kardon AVR 1700


9Are looking for ways to improve your home cinema system’s audio quality? Out team recommends the Harman Kardon AVR 1700 because it’s perceived by audio experts as one of the top home theater receivers in 2021. This model is compatible with the AirPlay system from Apple, so you can stream music via wireless from iOS operated devices. Also, you can turn your iOS or Android smartphone into its remote if you install a free app. The front USB port will enhance your connectivity options even further.



Connecting it to your home theater system or other devices is done without hassle, following some very simple and intuitive steps

The clean high quality sound will make listening to music or watching movies that more enjoyable

Harman Kardon has gone for a ‘greener’ approach when it designed this receiver, not using a traditional heavy transformer, thus weighing less without sacrificing power

Have access to high quality wireless connections which will help you listen to all kinds of internet radio stations



The remote control doesn’t have a convenient design and proved awkward to use for some customers (we believe this is a minor inconvenience, which can be looked over)

We must point out that a number of customers have complained about the HK customer service (we haven’t tested this issue, but it must be noted)


“I didn’t have enough money to invest in a top home theater receiver, but this cheap model from Harman Kardon is good enough. I have no complains to make about its functioning and I sure its the best option under $300.” – Douglas N. Altam


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Pioneer VSX-1121-K


The solid construction of this home theater receiver is one reason to like this model, which will provide with an assurance of its long functional life. It has an excellent processing capability that makes it a perfect fit for an entertainment room that exudes elegance. In addition, many of its users have also reported that this model is a good choice because of the presence of transformer stabilizer, which is essentially one thing that makes sure of being dependable.



 Incorporates advanced audio systems: Dolby TrueHD, Digital EX, Digital, Digital Plus, Pro Logic II and DTS Master Audio and ES

 Benefits from 1 year exclusive warranty and features multiple connectivity ports: 7 HDMI, 5 Analog Audio, 1 USB input, 2 Digital Coaxial Audio Inputs and 3 Digital Optical Audio Inputs

 Powerful 7.1-channel home theater with 110 watts per channel audio force

 Easy to connect with iPod, iPad, iPhone and even Android OS tablets and smartphones



 Includes only 1 power cable (this is an optional accessory sold separately if needed)

 Instruction manual with limited description on each audio feature (more information can be consulted at the product’s official website)


“I knew Pioneer was a leading audio brand and I was sure that by buying this receiver, I would significantly improve the sound quality in my living room. I was right and now movies or music sound way better that before. The answer to who makes the best home theater receivers is clearly Pioneer.” – Will Caster


Buy from for ($399.99)





Denon AVR-1312


With the integration of Equal Power Amp Design and High Definition Audio Support, you can be more assured that the quality of audio in this receiver will be superb. Aside from the audio quality, the color of the images is also commendable, which are optimized in order to bring the best in home entertainment. I also personally liked the fact that t has an easy navigation design and simple remote control, allowing you to change its settings in a snap as it is desired.



 Accurately supports high resolution audio formants like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD for intense and dynamic surround-sound experiences

 Includes 4 HDMI v1.4a, accompanied by full 3D extension and amazing Deep Color and x.v Color Support

 Backed by 2 year exclusive warranty and common answer to the question what is the best high end home theater receiver money can buy”

 Intuitive control interface with a well-organized front panel where all buttons are properly displayed for fast use



 The user manual doesn’t contain too many instruction images (more details can be found at Denon official website or in professional magazines)

 Some assembly is needed, taking from 10 to 45 minutes


I own a Denon AVR-1312 Home Theater Receiver and I am impressed by its features. Aside from the high quality, I also like its simple controls. Now I have a superior sound quality when I watch movies or TV programs.”  Lawrence Frost


Buy from for: See The Price!




Harman Kardon HK-3490  – Not available


Best Home Theater Receiver Reviews

If you are looking for a home theater receiver that can prove to be excellent both in terms of price and performance, many of the best home theater receiver reviews have revealed that the HK-3490 is perhaps one of the best choices in the competitive marketplace. One of the best things about this model is that it comes with a dock, allowing you to play contents from your iPod. Additionally, if you have subscription with XM Satellite Radio, this unit will allow you to enjoy good music from such even at your couch.




Onkyo HT-RC360 – Not available


This product from Onkyo is another model that has been a favorite in many best home theater receiver reviews that have been recently published. The clarity of audio and video is at the top of the things that can be anticipated from the use of this product. It is loaded with different innovations that can be held as being responsible for its excellence. You might also find it beneficial that this receiver is ready to handle wireless connections that will allow access of contents from remote devices through the internet.



 Delivers impressive audio force with 100 watts per channel (7.2) at 8 Ohms and 20 Hz – 20 kHz

 Generous external connectivity due to the 6 HDMI inputs, HDMI support for 3D transition and 1 output

 Offers amazing ultra-high resolution 4K video technology completed by advanced Qdeo system that keeps up with the latest video resolution (4096 x 2160)

 Incorporates Dolby Pro Logic surround sound, Audyssey DSX, DTS and the exclusive Onkyo WRAT which ensure crystal clear and natural sounds



 Does not include a replacement power cord (this is an additional accessory, available for purchase)

 The instruction manual is written in only a handful of languages (English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese)


 Onkyo HT-RC360 Audio/Video Receiver provides me with the sound I was looking for and for a very affordable price because I got it on Black Friday. When the package was delivered at my home, I immediately tried it to see if it works well and it surpassed all my expectations. I believe this is the best AV receiver of the year .”  Sanford Scofield




Home theater receivers – What to look for:


Who doesn’t love captivating home entertainment? Today, a growing number of Americans are searching for new ways to upgrade their home entertainment systems, transforming movies, TV shows, games and even documentaries in memorable experiences. This is where a home theater receiver can make all the difference in the world, bringing clear sounds and vibrant video smoothness, every time you press play. Finding the best home theater receiver in 2021 will help you discover a new and exciting world, truly immersive with theater-like realism. Such advanced home entertainment devices deliver impressive sound detail with surround sound, which won’t disappoint. Now, the market offers a wide range of products, all designed to expand the media experience, taking it to a whole another level, where the fun never stops.


How can you narrow the search down to one or two models? Well, consult with attention the best home theater receiver reviews and use the information wisely. It is important to know more about the product, thus limiting the appearance of regrets later on. A great home receiver comes with three important components: tuner, preamplifier and ultimately a powerful amplifier. You need to know how to maintain the link between these three components intact in order to enhance the whole experience. The preamp is responsible with the source management, which you should also make sure that it is of top quality.

Given the complex format of some of the best receivers on the market, you can virtually do anything you want, from broadcasting over-the-air, to smartphone and tablet streaming. This is a particular feature that people absolutely adore to use.

Once you find the best home theater receiver in 2021, you will be able to create a superb home entertainment system, worth accessing whenever you desire. Consider using with attention preamp section because it processes incoming video and audio signals, from any type of source. You should know most of the top receivers can decode a wide range of signals, transforming them in surround sound format. Furthermore they also incorporate advanced digital processing circuits which significantly improve picture and audio quality, which basically is what you want whenever the TV is on.

You need to install in your living room a powerful home theater receiver capable of delivering heightened media experiences, which keep you connected to memorable sounds. Another thing that you should know about receiver is the fact that they incorporate advanced HD radio, internet radio and also satellite radio which keeps the party running till morning.

Once you install a high quality receiver in your home, you will discover that there are some new gateways of fun and excitement which you can follow. Digital content represents the next step in stunning entertainment, better known as “new media” fun. You can also browse from file to file from your tablet or smartphone. Simply go through some of the most popular online music services that include Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora and many others. There are even top rated home theater receivers that feature advanced technology such as Apple AirPlay or Bluetooth, giving you quality music whenever you want.


Things to consider:

–  Home theater receiver can create a superb home entertainment system, accessible day and night.

– Connect to virtually unlimited worldwide entertainment sources.

– Access vibrant digital content, from internet radio to popular service providers.

–  Home theater receiver come equipped with preamplifier, tuner and amplifier, which enhance the whole audio and video experience.



Best Portable Power Bank Reviews



In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best portable power bank? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best portable power banks on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures, value for money, and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger is the best because it has a massive 13 000mAh capacity, a 5V/2A output voltage and two slots for you to charge your devices at the same time. The compact design, USB cable and super-fast charging time will make you fall in love forever with this portable power bank battery charger. If the Anker PowerCore 13000 is out of stock, you could consider the RAVPower 16750mAH as it is the second best option.



Buying Guide


The empty battery beeping is not a strange sound to anyone, and it obstinately happens right in the middle of an important conversation. A way to salvage your communication process without having to run to the nearest power outlet is having a portable power bank phone charger on you. But there are a lot of options out there, and without some guidance, you can easily throw away your money on a device that might end up burning your phone or tablet. Here’s what you should be looking for when buying a power bank.



The battery capacity is measured in Ampere-hour and represents the maximum amount of energy you can draw out of a battery in certain conditions. When you’re looking for a power bank, you need to check for the battery capacity of your devices and make sure that the power bank capacity is at least equal to the one of your phone/tablet, otherwise, you won’t be able to get a full charging cycle. Secondly, you will want to be able to charge the device multiple times, so look for a portable bank that has a capacity that can ensure multiple charges.



The output and input current are also very important when it comes to picking the right power bank for you. The standard, commonly found is the 5V and 2A output, but you can find models that adjust the amperage to the connected device specifications. In a case, the idea is to have an equal or higher output of the power bank to be sure your device will charge fully, and it won’t take you all day long. The input current spec has to be equal or lower than the wall charger output.


Size and number of ports

As higher capacity usually translates to heavier weight, carrying a brick in our bag all the time can become tedious. If you don’t do too much traveling in non-electrified areas, you could consider getting a lighter design with a medium capacity. The number of slots may not be crucial, but if you happen to run out of battery at the same time on all of your devices, it can be a real time saver.

After you’ve downsized your selection based on the specifications compatibility, check for the warranty offered by manufacturers and be sure to search for the best portable power bank reviews to have an idea about owners’ experience and recommendations.



Top Rated Portable Power Banks in 2021



Anker PowerCore 13000


1-anker-powercore-13000This powerful, 13000mAh, portable charger is paired with a PowerIQ feature that lets it adjust to the input current of your device, thus using your stored energy thriftily. Input is 5V/2A and to give you an idea about how well it works, you will be able to charge your iPhone 6s five times and your Galaxy S6 three times. The 13 000 Anker model has a highly compact design, with rounded edges that make it easier to hold, while two USB ports help charge any gadget extra-fast and efficiently. Voltage Boost is another unique feature that makes sure there is no charging lag because of the cable resistance. A 4.8 out of 5 score on Amazon tells us this product is well appreciated by a good number of users. You can find it for sale in local stores, and it is also available for online purchase.


Buy from for: See The Price!




RavPower 16750mAh


2-external-battery-ravpowerThe 16750mAh capacity of this appliance can get six charges for an iPhone 6s and almost four charges for a Galaxy S6 and it can do it simultaneously, through its two USB ports of 2.4A and 2.1A output, respectively. ISmart technology detects plugged devices and tailors the output current by them, giving you an efficient, economic charging process. It charges fast with a standard 5V/2A input, so you won’t have any trouble getting your energy bank filled overnight. Somewhat bulkier than the previously presented model, this RavPower weighs only 6.4 ounces, bearing very little on your bag or even pocket and comes with a distinct black finish that’s fingerprint and scratch-proof. A fine bank power as it is, this one will cost you a little bit more, but many users praise its value for money, so you can rest assured you will have your money’s worth.


Buy from for: See The Price!




Innogie AlienPower 13400mAh


3-innogie-dual-usbAnother high-capacity power bank, this Innogie Alien Power model presents itself as a versatile, dual USB fast charger, with 5V/2.4A output and 5V/2A input. You can use it to charge your iPhone 6 four and a half times and a Galaxy S5 three times, while the manufacturer promises 3 full charges for most other types of devices. The advertised 93% energy conversion rate sounds amazing, and a Smart Switch feature helps adapt the output to the devices that are being charged. The round cannister-shape makes it simple to hold but you should take into consideration its 12-ounces weight that might turn into a hassle if you want to go about freely. Lastly, user reviews are positive for this device too, so on the short run, you might find it helpful enough for the money you’ve spent.


Click to see the price on Amazon!



Best Pocket Camcorder



Top rated Pocket Camcorders in 2021


Pocket camcorders are great to have as it lets you capture life’s special moments with a compact gadget. You can simply put it in your bag and take it with you every day or on your travels. There are different brands of pocket camcorders today. It is important for consumers to read reviews as they will have to spend tens to hundreds of dollars on it. Here is the list of the top rated pocket camcorders for 2021.


Free tips on getting the best pocket camcorder this year


There are thousands of Americans that love to make short videos about their day to day experiences. From beautiful sunsets, funny dogs and lovely kittens, people want to use powerful camcorders in order to share unique videos with friends. Active individuals are now searching for the best pocket camcorders in 2021, tiny but powerful recording devices that are very easy to use. No matter where you are, a good pocket camcorder can record anything anywhere! Very popular within active communities like skiers, snowboarders, skaters, runners and many other fields, pocket camcorders offered by Samsung, Coby or Kodak certainly are a great addition. There are a couple of things to take into consideration before deciding on a new model. In the following rows we are going to talk about what to look for in a high quality camcorder.

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is design. A good camcorder should have a rectangular shape and lightweight design. Somewhat like a deck of cards, pocket camcorders come with flip-out LCD screen or touch-screen display. Such devices cost around $100 to $220, depending on brand type and resolution. As you probably could tell, HD camcorders cost a bit more than other products. You need to use a product with optical zoom lenses, capable of delivering impressive digital zoom functions. In addition, choose a pocket camcorder with flash memory, where you’ll be able store different photos and videos with ease.

You will see that some of the best pocket camcorders in 2021 come with user-friendly interfaces. It is important to use a camcorder with different buttons in order to keep you connected to fast commands and quality results. In addition, the camcorder should come with built-in USB port. You will be able to connect the device to your computer, smartphone or tablet without any problems whatsoever. USB connections deliver fast data transfer and keep your active recording projects going smoothly. Quality camcorders should include a wide range of scene modes which can enhance the recording precision. The best pocked camcorders reviews underline the need for advanced video software which people can use in order to edit, crop, cut and retouch different videos. A pocket camcorder needs to respond well to quick commands.

Since there are so many camcorders available on the market, caution must accompany you during the selection process. You will soon discover that high definition camcorders offer tremendous recording capabilities. Even thou pocket camcorders with advanced high definition are a bit more expensive than the regular models, they worth the extra bucks. HD camcorders record with precision different moments of life. You can use pocket camcorders on different road trips, camping experiences, holidays and more active activities. Easy to manage and powerful enough to record videos in high definition, these tiny camcorders can enhance your creative nature. The trick is to take the time for a professional analysis on your outdoor and indoor activities and afterwards choose a great model!


Flip UltraHD Video Camera


Best Pocket Camcorder reviews

Flip UltraHD Video Camera is considered as one of the best video cameras as it has features that let it shoot high definition videos in various conditions. It can capture up to 2 hours of clear and high definition videos which you can instantly share with friends and family. It can capture videos in 720p with its user-friendly interface. Its image stabilization feature also helps for shooting even clearer videos and images. It is a pocket camcorder which you can bring with you everyday, so that you will not miss special moments when you are with your friends, family or on your travels.



It is an improved version of a previous model which was a big success. It is not only more efficient but also better looking and more compact.

Despite being very small in size, it is capable of Ultra HD filming. It is capable of recording up to 2 hours of continuous footage.

It is easy to use and has a quick start button which instantly allows you to record 720p videos at a 60fps rate.

The user interface is very simple and quite easy to figure out even by those who have never owned a camera.



It is not the most durable device in the world and may start deteriorating faster than others.

It is not delivered with all the needed accessories.


I have my Flip UltraHD Video Camera from Amazon every time I have trips out of town. The pocket camcorder is easy to use and can be managed with greater ease and comfort. The device is affordable and comes in a compact and durable structure.” Gerardo  Davis


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Flip SlideHD Video Camera


Who says you can’t shoot beautiful videos with a pocket camcorder? The Flip SlideHD Video Camera makes this possible for you. It is a reliable camcorder which lets you shoot, show and share high definition videos with friends and family. It features a 3-inch widescreen display to watch the videos. You can also use it to control the features of the device. The Flip SlideHD camcorder can store up to 12 hours of content. You can also customize the videos and pictures with the pre-loaded FlipShare software. It is a good pocket camcorder that you can use everyday or when you travel.



Excels in terms of portability due to its special design which allowed the engineers to make the SlideHD much smaller than your average camera.

It comes with a lot of storage space managing to hold up to 12 hours of continuous recordings.

It is compatible with both Mac and normal PCs.

You will be able to connect your headphones to this device in order not to be bothered by external noise.

The FlipShare feature will make organizing and sharing a lot easier than with other devices.



The sound quality that comes with the recorded videos could have been better.

There were some reports that this camera has some software issues which causes the camera to freeze.


I bought the Flip SlideHD Video Camera because I love recording my family’s activities. I always set up this device in order for me to capture every special moments of our lives. The product is efficient and provides a sustainable and professional output in which I love the most.”   Al Phillips


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Kodak Playsport Zx5 Video Camera


Kodak Playsport Zx5 Video Camera has received good reviews as it combines efficiency and affordability with a stylish design. You can use it to capture moments at home or outdoors in whatever condition as it is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof by up to 10 feet. You can even share videos instantly with your friends via email or social networks, as it comes with a Kodak share button. It has a built-in image stabilization feature, so that you can capture sharp and less blurry videos whether your lighting is good or not. It is well priced so it is ideal for consumers who want a pocket camcorder without breaking the bank.



This is one of the most often nominated devices when it comes to the best waterproof pocket camcorder reviews. It is a top seller despite the high price tag.

It has all the right features to deliver an impeccable performance each and every time, regardless of the environment. It has a rough exterior which combined with the amazing software features make this device the best waterproof pocket camcorder 2021.

It will not only withstand shock, dust and water but it will also be capable of recording in Full HD 1080p. This means manufacturers have not compromised efficiency over design.

The image stabilizer will really come in handy when filming an exciting situation.



When there are problems with the light, the pictures will not come out very clear.

The stabilizer could have been better considering it has trouble handling shooting from a moving vehicle.


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Kodak Playsport Zx5 Video Camera is handy and is easy to carry anywhere I go. I can carry it in my pocket and take it out when I need to record a video of something interesting. The battery life is great too, making me believe I’ve bought one of the highest rated pocket camcorders in 2021. It’s price is affordable even without something like a Black Friday discount.”   Louise Cambra



Samsung W190 HD Pocket Camcorder


The Samsung W190 is the perfect camcorder to take with you anywhere you go. It will easily fit in your pocket and its sturdy design will allow it to record top quality videos in any type of conditions. This means the compact W190 is water, shock and dustproof, not limiting your recording options. Furthermore, it even has a USB port, so you can quickly connect to a PC or laptop to upload your videos. The One Touch Sharing option will also let you upload your videos directly to you email or to social media sites. You might not believe it, but the W190 will capture videos in Full HD, making it a top choice.



Because it is a Samsung, this waterproof camera will provide great images regardless of the lighting conditions.

Unlike other cameras it really is waterproof managing to stay submerged under water without ruining its circuits.

It is very affordable and comes with an included SD card which will come in very handy.

It has a nice design which allows you to always be in complete control.



Even though it comes with great audio it lacks in over the top image clarity.

It does not actually look like an improved version of a previous success.


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Panasonic TA-1 Camera


The Panasonic TA-1 has improved features which brings video recording to a whole new level. It has the latest technical advancements and intuitive operations to make capturing videos more pleasant. It has a full high definition recording feature of 1.920 x 1.080p to capture beautiful and high quality videos and images. You can easily share your videos and images with friends and family as it is compatible with Skype, YouTube, Facebook and Flickr. It will also record clear videos and images even if you have hand movements while using it. It is well priced so many consumers consider it to deserve a spot in the best pocket camcorder reviews.



It manages to remain affordable while offering top end features such as 1080p Full HD recordings.

It has a pretty large 8MP HD sensor but still manages to fit in any pocket.

It uses the iFreame recording format and it is capable of running conferences on Skype.

The LED light comes in pretty handy for those who like filming during the night.


The software used is a bit problematic at times.

It does not have the sturdies designs on the market.


The Panasonic TA-1 was bought by me around Xmas for a very cheap price. The video I’ve captured with it are of good quality. I can’t complain about the battery life and the only minor problems I have are with its software. All in all I think this is a reliable pocket camcorder.”  Lucille Pierson


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Sony MHS-TS20 Camera – Not Available


The Sony MHS-TS20 Bloggie Touch Camera is a powerful pocket camcorder with its intuitive 3-inch capacitive screen. You will be able to capture clear videos and images with its 12.8 mexapixel features and 2080p high definition videos. It also features a 4x digital zoom to provide you with amazing close-ups. It is easy to control the device and browse videos and images with its touch screen feature. It is also compact so you can take it with you when you go out with friends, to parties or when you travel. It helps make sure that you will not miss life’s beautiful moments.

I can easily control the Sony MHS-TS20 Bloggie Touch Camera because of the clear instructed buttons located in the camera front end. The camera takes good quality videos an photos, so I’m not disappointed from this point of view. I didn’t pay much for it, just under $170. I don’t know what is the best pocket camcorder in 2021, but I know this model is definitely a top one.”  William Weber