Best Mirrorless Camera 2020



Mirrorless Cameras – What to Look For:


AWhether you are taking artistic photographs or using the camera on vacations, a mirrorless camera is a great investment. Although, if you are new to photography and you aren’t sure what features you should be looking for when you are looking at the highest rated mirrorless cameras, it can be overwhelming.

We have created this guide to help you determine what is the best mirrorless camera for you. While we cannot tell you specifically who makes the best camera, we do hope that the information you gather from this guide will be able to help you make that decision for yourself.


The Form

There are three different forms that these cameras are available in. The slimmest cameras are usually the most affordable and basic mirrorless systems available. These cameras are a little like the best of both worlds because they handle like a digital compact, but they have the sensor of a mirrorless. A compact mirrorless camera are a bit larger than the previous style and they require some kind of bag to carry. However, they are lighter than a standard DSLR and they provide you with plenty of manual controls that will allow you to customize your shot. Then you have the cameras that are big like a DSLR camera. These cameras work very much like a DSLR, but the viewfinder is electronic instead of optical. This difference is that these cameras are pretty responsive, although not quite as clear.
The Budget

The budget is a crucial component when you are thinking about purchasing a mirrorless camera. Your ideal price point will dictate the form of the camera that you want to get. As previously mentioned, the slim cameras tend to be the cheapest but they do not offer as many options as the larger cameras. If you want full control over your photographs, you will have to be ready to fork over a substantial amount of money.


Ease of Use

If you are new to photography but you still want one of the highest rated mirrorless cameras, you will want to make sure that you choose a camera that is easy to use. If you are more advanced and understand the intricacies of manual controls, then you may feel more comfortable getting an advanced camera.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table

Product Megapixels Price Lens Display Our Rating Where to buy

Panasonic DMC-GF6KK

16 $$$$ 14-42mm 3″ Touch LCD A+ AMAZON

Sony NEX-3NL/B

16.1 $$$$ PZ 16-50mm 180° tilting LCD A AMAZON

Samsung NX2000

20.3 $$$ 20-50mm 3.7″ Touch LCD B+ AMAZON

Nikon 1 J1

10.1 $$$$$ 10-30mm VR and 30-110mm VR 1 NIKKOR 3″ LCD B AMAZON

Canon EOS M

18 $$$ EF-M18-55mm IS STM 3″ LCD B AMAZON


As with all things, there is a learning curve when it comes to mirrorless cameras—especially if you are a novice. With practice and perseverance, you will be able to take stunning photographs. The electronic view finders in the mirrorless cameras help you to capture memories and create beautiful works of art.


Expert mirroless cameras buying guide


Mirrorless cameras are the new kids on the block, although many people may not know exactly what they are and what they can do. These cameras are somewhere between a compact digital camera and a DSLR. They create beautiful images and perform like a DSLR, without the hard-to-learn controls and big lenses and the extra weight. Let us put it this way, a mirrorless camera is what you would get if the compact digital and the DSLR had a baby. If this interests you, you can anticipate seeing these cameras available in a Black Friday deal. Before you get too excited, we urge you to read this guide so you know what to look for when choosing the right camera for your needs. Cameras come in all different sizes and this should be a factor that you strongly consider when you are choosing which mirrorless camera is the best device for you and your budget.

Generally, the smallest cameras are basic and the most affordable models available. If you do not mind a little bit of extra bulk, you can get a comfortable compact camera. These cameras may not fit into your pocket, but they are still light enough to carry in a tote with other items. The comfortable compact also features manual controls, which makes to camera function like a DLSR, just with a smaller body. Of course, you can find models that handle just like a DSLR. What is the difference between a DSLR and a DSLR-like mirrorless camera? The latter is electronic rather than optical like a DSLR. This means they are more responsive to low-light situations and they can display digital information that can be seen on the electronic viewfinder. One of the appeals of a DSLR is having the option of different lenses to create unique photographs.  Top rated mirrorless cameras have several different lenses that you can attach to your device. These lenses will give you the ability to take high quality photographs. These lenses come in systems made by different brands. It is difficult to say which lenses are the best though. That is a personal preference, depending on what you are looking for from your lenses.


Best Mirrorless Camera for Travel


Sony Alpha a6000 Camera with Power Zoom Lens


Photographers who want to test the limits of their creativity with one of the best mirrorless cameras for travelling, the compact and lightweight camera by Sony is right up your alley. The 24.3MP camera is able to capture fast action shots in incredible detail due to the Exmore APS HD CMOS sensor. This camera features a higher resolution than many other DLSRs and uses the same gapless on chip lens structure that other Sony full frame cameras offer. The 1.4M dot Tru-Finder OLED electronic viewfinder delivers 100% frame coverage with an approximate 33 degree viewing angle, providing you with incredible visibility.



Buy from for ($480)



If you wanted to choose a camera as a gift for Christmas for someone, you want to take into consideration what he or she may find most useful. If the person is an amateur photographer, you may want to choose a camera that have automatic modes. If image quality is their main concern, you will want to choose a camera with a large image sensor, as this dictates a higher quality photograph. Just keep in mind that the larger the sensor, the larger the camera will be also. This could be a concern if the user will want a compact device that is easy to take with them on the go.


Best Mirrorless Camera for Beginners


Canon EOS M Compact System Camera


If you are just starting to get serious about taking amazing photographs, the Canon EOS Compact System is one of the best mirrorless cameras for beginners. The 18MP camera with CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 image processor can produce high resolution still imagery. You have the ability to take full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second, even in low light. The 3 inch, 1040-dot LCD monitor is integrated into the design of the camera and uses a touchscreen interface that makes it easy to navigate the menus and playback options. The touchscreen also grants you complete control over focus points, thanks to the Touch AF function.



Buy from for ($298)



Photography is a fantastic hobby to get into, and the technology is improving to make cameras much more user friendly but still have all the bells and whistles too. Mirrorless cameras are among the highest rated cameras on the market because they are smaller than a DSLR but they produce DSLR-quality photographs.


Best Mirrorless Camera for Video


Samsung NX210 Mirrorless Wi-Fi Digital Camera


To create professional quality images and video can that rival any premium DSLR, the Samsung Wi-Fi camera is considered to be one of the best mirrorless cameras for videos, as it features a 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor. Every pixel has a larger sensor area and is hit by more light. This guarantees low noise, high dynamic range, and impeccable color differentiation. The higher sensitivity lets you take pictures even in situations where the lighting isn’t the greatest. This new sensor allows you to take full HD video without any distortion or problems.



Buy from for ($248.99)




Things to consider:

  • Mirrorless cameras come in three forms: slim cameras that are easy to carry, comfortable compact, which functions like a DSLR but with a smaller body, and DSLR-like cameras which uses an electronic viewfinder that displays information.
  • If you want to add lenses to your camera, you will have the option of several different lens manufacturers to choose between. Each manufacturer has a wide range of lenses and it is a personal preference of what you are looking for.
  • Ask yourself what is important to you when looking for a camera. Do you want a camera that is easy to use? Keep in mind that a large sensor equates to better pictures, but also adds bulk to the camera. This is important if portability is a concern.


Top rated Mirrorless Cameras reviews


Photography has reached a stage in which cameras are used not just for depicting reality with great fidelity but also for making the most of what reality has to offer and using enhancing creative features for making up a new world. These features are to be found in the best mirorless camera 2020 of which I got to learn more after reading more than 50 reviews and recommendations. Artsy photographers have gone wild with this easy to handle and stylish looking camera that makes life a little more interesting.




Panasonic DMC-GF6KK Mirrorless Camera


Best Mirrorless Camera 2020Most of the mirrorless camera reviews 2020 have praised this Panasonic model for its highly reliable Wi-Fi connectivity feature. What would a light and portable camera be without good connectivity on the go? The creative control features makes photography fun and easy to handle. Still, this camera has very sophisticated looking photos that provide clear image at high resolution. The stylish design is even more appealing for those who need to have a full day carrying camera along their pockets.



When it comes to a mirrorless camera vs dslr, the Panasonic DMC-GF6KK is  a clear winner thanks to its 16 megapixel sensor and high resolution tilting touch screen on the rear that measures three inches

Upgraded new Venus image processing engine, plus improved AF performance and with a new low-light mode for better and effortless focus every time

Has 19 different filter effects that work impressively well with  the novel panoramic shooting mode, giving the option to put in filters to enhance the panoramic shot.

Built-in WiFi capability which, with the NFC (Near Field Communication) system, allows set-up through WiFi to smartphones



Requires separate purchase of a carrying case and a memory card to enable travel and storage with the feature-packed camera


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Sony NEX-3NL/B Interchangeable Digital Camera Kit


Slim and light, easy to wear in your packet, the best mirrorless camera 2016 offers full resolution pictures, in-depth zooming and video recording. ISO 1600 or auto mode features will have you making perfectly clear photographs while you can still work up your skills with Photo Creativity Features. This long lasting camera will have you taking up to 500 shots and not to worry about having your camera slipping off your pocket, the stylish design also comes with a great anti-slipping feature.



Competes with confidence in contests that pit the mirrorless camera vs dslr, thanks to its superb image quality, speed, and matchless features all set in a compact frame

Utilizes a larger APS-C sensor, which is fundamentally the same one used in the smallest and lightest DSLR from the same manufacturer

With full VGA resolution on the 921,600-pixel 3-inch LCD, for the sharpest image quality that is also  easy to view even under the brightest light

Can be programmed to display typical exposure information, including shutter speed, aperture and   ISO sensitivity, plus an automatic mode that offers adjustments on aperture control for field depth



Recording video does not allow manual control over aperture and shutter speed

Is not compatible with current breed of Alpha lenses


Buy from for ($399)




Samsung NX2000 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera


Mirrorless camera reviews 2020 have constantly praised this stylish camera that comes with great features for fully creative and artistic photographers that feel like sharing their pictures instantly. This SMART featured camera will have you sharing files on your social media apps, e-mails or clouds. But first, you can actually edit your pictures with highly intuitive touchscreen and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. All in all, you can either share great pictures that give full high definition of your focus or have blurry features make you express reality in a more distorted form.



Carries a20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and Samsung NX lens mount, with a number of lenses available to suit any shooting requirement

Can record full HD video with stereo sound, and can shoot up to 8fps at full resolution, with a command dial on top that allows quick changes to settings

Special i-function button on the lens permits the use of the front lens ring to change common settings, so the camera is always ready to capture incredible images

Neatly laid out menus  can be scrolled through to facilitate selection using the touch screen, with easy-to-read options in large characters



Doesn’t have a built-in flash, but this doesn’t detract from the camera’s other features

Display can be difficult to view when light is particularly bright


Buy from for ($299.95)




Nikon 1 J1 Digital Camera System


As usual, Nikon has constantly been triggering to giving all right features for having the perfect photos. This revolutionary camera perfectly reacts and helps you have the best photos you may think ok. Not to worry of ever having weird looking moments in your pictures, because Nikon will have them doing it by itself. Mobility has never been faster with this small sized camera that makes you create, edit and share your work with Wi-Fi connectivity. Nevertheless, this tiny jewel will upgrade your personal style and have you increase maximum popularity with great looking pictures.



May not have the V1’s 1.4million-dot EVF but this camera boasts of its own built-in flash, whereas the V1 requires use of an optional Nikon SB-N5 flash unit

Has a 3-inch LCD monitor at the back that displays at 460k-dots, plus a 1020mAh Li-ion battery that is built smaller to conform to the more compact and sleeker frame

Uses a 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor that is about four times the size of a regular 1/2.3in chip used in a wide array of majority of compact cameras and about a third of the size of  regular APS-C sensor employed in most DSLR models

Solid build quality combined with good image quality and fast AF performance make the camera a wonderful choice over low-end dslr



Sensor size somewhat limits the depth of field, but this can be resolved by maximizing the 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor

Small lithium-ion battery can offer fewer shots obtained on a single charge


Buy from for ($259.99)




Canon EOS M Compact System Camera


This versatile mirrorless camera will perfectly adjust to any kind of light and provide instant clear High Definition Pictures. This powerful device will have you taking videos or track moving subjects without having any blurry effect. In-depth zooming and cinema style portraits are a great way to start making this camera worthwhile of its investment. It surely offers a wide range of features and good automatic control, but it also comes as a learning opportunity for those who need to take photography to the next level.



Highly-responsive touchscreen LCD with multi-touch operation and impressive touch auto-focus capability, for more impressive shots of even the most impossible-looking poses

Shoots images in an amazing array of lighting conditions, thanks to the camera’s versatile ISO range that increases the sensitivity of the unit

Fast autofocus speed designed for taking videos and photos at optimum levels, all thanks to the onboard Hybrid CMOS AF that enables easy capture of even moving subjects

Cropping or enlarging specific details of a photo is made easy and convenient thanks to the 18.0 megapixel CMOS sensor



Takes some time to start up and autofocus function lags a bit, which just goes to show how the camera optimizes on its native features

Does not carry flash but ability to adapt to lighting conditions is great


Buy from for ($649)




Best RF Modulator Reviews



Top rated RF Modulators in 2020


From the 30 various brands and models of RF modulators that I found, I managed to trimmed them down in to five to make it easier to make a well-informed choice. I consulted with some experts and read best RF modulator reviews to make sure that my recommendations will lead into the highest level of satisfaction.


Channel Plus 5445 Quad Channel RF Modulator


Best RF Modulator ReviewsIn your quest towards being able to find the best RF modulator in 2020, you should not forget to take a look at this model. The rock solid built of this model has made it win the hearts of many people. This is simply indicative of the durability of the product. Even after many years of using such, this will not surely call for an immediate replacement. It is sure to withstand even the most demanding use of the product. It also works once taken right out of the box. There is no more need for you to deal with complicated setup or series of instructions before it can be finally operated.

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Dynex WS-007 RF Modulator


This will prove to be another option that will not lead into frustration when it comes to the best RF modulator in 2020. If you think that your old TV is no longer useful, you have to think again. With a device like this one, you can still make it functional. This modulator will make it possible to establish connection with newer components that are no longer compatible with your TV that has been around for a long time already. To add, the high quality of this product has been noted by many, which makes it exceed even those that are found in the higher end of the market.

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RadioShack 15-2526 RF Modulator


As you try to evaluate the possible choices when it comes to the top rated modulator in 2020, make sure that this specific model is included in the list of possibilities. The excellent conversion capability of this model will make it functional for a variety of purposes. One thing that makes it the preferred choice of some people is that it is exactly as it has been described by the manufacturer. This is as against in the case of other products that are deceptive from the way that they are advertised, which can prove to be really frustrating in the end.

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RCA CRF940 RF Modulator


Among others, the reasonable price tag of this model can be considered as a paramount reason on why it has never failed to gather words of praises from its users. This is considered to be the most ideal device to have if you need to deal with various inputs, especially if you are using an older model of TV. There are various inputs found in the product, making it compatible with multiple devices. One good thing about the product is that the connectors are gold-plated, which makes it able to resist corrosion and allows the product to withstand many years of use with little or no maintenance at all.

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Channel Plus 5415 Single Channel RF Modulator


Best RF Modulator ReviewsAs it has been noted in the best RF modulator reviews, there is no doubt that this is one option that is sure to not bring regrets. The positive experiences that have been shared by other people can provide you with the guarantee of being able to enjoy nothing but the highest level of satisfaction from this product. You can expect the output to be crisp. Otherwise, this would have never been voted by its users as amongst the best. Given the positive attributes of this product, there is no doubt that it can provide the best value for money.

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Best Wireless Headphones for TV Reviews



How to Choose the Best Wireless Headphones for TV


Watch movies, TV programs and even play games without disturbing others with a pair of wireless headphones. Designed for comfort and convenience, there are several models to choose from and finding the right pair of headphones can be difficult. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you narrow down your choices so you can easily find the best wireless headphones for TV in 2020.

Best Wireless Headphones for TV


The best wireless headphones for TV reviews suggest first deciding on an amount for are comfortable spending. Prices for wireless headphones can vary according to the included features, and deciding on a budget can help narrow down your options. This will also help you choose which features are absolutely necessary so you don’t waste your money on functions that will never be used.



As stated in the best wireless headphones for TV reviews you want the pair you choose to feature a comfortable and durable design. Over the ear headphones are designed to block out external noise, and generally feature comfortable padding. Headphones with adjustable headbands make it easier to find a secure and comfortable fit, and you also want to consider the materials used in construction. Most wireless headphones are constructed from durable plastic that is lightweight and designed to last.



Simply because you are wearing headphones doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice sound quality. Models that feature a broad frequency range are able to produce deep bass and clear treble notes, and headphones with 40mm drivers can deliver realistic sounds. Wireless models that include noise reduction capabilities ensure that every note is crystal clear, and you might also want to consider a pair with automatic tuning.



There are also some included features to consider, though your budget will help you determine the ones that you need. Bluetooth compatibility is always convenient, especially for gamers who need to keep their hands free. Rechargeable batteries can help save money on constant replacements, and included charging stations ensure that the headphones are always ready to go. Included warranties are also appreciated, along with the ability to connect to other headphones.


Top Rated Wireless Headphones for TV in 2020


While we can’t choose the right pair for you, we can show you the top rated wireless headphones for TV of 2020. Designed to be durable and comfortable to wear, along with being able to produce high quality sound, maybe one of wireless headphones is exactly what you need for your TV.


Sennheiser RS120


1. Sennheiser RS120Designed to produce realistic sounds, these wireless headphones are perfect for listening to music, movies, and television programs. This pair of wireless headphones features a lightweight and comfortable design, along with an affordable price. You also have the advantage of the included two year warranty for additional peace of mind.

The padded cups are designed to fit comfortably over your ears, and the soft foam also helps to reduce background noise interference. You also have the advantage of being able to choose from three channels to enjoy crystal clear sounds anywhere in the room. The headphones also feature amazing bass response for rich, deep sounds, and you will appreciate the conveniently placed controls.

Volume , power and tuning are all located on the headphones for easy access, and you also have the advantage of the included long lasting rechargeable batteries. Capable of holding a charge of to 20 hours in some situations, the included transmitter also doubles as a docking station. The transmitter is capable of sending and receiving signals up to 300 feet, and when the batteries are low simply set the headphones on top for quick and easy recharging. The headphones are also compatible with other models so you can enjoy movies and music with family and friends.

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2. Sony MDRRF985RKThese wireless headphones are designed to produce amazing sounds, and be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The headphones are also affordably priced, and don’t require you to sacrifice on sound quality. Perfect for enjoying movies and music without disturbing others, you will also appreciate how easy and convenient these wireless headphones are to use.

The headband is padded and adjustable for maximum comfort, which is always important when you are settling in for a long listening session. The ear cups are also padded for comfort and won’t irritate or pinch sensitive skin. The over the ear design also helps to reduce background noise. You will also appreciate the innovative system that helps to minimize transmission static and interference so every sound is crisp and clear.

You have the advantage of the 40mm drivers that are capable of producing expressive and realistic sounds, and the headphones also feature automatic tuning to reduce annoying interference. You can enjoy high quality sound from your TV or audio system, and you’ll love how easy these wireless headphones are to set up and control.

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RIF6 TM Digital Wireless Headphones


3. RIF6 TMThere is very little not to like about these wireless headphones, including its comfortable design and affordable price. This pair is designed to produce amazing high quality sound, and to be easy and convenient to use. You also have the advantage of the included warranty that will give you additional peace of mind.

These lightweight headphones feature plenty of padding on the adjustable headband and over ear cups. Not only does this provide plenty of comfortable cushioning, the adjustable band makes it easy to find a secure fit. The headphones are also capable of producing rich full sounds, and include a broad frequency response for deep bass and clear treble notes.

The included rechargeable batteries can last for up to 20 hours, and the transmitter serves as a convenient charging station. You also have the advantage of the 100 foot signal range that makes it possible for you to move around the room and still enjoy listening to your TV or audio system. There are also several convenient features that include presets for volume and an indicator for low power. You can also take advantage of the fast recharging function, and these wireless headphones are also compatible with most iPods, smart phones and TVs.

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Best Video Projector under 1000



Expert Buying Advice on Video projectors under 1000


Many of the best video projectors are used for a wide variety of applications including classroom training, concerts, conference room presentations and home theater. Many schools and other educational settings utilize projectors for interactive teaching. Now, how do you ensure you’re getting what you want for the money you spend on this type of gear?

 Best video projector under 1000

Good Resolution

The native resolution of the best video projector under 1000 refers to the number of pixels that it makes available for image creation. A projector with higher resolution offers more pixels for use. Projector resolution is expressed as two numbers: A x B. The first number indicates the available pixels in each horizontal row, while the second denotes the number of pixels in each vertical column. The total number of pixels on the projector is the product obtained from multiplying those two constants.

Usually, the resolution is expressed just as one number, and this uses the vertical resolution (the second number) and “p” for progressive-scan. Higher resolution means a higher price, but it also comes with greater picture detail, as well as a greater ability to eliminate or minimize the visibility of the pixel structure.


Imaging Technology

There are four imaging technologies utilized by projectors today: DLP, LCD, LCOS, and laser raster.


Adequate Brightness Level

The best video projector under 1000 offers just enough brightness to match the amount of ambient light or the lighting conditions, the material in the screen you use and the image size. Thus, using a 2,000-lumen projector in a dark room may prove to be overly bright and hard on the eyes, so a 1,000 to 1,200-lumen unit will be better for this situation. In addition, small percentages of differences can be negligible, as when you compare 2,000 lumens to 2,200 lumens.



Majority of video projectors come with a minimum of one VGA connector for a PC, along with a composite video connector for video gear. Digital connections on the projector enable compatibility with a computer’s digital output, such as an HDMI connector. The most preferred connection for video sources is HDMI and component video is the next preferred.

Some models now integrate Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)-enabled HDMI ports that allow you to project via Android devices, and can even accommodate charging needs. Plenty of models come with WiFi connectivity via an optional wireless dongle that goes into a USB port, which doubles for projection from a thumb drive.


What Are the Best Video Projectors under 1000?


If you want to enhance your home theater experience or to supplement your teaching or presentation repertoire, a video projector should do the trick. Video projectors shouldn’t just be picked out from a shelf like a can of beans. You should do some research prior to the purchase, as what has led us to picking out these three products.


BenQ W1070


1.BenQ W1070 1080P 3D Home Theater ProjectorThe BenQ W1070 1080P 3D Home Theater Projector features built-in speakers, which are Plug-and-Play ready. This means you can start using the unit right away, with only the power cord and video source connection to link up so you can get ready for the larger viewing experience. The BenQ W1070 has a screen size compatibility of 40 to 235 inches, so you can project as small or as large as you desire. The unit has two HDMI inputs that enable you to enjoy both video and gaming sources. Adjusting the lamp power is always done intelligently thanks to the integrated SmartEco Mode, which helps you maximize power costs via delivery of best brightness and contrast performance.

The BenQ W1070 automatically switches to Eco Blank Mode after it is left turned on for more than three minutes without a display source. This eliminates unnecessary waste of electricity and also prolongs the life of the projector lamp. ISF Certified for customization to any viewing setting, the BenQ W1070 can be calibrated to deliver optimum color performance whether in Day or Night mode to match the room’s layout, size and lighting condition.

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Epson Home Cinema 2030


2.Epson Home Cinema 2030 Home Theater ProjectorThe Epson Home Cinema 2030 Home Theater Projector enables you to optimize different bright cinematic adventures. Use its full high-definition 1080p performance virtually anywhere, both in 2D and 3D. Enjoy consistently rich and brilliant images delivered via 2,000 lumens of color brightness, along with 2,000 lumens of white brightness. The Epson projector offers up to 3x brighter colors compared to leading competing projectors. Thanks to the onboard Certified Chip Technology, the projector delivers vibrant, rich color and dependable performance. Images can be projected on any wall or screen up to 300 inches.

The Epson Home Cinema 2030 comes with HDMI connectivity via one HDMI video and one HDMI audio connection for high-definition quality using a single cable. The projector also allows you to use your own Home theater sound system or to just make the most of the built-in sound. It is also easy to set up. The MHL connectivity enables you to transform the projector into a smart display, giving access to videos, movies and games you can beam from MHL-enabled smartphones and tablets.

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Optoma HD25-LV DLP


3.Optoma HD25-LV DLP Home Theater ProjectorDelivering compelling high-resolution home theater experience, the Optoma HD25-LV DLP Home Theater Projector enhances the value of your home entertainment system. It comes with an awesome native 1080p resolution, which ensures the sharpest, most visually powerful image quality. Thanks to the projector’s full 3D compatibility, you can easily immerse yourself in your favorite 3D movie or video game and experience truly cinematic or gaming enjoyment just like the movie and game creators intended their opuses to achieve. Be assured of easy integration with your PS3, Xbox, Blu-ray 3D player and various gaming consoles.

The projector comes with SRS WOW HD Surround Sound technology precisely designed to deliver unparalleled sound quality and awesome deep bass. The Optoma HD25-LV boasts excellent high-definition video and graphics with remarkable color accuracy and amazingly vivid detail. The projector features 3,200 ANSI lumens along with 20,000:1 contrast ratio to deliver the brightness required for even the most demanding home theater systems. It also comes with class-leading energy-saving features plus incredibly quiet operation for cost effectiveness and magnificent home theater experience.

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Best digital converter box reviews


Converter boxes represent the bridge tool between analog television and digital television, widely spread in the past few years. Such a device helps you still watch your favorite TV shows on an older device, but transmitted in a digital, more clearer signal and image. Digital converters are extremely popular nowadays, but finding the right one is not always an easy task. If you don’t have time to search for your own item, the following shopping guide will help you make up your mind easier. In our opinion, the best digital converter box is the Digital Stream Analog because it provides an on-screen electronic program guide support, is capable of receiving MPEG-4 free HD channels, and features a wide series of functions, including a dual language on-screen display menu. If the Digital Stream Analog is not available for sale, we suggest opting for the Pro-Ject DAC Box E as a viable alternative.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


Choosing a good digital converter box could prove quite a challenge, especially since there are so many products available on the market. Unfortunately, most of them come for a quite large price, so it will be even more difficult for you if you’re looking for a bargain. Nevertheless, we consider that a good digital converter box should check a few aspects before being considered a worthy item for your purchase. Read below and find out everything you need to take into consideration when shopping for such an item.

Having an indoor/ outdoor antenna

One of the most important extra features you have to consider is first purchasing a proper indoor or outdoor antenna. This element is essential if you want to have any signal at all. Most of them look the same with regular antennas, the only difference being that they emit a digital sound. You can get one for as little as 10 dollars, but the costs vary massively, depending on the transmission range, and the antenna’s power.

You can also purchase a smart antenna that automatically adjusts its features for an increased signal reception when interference changes. This type of antennas should be taken into account especially by those living in deserted, low-signal areas of the country.


The placement of the antenna

To stress the importance of antenna once more, we consider it is relevant to let you know that position is elementary if you want to have a good signal. We suggest placing the antennas as close to windows as possible, especially for those who live on the ground floor or first floor. You should also avoid placing your antenna near thick brick walls or any other digital device that might interfere with its signal.


The number of functions

The more functions such a box has, the better chance is for it to work on your older TV too. Keep in mind that converter boxes mainly transform the analog signal into a digital one for improved sound and image clarity, but only on those TVs that allow such conversions. However, we still believe that a good converter box should feature a wide array of functions, including the auto-tuning, a program guide support, an on-screen display menu for easy navigation, as well as universal remote control.


Analog pass-through capability

Although most of the TV stations across the world now transmit into a fully digital system, there are still some that maintained a dual transmission, including the analog. The analog transmission is somewhat more sturdy and less willing to fall under severe weather conditions. So, if you still want to enjoy an analog transmission on your older TV, you will require a DTV converter box with such a function. However, we do suggest sticking to the digital system because you will definitely see an improvement in image and sound quality of your favorite TV shows.

Keep in mind that an analog transmission is now possible only on older television devices, as the HDMI, 4K and Ultra HD TVs of our era do not transmit in an analog system anymore.


Budget limitations

Last but not least, the cost of such a box is also an important feature to take into consideration. Luckily, the wide range of products allows for all-pockets satisfaction, depending on how much you are willing to pay for such a device.

Sure, there are some digital converters sold for hundreds of dollars, but those are mainly specific to larger screens and intended for professional use. Most of the current households won’t require improved power digital converters, as the digital signal covers the vast majority of the country.



Top rated digital converter boxes in 2020


Listed below are the models that we consider to be the best currently available. If you’re looking for such a device, you should take a look at our picks and see which one matches your personal needs and requirements.




Digital Stream Analog


You will definitely purchase this item for a bargain and won’t get enough of it. The item provides on-screen electronic program guide support to easily help all users with the installation system.

What we like the most about this product is that it is easily set, without requiring professional assistance in most cases. This converter provides a wide series of additional functions for a full multimedia experience, and a full dialog signal. Some of the most important features of this converter are the auto-tuning, the program guide, and the parental control function which allows you to set up restrictions in viewing certain TV shows or programs on your kids’ TVs.



The product is sold for a more than affordable price while providing good conversion between the digital and the analog transmission methods.

The dual language (English and Spanish) on-screen display menu makes for easy setup and browsing through the various functions of this converter.

The product will deliver high-quality composite video and will improve the overall quality of the image and sound of your TV shows and programs.



Some of the people who ordered the device did not receive the universal remote control also, although the package clearly stated that it is included.


Buy from for ($29.47)



Pro-Ject DAC Box E


Although sold for a higher price than the aforementioned item, this converter is worth every penny. The low-profile designs help to blend in perfectly with all furniture types in order to deliver a united overall room design. You can also opt for two basic colors, white or black, depending on your own requirements.

The product provides high-quality digital to analog conversion and is mainly suitable for older TVs.

The low-noise components of this item will provide increased clarity and sound richness to your audio playback. In addition, thanks to the low output impedance, you will not experience interference between pre-amplifiers and cables.



This item is specifically designed to offer a substantial upgrade of the sound of all digital audio sources, from CDs to DVD players, and everything in-between.

The accurate signal transmission is made through gold-plated RCA terminals.

It is sold for an affordable price and provides the right transition from digital to analog transmission.



Some of the customers were not entirely pleased with the overall quality and the design of this product, claiming there are other converters within the same price range but with a superior sound quality. You can use it on your TVs, but it is mainly intended for more conventional audio sources.


Buy from for ($69.99)




Zinwell ZAT-970A


Best digital converter box reviewsThere many converter box models available on the market which can set the basis for a vibrant visual experience. According to recent user testimonials it seems that more and more people use the ZAT-970A Digital to Analog TV converter box from Zinwell. This media device can safely support analog pass through.

Furthermore, the converter box can precisely convert digital TV signals and proper media support like multilingual feature, digital parental control and also a reliable remote control. The converter box has a frequency range of 57 to 803 MHz and special video and audio output connections. It weighs less than 1 pound and measures 175 x 135 x 33 millimeters.



For people trying to learn whats the best digital converter box we recommend the ZAT-970A from Zinwell, a model which can be used to set up analog television with digital programming, making cinematic experiences pretty special

Due to the RCA and RF connection, the device can be used to connect the television with the antenna and thus set the basis for a thriving digital entertainment

Measuring 175 x 135 x 33 millimeters and weighing less than 1 pound, the digital converter box incorporates RCA video and audio inputs, allowing people to enjoy clear pictures and clear audio experiences

ATSC compliant this advanced digital converter box comes equipped with RF channels that supports 69 channels and 18 ATSC broadcast formats, which makes it a complete entertainment source



Doesn’t have a HDMI port but compensates with HD/SD decoding supports

Comes with only 1 F-type connector


Buy from for ($49.99)




Mediasonic HW-150PVR


Discovering the best digital converter box in 2020 requires attention to details since there are so many products out there. It comes as no surprise to see so many Americans have in their homes installed the HW-150PVR ATSC Digital TV from Mediasonic. This high quality device converts digital broadcast to your analog TV.

This device comes with useful parental control function which ensures children don’t access inappropriate content. It includes auto tuning and can stream 1080p high definition video content.

Furthermore, the device offers USB multimedia playing capabilities for a more comprehensive video experience. The converter box also includes timing start up and also shut down.



As one of the top 10 digital converter box models out there, the HW-150PVR HomeWorx from Mediasonic is a product designed to easily convert digital broadcast to the TV’s analog transmission

Due to the intuitive interface this converter box offers users favorite channel list and an efficient parental control function, for optimal content management

Features real-time recording, 16:9 Pan G Scan and programmed time recording that allows users to safely manage video and audio files

The converter is fitted with HDMI 1080p output which transforms the television set into a source of entertainment



Doesn’t come with HDMI cable (this is an accessory sold separately)

Requires 2 “AAA” batteries in order to run (available for purchase)


Buy from for ($39.99)




Mediasonic HW180STB


It is important to invest in high quality converter box, designed to offer a meaningful video experience. A top rated digital converter box in 2020 was released by Mediasonic, the HW180STB HomeWorx.

This powerful high definition digital converter box can safely convert over the air ATSC television signals to your home analog TV. Furthermore the converter streams video and audio capabilities to digital TV, computer monitor and also projector.

Due to the smooth HDMI output, the converter box safely support max resolution up to 1080p. As a result, the viewing experience will be in high definition, making movies and TV-shows breathtaking experiences.



The new product from Mediasonic, HW180STB HomeWorx digital device can be used to precisely convert ATSC broadcast to Digital and Analog TV, helping people create an entertaining home source

Incorporates an advanced USB multimedia player which anyone can use in order to play movies, TV shows or view photos

Due to the advanced system this digital converter easily supports MPEG-1 I and II, MPEG-2/4, Dolby digital audio or H.264/AVC, setting the basis for a thriving visual experience

The unit offers access to parental control function, favorite channel list which makes it easier for people to control content (audio and video)



Does not come with batteries (these power sources are sold separately)

Initial installation is needed but the user guide offers proper assistance


Buy from for: See The Price!






A good converter box can significantly improve a person’s ability to enjoy different analog programs. Most of the current best digital converter box reviews underline the efficiency of IVIEW Multi-function device. This powerful multimedia device can precisely convert digital broadcast to analog television.

Installing this device in any home ensures proper visual quality during various movies and TV shows played. Furthermore the converter box incorporates HDMI output and delivers QAM capabilities.

The converter box incorporates advanced parental control function and also supports media function, letting people play music and movies. This converter box can also play files from HDD and USB flash memory!



As the best rated digital converter box from IVIEW, the 3500STBII multi-function model can be used to easily convert digital broadcast to analog based TVs, helping users enjoy without restrictions a long list of digital channels

Due to the interactive electronic program guide (EPG), anyone can control transition from one channel to another

Features auto tuning which sets optimal digital broadcast with minimal interference, letting people enjoy vivid and rich colors during each video played

This powerful digital converter box features a signal quality indicator which displays the strength of data reception, letting users know exactly the state of the transmission



Some users consider the programming interface a bit confusing


Buy from for: See The Price!




eXuby X3200H

1.eXuby X3200H (B0155O80IE)

Many converter box units claim to do a lot of things. The eXuby X3200H is among the most versatile models we’ve come across during our entire research.

The product can be utilized with a variety of devices you might have around the house, which may range from projectors to HDTVs. What’s more, its resolution can be customized.




The eXuby comes with three types of outputs: HDMI, RCA, and coaxial. Therefore, users have the freedom to make it work with various types of devices.

A unique feature of this option is the RECORD/PAUSE mode, which can be activated by pushing a button. If, for instance, the person watching a program on TV has to go to the bathroom but he or she does not want to miss any minute of the show, using the RECORD mode can be of help.

Recording TV shows has never been easier, as the eXuby has a unique Schedule mode.

The resolution of this model can be adjusted and set according to the owner’s preferences. Choose between 1080p, 1080i, 720p and even 565p.

Buyers can get it for the best price on the market as it’s among the top rated digital converter box models under $30.



Can’t be used with old TV sets.

The interface takes a little time to get used to.


Buy from for ($34.99)




HomeWorx HW100STB – Not Available


The best digital converter box in 2020 can set the basics for a sublime viewing experience. It is pretty frustrating narrowing regular searches down to a single one given the multitude of products out there. Now, thousands of people use with confidence the HW100STB ATSC Digital converter box from HomeWorx.

This powerful device can convert digital broadcast to any analog TV. Furthermore the converter box features electronic program guide and also full program information.

This advanced media device incorporates favorite channel list and also parental controls especially if there’s a child in the family. Due to the stylish design, this box can be placed in any room.



Regarded by many as the best digital convertor box under $100 from HomeWorx, the HW100STB unit converts without problems digital broadcast to analog TV, helping users enjoy a complete home entertainment source

Features detailed program information and EPG which helps people manage faster content information

Offers useful functions like parental control and favorite channel list which gives people the chance to set boundaries when it comes to video access

Even though by price standards a cheap product, this digital converter is fitted with Emergency Alert System that safely displays emergency info from specific emergency stations



Some installation is needed but the instruction manual helps out a lot




How to Buy a New Digital Converter Box:


In June 2009, Americans made the transition from analog to digital broadcasting. Those who purchased a television after March 1, 2007 were well prepared for the transition, but others had to purchase a digital converter box. With over 80 approved options, it may be quite difficult to determine which digital converter box is the best one for your needs. We’ve created this buying guide to help make your decision an easier one.


Determine your requirements

If you have cable or satellite services, you are among the individuals that do not require a digital converter box, regardless of how old your television is. This is also the case for those who have a television that is already equipped with a VHF or UHF antenna. If your TV is only equipped for analog and you wish to watch public programming, you will need a converter box.

If you live in a rural area, you will need a box that provides a stronger signal. There are also boxes that are designed specifically for individuals with disabilities who rely on closed captioning. The converter box receives closed caption signals and passes it through the television automatically. It also allows you to alter the way the captioning looks to create a better viewing experience.


Models you should consider

The SPICA At 2020 has been the highest rated digital converter box, due to its visual quality. With audio levels that balance between left and right outputs, it has proven to the best digital converter box for the money. Even though it may overstretch the visual image on new DVDs, it has proven to be the best box for audio and visual viewing of regular programming television. There are still many competitors that may be better suited for your viewing habits.

If your channels are weak, the Zinwell ZAT-970A may be the most reliable option for you. It offers a device that allows you to pick up stronger signals. There are a variety of boxes to choose from and each is designed to increase the quality of your current television. Purchasing a digital converter box is less expensive than buying a brand new television. With the right box, your old television can seem like new with more vibrant picture and sound quality.

When the digital switch initially took place, the government provided coupons for free converter boxes. While they are not very expensive and can range between $30 and $80, there are still ways to save on the price. Many stores offer amazing discounts for Christmas. You can also take advantage of incredible coupons and Black Friday deals.


Things to consider:

  • If you already use satellite or cable services, you will not need to spend money on a converter box
  • For those with disabilities, there are many boxes designed for closed captioning for the visually or hearing impaired
  • Even if you missed the opportunity to purchase your digital box when free coupons were given away, you can still save money with in store sales and discounts



Best AV Receiver 2020



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best AV receiver of 2020 money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. By reading through plenty of information about the best AV receiver 2020 has to offer, be it from social media, feedback from buyers or expert reviews, we found certain products that rise head and shoulders above the competition.

From all the products we read about, the Yamaha RX-V677 proved itself to be the best option for audiophiles. There are three things those passionate about sound quality are interested in, and this model has them all. The model comes with 4k upscaling, which is essential in this day and age, when you need all kinds of content streamed for your pleasure. Connectivity is top notch, and you will find the HDMI port to come quite in handy when you want to hook up your AV receiver with other devices. A large variety of streaming options completes a product that is already very popular because of its tremendous capabilities.

If the Yamaha RX-V677 is no longer available for sale, you can always pick the Denon AVR-S510BT as a solid great choice.



Top rated AV Receivers reviews


These days the amount of online content is so huge and diversified that you need a dedicated device to enjoy it all. Enhance your audio and video experience with the best AV receiver 2020. From radio tuning to intense film watching, receivers focus on you having a good time and enjoying in-depth HD visuals and the most accurate sounds. Usually loaded with additional features, receivers are now more versatile than ever. It is even easy to connect smartphones and other devices for full and wide spread entertainment.


How to select the best AV receiver for the money


Ladies, if you really want to surprise the men in your life with a great gift for Christmas, you could get a new AV receiver to go along with that large screen television in the man cave. Of course, there are so many different devices available on the market; you can easily feel overwhelmed just trying to find the right receiver that will knock his socks off during those action movies. We have put our heads together and compiled a list of features that you may want to take into consideration.

An audiovisual (AV) receiver is meant to enhance your home theater. They are built upon the stereo receiver concept to introduce a surround-sound capability to the system, as well as digital audio and visual processing, automatic speaker setup systems, and network audiovisual support.

The highest rated AV receivers come with many features, but the features are not why you buy the system, the sound quality is. The sound quality relies on a few specs such as power, channels, bandwidth, and input/output connectivity.

Many shoppers equate high power with high quality. When you are trying to decide which AV receiver is the best for your home theater set up, you want a system that can handle how many speakers you have. The power of your device needs to match the speaker sensitivity. Speakers with a lower sensitivity level will require more power; a larger room will also need more power.

Even though a receiver may say it produces 100w per channel while in use, it may actually be less if the device is in surround mode. What this means the power is being split between multiples speakers. This is another reason why you want a receiver that offers higher power. To be certain you are getting the most out of your receiver, you will want to look for a product that says, “All channels driven” on the packaging or in the product description. This tells you that the power is sent equally to all the channels.

why to buy from amazon

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Channels Price Output Wattage Wi-Fi Ready Our Rating Where to buy

Yamaha RX-V677

7.2 $$$$$ 125 watts YES A+ AMAZON

Pioneer SC-1323-K

7.2 $$$$ 150 watts YES A AMAZON

Onkyo TX-NR626

7.2 $$$ 115 watts YES B+ AMAZON

Denon AVR-E300

5.1 $$ 175 watts No B AMAZON

Sony STRDH130

2 $ 270 watts No B AMAZON


Manufacturers often test their products in low stress conditions and these tests are not created for the average home use. On paper, the companies will list the power ratings at 100 x 5 (@ 1kHz), but tests have shown these figures may not be completely truthful. Instead, you will want to find a device that has (@20Hz-20kHz). A product with this listing should give you a hint that the receiver was tested with real world usage in mind.

Of course, since the receiver is going to be enhancing your home theater system, you will want a device with plenty of inputs and outputs. After all, you do not want to have to unplug the Blu-Ray player just to play your console game.


Black Friday deals are an excellent opportunity to compare different products and features. Just keep the following things in mind, and we are confident you will choose the right product for your home.


Things to consider:

  • Your speaker sensitivity needs to match the power of your device. Speakers that have low sensitivity (or if you are powering many speakers) need more power, especially in a large room.
  • Look for devices with 20Hz to 20kkHz on the product listing. This rating means it has enough power to handle everyday usage, even the roaring crowds during televised sporting events.
  • If you have a complex home-theater system, you want a device with ample input and output ports which can accommodate plenty of devices like gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players, speakers, and stereos.



Yamaha RX-V677 Network AV Receiver


Focused on quality sound delivering, Yamaha has always been a brand that appealed to all music lovers. Wi-Fi connectivity will have you streaming through so many tunes, making music more affordable than ever. But what are our modern days without mobility? Keep your enjoyable sound connected to you around the house by using your smartphone or tablet. For full entertainment experience, this receiver brings you sound and video altogether to maximize the impact and have you enjoy high-quality leisure time.



Who makes the best AV receiver? According to recent online surveys Yamaha products have managed to impress along the years and for this reason we recommend the RX-V677 7.2 channel model

This 7.2 channel AV receiver can deliver 105 W per channel at 8 ohms, 1 kHz or 90 W per channel at 8 ohms, 20 Hz- 20 kHz which is more than enough for a home network entertainment system

Comes equipped with 6 in and 1 out HDMI ports and 4K Ultra HD upscalling to match  the new trend in visual clarity

This powerful device includes the virtual Cinema front which provides smooth virtual surround sound to all speakers, enriching the whole audio experience with clear and realistic sounds



Some installation is needed but the instruction manual contains useful information on the process

It streams only Airplay audio because for video users need Apple TV


Buy from for ($589.99)





Denon AVR-S510BT


1.Denon AVR-S510BT

The Denon AVR-S510BT offers great quality at a nice price. Listen to sound with powerful impact, when you connect your AV receiver to any device you want to stream content from. A consumers’ favorite, the Denon AVR-S510BT will not disappoint you.




The 5 channels are powerful enough to create the right sound setup for any kind of content you want to watch and listen to. Delivering 140W of power provide the best capabilities for surround sound that is clear, crisp and of superior quality.

The model comes with HDMI connectivity, and the 3 designated ports are more than satisfying even for the most pretentious user.

4k upscaling capabilities are an important must have on any competitive model, and it is available on this one.

Last, but not least, the built-in Bluetooth allows wireless playback from mobile devices, such as your smartphone.



One of the setbacks of this model mentioned by owners in the past was that the picture streamed through HDMI tended to look washed out. However, since then, the manufacturer released a firmware update to correct the problem.

Another complaint from users is related to the fact that the receiver cannot control the HDMI sources, and you will need a separate remote for each of them.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Pioneer SC-1323-K Network Receiver


Best AV Receiver 2020Musical soundtracks are going to out race your visual enchantment, the best AV receivers all about maximizing your entertainment experience. Regardless of the source, this receiver makes the most of the images regardless of the potential sources, offering HDMI conversion. Audiophiles will fall in love with this noise-free device that has surrounding sound and crisp quality. All in all, good sound and video would be nothing without full connectivity and compatibility with your smartphone, TV, laptop or PC.



As one of the top 10 products available for purchase in this segment, the SC-1323-K network receiver from Pioneer is without a doubt a great addition to anyone that loves quality music and vibrant home cinema

Designed with a well-defined aluminum front panel and carefully insulated dual chassis, this powerful multi-zone AV receiver becomes the central core to a thriving home entertainment system

Compatible with Apple devices such as iPhones, iPod touch or iPads this device permits users to stream music directly from their devices without having to dock

Due to its advanced audio coding, the device supports 192 kHz and 24-bit FLAC, WAV and AIFF files or MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA files



Users need to install and connect the device with other media units but it doesn’t take a lot of time

Does not offer Bluetooth connectivity


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Onkyo TX-NR626 Network Audio/Video Receiver


One of the best AV receivers brings up the comfortable setting of ultimate wireless connectivity. Sharing has never been simpler and faster. This receiver enhances video for HD, has you 3D ready, make sound clarity and in-depth bass feel more of a real promise. But on top of it all, this AV receiver will comfort you with the best possible radio tunes and have you fully set to enjoy great music whilst doing anything else: sleeping, reading or indoor exercising.



The Black Friday deals on top products include the TX-NR626 AV receiver from Onkyo, a model with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology which takes wires out of any equation

Incorporates 6 HDMI inputs which people can use in order to connect gaming consoles, notebooks, Blu-ray disc players or any other media devices

This AV receivers offers users the possibility of streaming music and internet radio programs such as SiriusXM, Spotigy, tunein, CS, Pandora and many more

Comes equipped with a user friendly and intuitive remote application for iPhone or Android devices which makes controlling the device’s functions a breeze



Does not offer video upconversion from Analog to HDMI

The configuration process takes a while but the manual is pretty helpful


Buy from for: See The Price!




Denon AVR-E300 Home Theater AV Receiver


Easy to handle control panel, fast and simple set up, one of the best AV receivers 2020 will have get a sense of what real quality audio sounds like. The high quality video will be available for almost all devices, including your smartphone, which you can actually use as a remote control. Once you place your money on this house appliance, your sense of comfort and entertainment are going to increase considerably, with slight chances of out dating them too fast.



Regarded by many satisfied users as one of the best rated products from Denon, the AVR-E300 is a thriving home entertainment source, offering access to a wide range of audio and video sources

Offering an impressive audio force of 175 watts x 5 channels, this powerful 5.1 channel network receiver comes equipped with 5 1080p HDMI inputs and a built-in USB port

Features the exclusive Audyssey Bronze package which includes Audyssey MultEQ, Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Audyssey Dynamic Volume, essential settings for a complete audio experience

Includes an intuitive remote control that permits users to safely browse through the device’s functions without problems



Does not offer Multi Zone functions

It can’t render 4K videos


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Sony STRDH130 2 Channel Stereo Receiver


Getting a good deal for a perfect sound is something most audiophiles are looking their whole lives. This receiver is going to perfectly fit your home theater for surrounding sound. The affordable price also comes with great energy saving, as auto mode will have your music silent once you program it that way. Saving your best programs, AM/FM tuner this classic receiver also gets connected to your smartphones or other portable devices. Give your record collection a treat and have indulged yourself with the comfort of pure clear music.



The STRDH130 model from Sony is a great AV receiver for Christmas or even birthdays because it can help the receiver set up an amazing home network entertainment system

This sleek AV receiver supports up 5 audio sources, which may include gaming consoles, TVs, Blu-ray disc player and many others

The stereo receiver can render around 270 watts of total audio power at 8 ohms and 1 kHz

Even though a cheap AV receiver it incorporates a special mini-plug that can support all the current smartphone models (Android and Apple) or portable music players



The installation takes some time but no more than other home entertainment systems


Buy from for ($184.49)




Best Camcorder Bag and Case Reviews



Expert Buying Advice for Top Camcorder Bags and Cases


Whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned one, you surely need a camcorder bag or case to carry all your tools. Photography is today a much loved activity, and many people have taken after the habit, making it their favorite past time. However, a photo camera or a video camera has to be well protected, since all kinds of accidents may damage it beyond repair. While you may think that physical damage is the only enemy cameras can be very sensitive to dust, moisture and other agents that can damage the internal mechanisms. There are many bags and cases available today and choosing one can be a hassle. If you want to pick one that is a right fit for your camera, reading the best camcorder bag and case reviews and buying guides like this one can be very helpful.

Best Camcorder Bag and Case

Main purpose

What are you going to use your camera for? This is a very important question when you need to purchase a camcorder bag or case. A simple bag may be enough for a person who only takes photos or shoots videos occasionally, while a pro may need a strong, sturdy case that will offer superior protection to the camcorder. If you plan on using your camcorder a lot, a case may be a better choice, since you will not have to worry that dropping the case will damage the camcorder inside.


A good fit

Your video camera should fit inside the case or bag you intend to purchase. Regardless of how cheap or convenient it may be, the model you want to buy has to be able to accommodate your camera, or you will not use it at all. Always get the most accurate measurements of the bag or case you would like to purchase, to avoid any unpleasant surprises at a later date.



What kind of material is the bag or case made of? The best camcorder bag and case reviews talk about various materials, from vinyl to metal, so there are plenty of possibilities to choose from. If you want the bag to be lightweight, going for vinyl is a good choice, especially if you aim for a good type of vinyl. Of course, for a case, metal is the natural choice, because it can clearly protect the contents without an issue. Leather, for instance, is another good choice, because it is sturdy and durable.



Last, but not least, don’t forget about design. You surely want your bag or case to look good and you can choose from many different styles. Check the design for functionality, too; additional pockets can save you a lot of time when you are looking for an accessory.


Top Rated Camcorder Bags and Cases in 2020


Are you looking for the best camcorder bag and case 2020? The next products are all highly appreciated by consumers and they are a great deal in all regards, from pricing to design and durability. Picking any of these five will not disappoint you and will help you maintain your camcorder in top notch condition for a long time.


Case Logic DCB-305


1.Case Logic DCB-305What most photographers and those handy with a camcorder look for when they are shopping for a bag or a case is compatibility. This model is compatible with most digital camcorders sold on the market, so, unless your camcorder has a very specific shape and size, you will not go wrong with this. The extra pockets make it a very good buy. The bag comes with an internal pocket protected by a zipper where you can store your memory cards for maximum protection. The interior compartmentalization serves, as well, for keeping your accessories separated from the camcorder, so you can find them with ease.

If you are interested to read more on this product, click here to visit Amazon!



Sony LCSU5


2.Sony LCSU5 Carrying Case for CamcorderThis is a very cheap carrying case from Sony that serves well for carrying around Handycam camcorders, Cybershot cameras, and Alpha NEX cameras. In order to offer extra protection, the case is padded with soft fabric so any impact will be greatly reduced and lead to minimum damage to the contents. Although this is a smaller type of carrying case for camcorders, it comes equipped with extra mesh pouches so you can store additional accessories and memory cards with great ease. Inside, the case is split between compartments so you can keep your camera and your accessories in good order. The shoulder strap is padded for your comfort.

Not sure where to find the best deal for this product? Click here to visit!



Sony LCS-X20


3.Sony LCS-X20 Carrying CaseThe first thing you may notice about this carrying case for camcorders is the stylish appearance. However, the Sony LCS-X20 Carrying Case is not just a pretty looking case; it comes with spacious compartments on the inside, so you can easily store your camcorder and the necessary accessories. Attaching other items is easy, due to its modular interface, and you will appreciate the different color used for the inside fabric that will make the items you have stored there stand out and easy to identify. Considered the top rated camcorder bag and case 2020 by many buyers, this is a recommended buy, especially if you have a Sony camcorder.

Our advice is to click here & visit AMAZON and see why customers prefer this model!



Canon VIXIA HF R500


4.Canon VIXIA HF R500One of the cheapest carrying cases you can find on the market at the moment, the Canon VIXIA HF R500 Camcorder Case is an adjustable model that will help you carry around your camcorder and its accessories with ease. The model comes with interior dividers that can be removed and adjusted as you see fit, which is a much appreciated feature among camcorder users who appreciate being able to organize the space inside a camcorder bag. A carry handle and a shoulder strap are readily provided, so you can carry the bag around in the style you prefer.

Click here to visit AMAZON.COM and see what previous customers said about it!



eCost ECOST1548


5.Camcorder Equipment BagHaving enough space at your disposal for all the accessories you intend to use for your camcorder is essential. In case space is your top priority, you will find this extra large bag to be a good choice for you. Don’t let the sleek exterior design fool you; this bag has plenty of space on the inside, and it is capable of offering you the best compartmentalization possible for keeping all your things in their right place. The bag comes with 8 dividers, and it is very sturdy, so it is a good investment on the long run. A carrying handle and a removable shoulder strap are readily provided.

You should click here to visit and see why this product is preferred by many other customers!


Best TV DVD Combo Reviews



Top rated TV DVD Combos in 2020


Having a cramped or confined living space can have its blessings as well as its limitations (Pun Intended). For one, it allows you just enough space to do the most essential. For another, it enables you to check out the best TV DVD comboreviews so you can get a product that suits you just fine.

Of course, the one living in a cramped dorm room, small pad or spare room doesn’t always have to mean you. It could be a sister moving off to college, a son or daughter off to see the big city, or just a grandchild getting their own digs and finally asserting their independence. But whatever the case may be, getting a hold of a great TV DVD combo for Christmas or for any other occasion (or non-occasion) would be highly appreciated by the receiver.

Anyways, if you’re the shopper who wants to bag the best rated TV DVD combo for yourself or for someone else (Let it be me!), there’s a relatively varied but still small market where you can do your shopping. The only trouble is, TV DVD combis more or less offer basically the same features. This makes it more difficult to make a great choice. None of the major TV brands have jumped in on the market.  That leaves less popular brands to cover an apparent and still viable market for profitability. The key for buyers however, is to be able to discern which brands cater to their specific requirements on the best rated TV DVD combo.

One limiting factor to such an appliance, no matter how well the manufacturer builds up their product, is the fact that the TV component typically outlives the DVD component. It is therefore a huge necessity to bag the best Black Friday deals on a product that can match its versatile use with dependable quality on both components. Having a TV DVD combi repaired may prove to be a costlier proposition than say, just getting a straightforward flat screen TV and a Blu-ray DVD player. And yes, since we’re on Blu-ray players, there are some TV DVD combos where the player component is unable to adopt the Blu-ray technology on video, movie or music media. Simply put, they can’t play Blu-ray discs. Oh darn!

But wait! You don’t have to feel hopeless or disenchanted about getting a most reliable unit that can aptly address your issues on versatility and space-saving concepts. Thanks to TV DVD combos, you can insert a disc into the built-in slot of the television. Pretty nifty really, especially since TV DVD combi manufacturers have finally begun to outdo each other on the slimness of their units. No homeowner planning to upgrade their appliance collection would be remiss for getting a unit that can handle the need for saving space and enjoying two appliance functions with just one product.

Therefore, get thee to an appliance store where you can bag an affordable unit for your living room or entertainment center. However, make sure that whatever choice you make for the best TV DVD combo 2020 has all the elements presented above.


Things to consider:

–          Good quality surround sound that can rival that of a TV and DVD player as separate components, for optimal enjoyment

–          High-definition TV and DVD capability, for sharp picture quality alone or when connected to a blu-ray disc player

–          A TV tuner for free TV broadcasts aside from the occasional DVD, because there are just some things you can’t do without

–          Great variety of inputs and outputs to provide connectivity when it matters the most


Magnavox 28MD403V/F7 Hi-Definition HDTV/Built-In DVD Player


With a premium resolution of 720p, the Magnavox 28MD403V/F7 Hi-Definition HDTV with Built-In DVD Player promises optimum enjoyment for those who value good quality entertainment. The slim design carries the LED backlight technology well, enabling it to deliver images with ideal contrast, with bright whites and profound blacks on the same image. The Magnavox HDTV with Built-in DVD player has an integrated ATSC TV tuner for HDTV broadcast reception so you can enjoy free TV aside from having a DVD player at your disposal. Enriched color performance is obtainable thanks to this system’s dynamic contrast. Straightforward switching from free TV use and back is offered, making this thebest TV DVD combo 2020. When a DVD is pushed into the player, the unit automatically turns to DVD mode. Pressing the channel button switches it back to TV mode.

Click here to enter and read more customers reports!


JVC LT-32DE73 LED HDTV/DVD Player Combo


The JVC LT-32DE73 LED HDTV/DVD Player Combo brings high-def home cinema experience to smaller living spaces. It boasts of a wide screen measuring 32 inches. Picture quality rivals that of larger TVs in a convenient size ideal for a dorm room, den, office or bedroom. This product is lauded in plenty of best TV DVD combo reviews due to its slim design with LED backlight, which enables it to deliver amazing color and clarity through dynamic and intensive contrast. Whites are brighter and blacks are darker, ensuring great contrast in images. The appliance is so versatile it can even be used as a computer monitor especially for gaming. Enjoy your favorite DVDs on the built-in DVD player, which eliminates the need for separately purchasing a separate component.

Click here to visit Amazon and check out the best offers on this model!


Axess TVD1801-13 LED TV/DVD Player


With maximum resolution of 1366 x 768, the Axess TVD1801-13 13.3″ LED TV/DVD Player ensures that you can enjoy clear images and great details in the images. It has a good contrast ratio of 500:1, for whiter whites and deeper blacks. It has a built-in digital and analog television tuner, making it highly versatile for whatever kind of technology is available in the community. It offers 12V car cord technology so you can bring the unit along when you travel and enjoy watching your favorite DVDs on the road. The USB input and HDMI input slots allow connectivity for greater variety on media that you can enjoy on the unit. It has multi-language screen display so you can adjust the settings effortlessly without worrying about having to translate.

Click here to visit and find more info!




Featuring a 32-inch display, the RCA LED32B30RQD 32-Inch LED HDTV/DVD Combo offers several technological advances in video and audio to give you value-for-money home theater experience like no other. It offers HD 720p resolution for powerful image quality supplemented by stunning clarity and vivid, lifelike color. High contrast ratio and brightness levels ensure premium quality 1366 x768 resolution pictures for HD viewing. Slim cabinet design engineered with high quality ensures easy integration with the rest of your home theater appliances or living room décor, with its 16:9 wide screen that delivers sharp images with amazing detail. The product offers 3500:1 contrast ratio, ensuring deep blacks and clear pictures and even shadow details. Clear motion scenes are generated thanks to the fast 6.5ms Response Time.

If you are interested to read more on this product, click here to visit Amazon!


Proscan LED-HDTV W/Built-In DVD Player


Brighten up your children’s room, play room, college dorm, office, bedroom,  or any location where a diverse but compact TV DVD combo can prove to be the best element yet. The Proscan 19-Inch LED-HDTV W/Built-In DVD Player has ATSC Digital Tuner so you can maximize free TV broadcasts at your leisure. The 16:9 aspect ratio makes it a high-definition TV ideal for enjoying movies, and when used as a computer monitor, for appreciating graphics and images on various computer programs and applications.  It has the following connections: VGA, HDMI, YPbPr, Coaxial Out, PC Audio, AV Audio/Video, Headphone and RF so you can do more with just a single appliance. The Proscan 19-Inch LED-HDTV W/Built-In DVD Player also offers exceptional sound quality so you can fully appreciate movies and free TV programs the way the director meant you to.

Some people consider this product excellent while others are not so excited about it. Click here to find out why!



Best video capture card reviews


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best video capture card money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best video capture cards, be they for a laptop, for PC, for PS4, or for Xbox One and Xbox 360. We’ve looked at the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, as well as the sales figures of thousands and thousands of alternatives. Out of all the products we checked out, the Elgato 10025010 is the best because it is a great fit for most of the previously mentioned devices and is incredibly easy to set up and utilize. Besides, the Elgato has a series of functions that are critical in a video card, such as a plethora of supported resolutions as well as Advanced H.264 encoding. If you have a YouTube channel, you can share your videos with the help of this unit. If the Elgato 10025010 is unavailable, you could also consider the Elgato Game Capture HD60 as it is the second best choice.



Comparison Table



The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


There are thousands of professionals that perform different editing tasks. Graphic designers and game editors are currently trying to upgrade their personal computers in order to match some of the current graphic requirements. With attention and the right video capture card you will be able to turn your computer into a high performing editing device. There are many video capture cards available on the market which can upgrade your computer functionality. Still, how can you find the most efficient model? This is an important question which needs to be taken into account with utter seriousness. The first thing that you have to do is consult with attention some of the best video capture cards reviews. With professional information, you will be able to identify the most efficient product for your computer.

How can you find the best video capture cards in 2020? If you are not comfortable with your computer graphic performance, you should invest in a powerful capture card. The first thing that you need to do is set a price range and find a high quality model. In the world of editing there are a lot of capture cards which can upgrade your editing performance. If you are interested in advanced hardware effects accelerator choose wisely a great machine. The trick is to pay attention to general recommendations from IT specialists. In the following rows we are going to understand better the world of graphic performance, by investing in a powerful video capture card. There are some basic things to take into consideration while shopping for a brand new card. Starting with your computer’s existing framework (CPU speed and RAM) and ending with processor support, operating system and many more.


As the best video capture cards reviews underline, a good morel needs to respect the computer’s existing processing matrix. You need to take into consideration the computer’s operating system. Consider the specifications of the computer, whether or not it has Mac-based card or Windows-based model. The minimum CPU type and speed revolves around the minimum processor specs in order to run different hardware and programs functionality. With a full list on the product’s technical specs, you’ll be able to add just the right video capture card. Choosing the best video capture cards in 2020 needs to be done with tact and attention!

With the right video capture card, you will be able to enhance your computer’s performance. You will be able to take things from modest to high performing. Another thing to take into account is RAM (random access memory), which can delivers smooth functionality. With a high quality video capture card, you will be able to stream different videos in high definition or play games with high demanding settings. It is important to have at your disposal a powerful computer which responds well to your computing skills. If you are on a tight graphic schedule, you need to use a computer with enough power to answer fast and swift to your commands. Fortunately the market is more than willing to help you work better than ever.



Top rated video capture cards in 2020


There are moments in gaming where one must record his achievements or discoveries and share to the whole world using the internet. One of the problems when choosing the right video capture cards is that there are many video capture cards in the market which are substandard or expensive. These are the top five video capture cards that ensure high quality videos while being affordable.


Elgato 10025010


This video capture card has HDMI ports that allow this video capture card to HDMI-enabled systems especially on latest game consoles like Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3.

The video quality of this video capture card is really amazing with its 1080 pixel resolution which makes my video clearer as it can be. This video capture card really utilizes the HD technology to record videos in great quality. This video capture card really did passed my expectations when I tried recording various videos that definitely deserved to be posted on YouTube.



Very compact gadget deigned to record gaming experiences from Xbox and PlayStation onto both Macs and regular PCs.

It is capable of filming in Full HD 1080 for unlimited time which is great for hardcore gamers who need to always record what they are doing.

It comes with a very unique feature called flashback recording which allows you to record retroactively in order not to miss any important set of frames.

Just as the best HD video capture card 2020 should, the Elgato allows direct YouTube streaming and instant access to Facebook and Twitter.



The fact that it has no comprehensive technical support and that it is only delivered with a short start-up guide can be an inconvenience.

It doesn’t work with older versions of Mac OS so you will have to make sure you have the Mountain Lion installed before running the Elgato.


If you try recording a video with the help of the Elgato Game Capture HD Card. You will find out that this gadget produces high quality captures and images. The video is really crisp and clear and the sound is really vibrant. You will never imagine a video capture card like this.” Robert Attaway


Buy from for ($129.85)


Elgato HD60


1.Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro

How does a video capture card work? This is a question you won’t have to ask yourself if you go for the Elgato HD60 as all the instructions provided in the pack are straightforward, and the model comes ready to use right out of the box.

We know that getting a good unit for less than two hundred dollars can be hard, but if you choose this one you’re going to get outstanding value for the price as it allows you to record videos in 1080p with 60fps. Besides, social media sharing comes integrated into the model.



The Elgato HD60 comes with a rather unique feature, in that it allows owners to record retroactively and as such it supports flashback recording.

The unit is compatible with a plethora of operating systems and gaming consoles.

Users have a lot of freedom when it comes to performing adjustments as they can add webcam or overlays.

The product is small, comes with its own HDMI cable, and is capable of capturing commentary.



Some buyers have complained about the resolution customization as they found it confusing to select 720p, 1080p, or 1080i.

The card doesn’t work with TVs that don’t support HDMI.


Buy from for ($128.94)




Elgato HD60 Pro


2.Elgato Game Capture HD60

If you’ve been tossing and turning about purchasing a video capture card that lives up to your expectations, you ought to check out the Elgato HD60 Pro as it’s likely even to exceed your requirements. Whether you are looking for an alternative intended for a personal computer or a gaming console, you may benefit from using this option.

After all, it does offer excellent performance what with its 1080p60 recording resolution. Besides, it’s one of the top recommended options for Windows 10 and other operating systems above Windows 7 SP1. On a side note, it might be worth pointing out that the Elgato doesn’t even cost that much for the value it offers.



It has built-in live streaming for social media channels such as YouTube and others.

The 1080p resolution with 60fps allows you to record your gameplay and other tasks without coming across any issues regarding image quality.

The product has garnered the appreciation of more than two thousand users.

It also works with Mac operating systems.



The model comes with a rather limited editing software but there’s nothing stopping you from using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

Once recorded, the voice cannot be edited.


Buy from for ($169.99)




AVerMedia C875


3.AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable

The AVerMedia C875 has all the specifications of a high-end product without needing for you to break the bank. Aside from being one of the most affordable units in the line, this option is undoubtedly worth considering as it can be used for recording stand-alone, without having to connect your personal computer to the card. All you have to do is use a separate SD card so that you can store the media you’ve captured. Other than this, compatibility is not an issue as it works with most of the gaming consoles available for sale these days as well as laptops and computers.



Some of the most attractive features of the AVerMedia C875 include TimeShift, Stream Engine, and ultra low latency recording and streaming.

Social media sharing is integrated into the video card as well as a commentary and RECentral software.

It’s one of the top choices of people who post gaming videos on YouTube on a regular basis.

The interface is so easy to use that even beginners and novice users can get the most out of their video encoding.



Some of the people who’ve purchased this option say that they’ve run into all sorts of issues with the software installation.

Recording MP4 might be a bit tedious.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Ceton InfiniTV 4


Highly reviewed by best video capture card reviews, this video capture card the first video capture card to have a 4-tuner digital cable TV that is specifically created for personal computers which enhances the video quality of the videos being viewed. I really liked the fact that this video capture card enhances my viewing experience when viewing videos in my personal computers since there are no video capture cards that can’t enhance the video quality on personal computers.



It is very easy to install and set up regardless of the operating system on your computer.

You will be able to run two of these cards at the same time which will allow you to record and playback 8 different HD channels.

IT will work with absolutely every cable TV provider in the US and it will save you money on monthly DVR fees and set-top box leases.

It also offers access to internet TV.

It can fit in any normal PC case without interfering with other hardware.



It takes a lot of time to reboot after Windows updates or power failures.

Kind of slow when it comes to using its TV features.


The quality of the Ceton InfiniTV 4 Card is very exceptional. It is very nice investment which I love the most. The product is too much of what you want to have. It is best of the best products I have. The video capture card is a nice product in which I want to have for the rest of my life. ” Mildred Zook


Buy from for: See The Price!




Hauppage HD PVR 2


This video capture card really assures the quality of the video that it captures with its H.264 encoding capability which makes this video capture card superior than other video capture cards. I tried using this video capture card and really had fun using this video capture card. All of the games still ran perfectly even though the video capture card was still recording. It really is a must-have for gamers who like capturing their video game moments in high definition.



It will work with any gaming device including the latest releases by Sony and Microsoft.

It is capable of recording gameplay in HD and it easily connects to Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PCs through the HDMI (it is 6 ft. long) in and out and the Real Time Passthrough which prevents any delay while recording during actual gameplay.

Easy access to YouTube which means you get to share your videos effortlessly so as the fans can always be posted.

It comes with all the necessary cables needed to connect to consoles or TV monitors.



The software used by this device is a bit tricky and can be trouble for those who haven’t used such a device before.

The technical support provided by the site and drivers is not the best in the world.


You can easily record a video with the help of the Hauppage HD PVR 2 Card. The product is very much reliable because it can record long videos at a time. It also has a good design in which suits my style and preference as a gamer. I bought this video capture card for a Black Friday deal which made it really cheap, but I don’t think it’s normal price is expensive either.” Jeffrey Langston


Click to see the price on Amazon!






This video capture card could capture anything that you want to record with just a press of a button. The easy setup of this video capture card really saved me time in setting this video capture card. The installation of this video capture card is too easy that anyone can install this video capture card even if that person is inexperienced. I had no major issues in using this video capture card in capturing videos in high definition was really satisfied in using this video capture card.



Effortless HD recording with up to 1080p resolution at a 60 or 30 fps rate which is pretty much the best you can get right now.

You will not need to connect this device to a PC in order to record your Xbox or PS3 gaming experiences.

It comes with an included remote control.

It is an affordable device which with little investment will work with PS4 and Xbox One as well.



It is kind of complicated to set up and it will require a PC in order to be able to allow you to talk during games.

Does not have a HDMI port which means you will have to buy an adapter.


You can easily install the AVERMEDIA C281 Card. I just put it in my room, it doesn’t take too much space and it delivers all that is expected from one of the top 10 video capture cards. The card is just easy to use with an intuitive control menu. It is a very nice gadget everyone deserves to have. You can have this product in just affordable price, which can be even cheaper if you find it for sale. The best prices I think are on Amazon, under $200 .” Kirk Gallant


Buy from for: See The Price!




Hauppage 1445 HD


Best video capture card reviewsThis video capture cards is really exceptional in terms of capturing videos and performance that made it include in various best video capture card reviews. This video capture card allows you to post your recorded video directly to YouTube. There was no hassle posting my videos on YouTube when I tested this video capture card. The video quality of this video capture card was really outstanding. I really recommend this video capture card for people who really like to post gaming videos on YouTube.



Can record gaming sessions off of consoles and PCs in Blu-Ray quality regardless of the type of software or hardware you are using.

It comes with a 3 in 1 component cable destined to handle Xbox, Wii and PlayStation consoles.

It is compatible with all older versions of Windows which are still in use including the XP with its service pack 2.

It allows you to connect to any HDTV and it also allows you to share your footage directly on YouTube.



It is difficult to install and set up.

The software could have worked better according to some of the best HD video capture card reviews.


If you want to record your gaming activities and share it directly to youtube then I can say that you need now to buy the Hauppage 1445 HD PVR Card. This is a new video capture card that will help you record your best playing moments, just like it does for mine. This gadget is a great invention which I received as a Xmas gift from my older brother. I may not know which video capture card is the best, but I’m sure this is a excellent model.” Roy Bartlett


Buy from for ($144.95)




Best 50 inch Flat Screen TV reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best 50 inch flat screen TV money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected plenty of information on the best 50 inch flat screen TV by looking into numerous owner feedbacks and expert review sites to verify claims about different products and what they can offer consumers. The tireless research and information gathering have led us to conclude that the TCL 50FS3800 is truly the best among those featured in TV reviews 2020 because it is equipped with full array LED backlighting that makes it easily fit into limited spaces thanks to its lightweight design while being energy efficient and capable of delivering exceptional image quality. This TV lets you enjoy the best entertainment value with its capacity to display blur-free fast action due to its impressive refresh rate. Thanks to its support for the Roku TV streaming platform, the TV enables you to optimize revolutionary smart functionality for a richer TV viewing experience. Should the TCL 50FS3800 be unavailable, we do not hesitate to recommend the Samsung UN55JU6700, which is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Smart TV Price Refresh rate (Hz) Special feature Our Rating Where to buy

Vizio E500i-A1

YES $$$ 120 Built-in Subwoofer A+ AMAZON

Samsung UN50EH5300

YES $$$$ 60 Signature Services: Family Story, Fitness and more B+ AMAZON

LG Electronics 50LN5700

YES $$ 120 LG Cloud A AMAZON

LG Electronics 50PN4500

No $$$$$ 600 Picture Wizard II B AMAZON

Samsung UN50F5000

No $$$$$ 60 ConnectShare Movie B AMAZON



Buying Guide


When you purchase a 50-inch flat screen TV, you are making an investment, so when you look at the various brands and models for sale, you are basically hunting for one that will deliver the level of entertainment and functionality you will continue to appreciate years down the road. Needless to say, making a decision is not easy but knowing what to look for can definitely make the task a lot easier.

Samsung UN55JU6700

Screen Resolution

As highlighted in any buying guide, the TV screen resolution or native resolution is an essential aspect. In these times when movies are typically made in high definition, it can be a mistake to get a TV with less than 1080p resolution. Thus, a regular high-def (HD) TV set denotes a 1080p model that delivers a screen resolution of 1920 X 1080. This is equivalent to about 2 million pixels in all, horizontal and vertical, that comprise the TV’s picture.

On the other hand, you can go even higher with an Ultra High Definition TV (UHD), also known as a 4K TV, which boasts a screen resolution of 3840 X 2160, for a total of 8 million pixels, horizontal and vertical. This type has a huge number of pixels densely packed to deliver amazing picture detail. It allows you to sit closer to the TV set than you would a 1080p set, and is best appreciated with larger screen sizes, say from 65 inches and bigger. UHD TV sets don’t come cheap, but who knows how the price difference could easily close up? For now, 1080p models should be fine for the average home.

Regular HD sets will continue to dominate the market for now, until of course, Ultra HDTV manufacturers find a way to make their products more budget friendly without sacrificing on quality. Besides, the absence of 4K cable or broadcast channels is a prohibitive factor, as well as the scarcity of streaming options available at this time. Current HD content may be upscaled with Ultra HD sets but the results are not exactly streamlined to fit the original 4K system.


Smart Functionality

Before, you could turn a standard dumb TV into a smart one just by augmenting your set with a special media streaming device. These days, it would be unusual not to find a single smart TV among those being sold online and in brick-and-mortar stores. More than ever, you can find TV sets that can access online content using built-in WiFi for getting into Internet-based services such as Netflix. They let you run apps or stream videos so you can download movies on demand, enjoy special interest programs, post to your Facebook page or play games.

In addition, interfaces have increasingly become better than ever, with the most popular brands now utilizing an easy-to-use bar of icons at the screen bottom. The consumer can now enjoy superbly intuitive interfaces even in budget models. The trend has progressed from making sure your TV has smart functionality to making sure your choice has all the smart apps you want. The best thing is, there is no installation involved using your PC or a specific software, as everything is built-in or standard. Many smart TVs feature full web browsers, with some sophisticated models even able to respond to spoken commands, to let you view content onscreen from your smartphone, or make program recommendations.

Over 50 percent of today’s TVs come with smart functionality, with some manufacturers already employing their exclusive smart TV platforms. Others use a licensed system, including Roku TV or Google’s Android TV. Typically, you have just a single remote control to use with both the TV and the smart functionality.

TCL 50FS3800

Refresh Rate and HDMI Connectivity: More is Better

Expressed in Hz, the refresh rate denotes the frequency in seconds that the picture gets refreshed on the screen. The standard refresh rate is pegged at 60 times per second, expressed as 60Hz. This may not be able to handle rapidly moving objects in scenes, as it can make images look jittery or blurry especially when viewed on LCD HDTV. If you want more solid images, go for models that offer a refresh rate of 120Hz. Some models even go as high as 240Hz.

Do not be misled by terms such as ‘effective refresh rate’, which just refers to the actual frame rate being the stated rate divided by two. Thus, an effective refresh rate of 120 Hz is just an actual refresh rate of 60Hz. Go for sets that boast no less than 120Hz actual refresh rate.

For connecting cable boxes, streaming media players, Blu-ray players and game consoles to the TV, the most common technology used is HDMI. If you have a lot of devices to connect, one or two HDMI inputs will be insufficient. A primary TV should have at least three HDMI connections for linking other components to it. An HDMI input marked ARC (audio return channel) lets you channel sound back out of the TV set to the connected unit, which can be a sound bar, while using just one HDMI cable. Ultra HDTV should carry the newest version of HDMI (HDMI 2.0). HDMI 2.0a supports 4K HDR.



Top Rated 50 inch Flat Screen TVs in 2020


We perfectly understand that getting a 50-inch flat screen TV involves sensible decision making, which is why we have designed the above buying guide to help you make an easier buying journey. Armed with the information in the above buying guide, you should be able to enjoy a smoother shopping experience. We have highlighted the best products below to help you further.



TCL 50FS3800


1.TCL 50FS3800

From one of the world’s best selling TV brands, the TCL 50FS3800 comes to you bundled with America’s most popular streaming service so you can enjoy the most advanced TV technology and design. Forget about mounting brackets that require professional installation, this model comes with a quad pedestal stand that gives it a solid, stable footing on any flat surface. The smart functionality comes complete with a powerful and free mobile app that converts your tablet or smartphone into a Roku remote. You can also browse and add new channels at your option. Use the voice search feature to locate what you want easily. Search effortlessly across top streaming channels by actor, title or director using Roku Search.


Buy from for ($695.01)




Samsung UN55JU6700


2.Samsung UN55JU6700

From the brand that has always been known for impressive life expectancy in their products, the Samsung UN55JU6700 features a state-of-the-art curved screen that provides a more immersive entertainment experience. Enjoy sports and movies where you are in the center of the action thanks to a greater sense of depth and exceptional off-angle viewing, making every seat the best seat in the house. The revolutionary 4K UHD resolution makes everything lifelike and exceptionally detailed, so you always get a clear and vivid picture. Make the most of the advanced Samsung Smart TV functionality for easy access to online content from different sources such as a compatible Galaxy smartphone. With three USB ports and four HDMI inputs, this TV offers hassle-free connectivity to various components.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Vizio E500i-A1


Best 50 inch Flat Screen TV reviewsThe best quality to price ratio on a smart HDTV is found on the Vizio E500i-A1, which proves to be a solid investment every time. Now a normal smart TV will allow you to stream the internet sites quickly so you can see the movie that you want, will allow you to connect to Facebook or Twitter, but this HDTV will  add to that because it can even self-adjust its picture according to the lighting in your room. It doesn’t lack sound features also, having SRS Studio Sound HD technology. Quite frankly this can be the top rated 50 inch flat screen TV in 2020.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Samsung UN50EH5300


The best 50 inch flat screen TV reviews hold the Samsung UN50EH5300 is high regards because it has a wonderful set of features in a splendid design, like you would expect from Samsung. The built-in Wi-Fi and the smart TV capabilities will give you the chance to watch movies directly from the web. You will have also a Full HD resolution which will make the pictures natural-like, no matter if the images are bright or dark. Being equipped with 3 HDMI ports allows you to connect quickly to other devices.


Buy from for ($1099.99)




LG Electronics 50LN5700


A reasonable price and smart TV capabilities will be yours to take advantage of if you decide to purchase the LG 50LN5700. The TruMotion technology manages to erase all traces of motion blur so you can watch in perfect detail action movies or different sport events. With it you will also have access to all kinds of movies sites like Hulu, Pandora or Netflix so you can stream your favorite flicks. A smooth design also helps this TV’s sales a lot.



Click to see the price on Amazon!




LG Electronics 50PN4500


Many customers consider the LG 50PN4500 plasma as a great candidate for the title of best 50 inch flat screen TV in 2020, mainly because of its great features which come at a very low price. Motion blur will not be a problem when you will play your video games because this HDTV has a refresh rated of 600Hz. For sound it has 2 integrated speakers and Virtual Sound capabilities, plus 3D Sound Zooming as well. Also this TV will save power because it has Energy Star ratings.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Samsung UN50F5000


Go for the Samsung UN50F5000 LED HDTV and have in your home top picture capabilities, through its Full HD resolution which will make everything that is shown on its screen very life like. Because it is LED-lit this HDTV will use up less energy than a LCD model, allowing you to save up on those yearly bills. This is why it has the Energy Star sticker on it. The Wide Enhancer technology makes the colors vivid so you will be amazed by the different sceneries shown by it. These features and more make it present a serious case for the title of the best 50 flat inch flat screen TV in 2020.


Click to see the price on Amazon!