5 places to avoid in San Francisco


San Francisco is a great place to visit. There are many tourist attractions worth seeing. If you happen to be in the area, you should definitely spend at least a day there. However, even the most wonderful city has its dark side.

If you are planning to visit San Francisco, do not start your trip without being prepared, since you may return home totally disappointed. You have to know the places to avoid in this city in order for you not to have bad experiences or something even worse.

Here are the top 5 places to avoid in San Francisco.

  1. Bayview

Bayview is an area in the city which is characterized as having some of the highest rates of crime. If you happen to be there, you may get your bag stolen, but you may also hear shootings because the area is very dangerous due to gun violence. It is said that the crime rate in this neighborhood is 161% higher than the average.


  1. Outer Mission

Outer Mission is a neighborhood in San Francisco which is located on the south edge of the city. It is not as dangerous as the previous area we have described, but, still, the crime rate is 98% higher than the average. You may risk visiting it at daytime, but never go to such a place when it gets dark. You do not want to return home with trauma.


  1. The Tenderloin

Yes, it is a touristic area. Yes, it may seem that nothing might happen there. But we will tell you the contrary. Even if the place is full of great restaurants, activities and shops, there are also a lot of homeless people that may get very violent and you may be robbed. Local people already know that this area is dangerous, but tourists are not aware. This is why you have to inform yourself before visiting San Francisco.

We would recommend you not to take a lot of money with you if you happen to be in The Tenderloin. Leave your laptops, tablets, and money at the hotel. Your car isn’t safe, either. Take all the valuable things out of it, including even the convertible car seat, if you have kids. People rob and sell everything they can.

  1. Sunnydale

This small neighborhood called Sunnydale is situated between McLaren Park and the Cow Palace. It has a high crime rate, and it is said to be a very depressive and dangerous place in San Francisco. It is better to avoid and choose a safer place instead, like the Castro.


  1. The Bay Area Rapid Transit

This is San Francisco’s subway system, and it is also known as BRAT. It is very useful if you want to get from one place to another. However, not all stations are safe. There are locations that are full of homeless people that may rob you if you do not pay attention.

Some of the stations that have to be avoided are Civic Center Station, 16th & Mission Station, Lake Merritt Station, and 24th & Mission Station. Or, if you still happen to be there, make sure your bag is safe, and there are no suspicious people around you.

We know that it is very exciting to visit a city like San Francisco since it is known for its beautiful and entertaining places. But be careful not to get too excited and forget about safety. These big cities are some of the most dangerous in the world.



5 places to avoid in Tucson


Traveling is great. But as soon as you get to a place that you have never been to, you definitely have to take care. It may look like a great city, you may be fascinated, but never forget that even your hometown has places that need to be avoided. If you ever happen to be in Tucson, you have to be informed about the areas that can be dangerous for you, especially at night.

It may seem that Tucson is a very good place to live due to its economy and developments. However, beneath these positive things, there are some neighborhoods that may be a threat to you.

  1. Southern part

It is very important for you to know that you should avoid the southern part of the town, especially at night. You can go there when the sun is still in the sky, but as soon as it starts to darken, make sure you are far from this area. Shootings happen regularly here, and drugs are sold.

It is better for you to stay in a hotel in the north of downtown, it is a safe place, and you can have night walks there.


  1. I-10 East Corridor

There are a lot of inexpensive hotels along the I-10 corridor. This place is known for the property crimes that happen here. If you happen to be in the area, do not ever leave your car running and always lock your bike, because you will definitely be left without it.

At first sight, this area may look entertaining, since you may see people listening to music on a boombox or even dancing in the street. But not everything is as it seems to be. 41 violent crimes and 903 property crimes have been reported over time. This area starts with Valencia road and ends with E. Benson Highway.


  1. Stone Avenue to Limberlost Drive

This area is the best-known place in Tucson where violent crimes happen. Over time, there have been reported 149 accidents and 1263 property crimes. The likelihood of you becoming a victim in this neighborhood is high, so it is better to avoid walking these streets.

  1. San Ignacio Yaqui

San Ignacio Yaqui is another neighborhood in Tucson that you might want to avoid. Recently, there have been registered over 200 cases of assault and over 1500 cases of theft. Moreover, there have been reported both murder and rape cases in the area, so you’d better watch out.

The median income is $17,821. Most of the houses in this area are available for rent. This is important for you to know if you are looking for a place to stay for some days or even live in. You may be attracted by the low price, but do not ever save money on this. Better pay a higher price for a safe place, than get a cheap apartment and get no sleep because of fear.  


  1. E. 22nd Street to E. 36th Street

The area between these streets is characterized as being an urban community, but a number of 88 violent crimes and 659 property crimes have been reported. It may sound like a good neighborhood at first since there are many families with children living here. But, according to most data, these streets are not as safe as they look. You should especially pay great attention to Barrio Centro and Country Club Park.

Maybe it would be a good idea to find someone who has been living in Tucson for the past years. Local people know the areas that are dangerous, and they may help you in this situation. We would also recommend you to visit everything you want to visit by daytime and just relax at home after the sunset. We are pretty sure you do not want your holiday to be ruined if you are on a vacation in Tucson.


5 places to avoid in Naples, Italy


Italy is one of the most romantic destinations in the world and has a wide variety of tourist attractions. Verona, Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence or Naples are just some of the highly popular cities that attract millions of tourists each year. And, while each has its own charm, if you truly want to experience the Italian life as it used to be, a walk down memory lane in Naples is everything you need.

However, this city was also voted as one of the most insecure in the country, and it comes as no surprise since it’s the traditional home of mobs and mafiosos. So, if you want to discover the wonders of this city and enjoy heavenly dishes safely, this is the ultimate guide for you.

  1. Garibaldi Central Station

Rome has the Termini Central Station, Paris has Gare du Nord, and Naples has Garibaldi.

You will find numerous cheap hotels and places to stay around the Garibaldi Central Station but also a lot of pickpockets and shady people. It can be somewhat safe during the daytime, but you should still walk carefully and with your eyes wide open to avoid a bitter encounter with con artists and thieves.


  1. Quartieri Spagnoli

The Spanish Quarters is one of those places in Naples everyone knows about. You will hear the true Neapolitan language in the narrow streets of this neighborhood, and it is nothing like the classic Italian you are used to.

The place dates back to the 16th century when it was built to house Spanish garrisons, but it soon became an infamous quarter with a high criminality rate. Its reputation precedes it to the day. It still suffers from high unemployment and is strongly linked to the Camorra.


  1. Piazza del Municipio

One of the highly popular tourist attractions of the city, Piazza del Municipio was built nearly 500 years ago and is surrounded by important historical buildings like Nuovo Castle, San Giacomo Castle, and the San Giacomo degli Spagnoli basilica.

Here you will find reminiscences of the authentic Roman architecture, combined with luxurious gardens, and many places to capture Naples’ true spirit. But, just like with many of the city’s attractions, the key is to blend in and do what locals do.

Avoid wearing fancy clothes or flashing jewelry as you’ll become an easy target for thieves and pickpockets.

The place is crowded with small cafes and family restaurants perfect for a quick lunch. You can also choose to enter one of the many gift shops on these streets but don’t get out with more than a simple travel mug and a magnet if you don’t want to show that you are a tourist.

  1. Narrow streets at night

As unbelievable as it may sound, there are many other cities more dangerous than Naples. Rio de Janeiro, Kansas City, Houston or Manila are just some of the places that rank higher than Naples when it comes to the crime rate. However, this doesn’t mean that you should walk around the city at night without a care in the world.

If you plan on enjoying a romantic night walk in this Italian city, it would be best to stay in the safe zone. Walk on crowded alleys and stay away from infamous neighborhoods or narrow streets.


  1. Circumvesuviana

Founded over 100 years ago, this railway company operates in the East of Naples’ metropolitan area and seems to be the root of many evils for tourists.

So, if you plan to visit places like Vesuvius, Pompeii or Sorrento, we suggest you choose the Campania Express train instead. Although a bit more expensive, this one is safer and will help you reach your destination faster. And if you truly insist on taking the Circumvesuviana, don’t hop in at the central railway station, Garibaldi.



5 places to avoid in Miami


Miami always seems like a fun idea thanks to its beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife. There are a million places to see and to do in a city like Miami, so if you’re planning a trip there anytime soon, you will not regret it.

However, just as with any other major tourist attraction in this world, Miami is not all milk and honey. And, although the crime rate seems to have dropped in the past few years, there are still plenty of dangerous places you should stay away from.

  1. Liberty City

If you’re a tourist looking for a bargain, the flea market in Liberty City may be the worst idea ever. There are plenty of theft and robbery reports around that place, and the entire neighborhood is unsafe unless you know your way around.

If you feel like living on the edge and testing your limits, you can take a short walk in Liberty City, as long as you try to blend in. This means avoiding flashing out your goods, including jewelry, expensive tech, and the latest GoPro accessories for traveling enthusiasts.


  1. Bayside Harbor

The place is perfect for people who want to rent boats and yachts or enjoy the nightlife this city has to offer. Unfortunately, where there is fun, there are also plenty of pickpockets, thieves, and robbers. We suggest avoiding this place as it is crowded with con artists and criminals who can easily spot out tourists.

Again, if you still consider visiting this part of Miami, be aware of all the dangers. Try to act like a local and keep your belongings with you at all times.


  1. Miami Beach

Miami Beach is to Miami what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, so not going there at least once is inconceivable. Up until recently, this famous part of the city was considered the most dangerous one.

This changed in the past few years thanks to the booming real estate market. Now, Miami Beach is full of luxury condos and high-end restaurants. Unfortunately, this place is not only frequented by tourists and businesspeople, but also by plenty of robbers, drug dealers, and criminals.

You can safely walk around the crowded streets in the daytime, but it would be better to play it safe at night. Don’t go out alone, especially if you are a girl, and never wear revealing clothes or flashy accessories. Women are the easiest targets so you might want to watch your back, especially if you plan on partying up until the morning.

  1. Overtown

Originally named the Colored Town, this neighborhood is on the no-list of locals. We let you figure out why it was called like that, considering that it was also the home of the largest African-American community of the city.

Although things have changed and the neighborhood has started growing, there is no denying that it still confronts with increased crime rate and unemployment.

Once Miami’s very center of commerce, Overtown experienced a critical economic decline starting with the 1950s. There are still plenty of things to do and numerous attractions for tourists, but the place remains crowded with shady people of all nationalities.


  1. Downtown

Although voted the safest neighborhood in Miami, Downtown should be avoided out of obvious reasons – it is filled with overpriced restaurants, and you can’t seem to find a right place to stay for a decent price.

Sure, the crime rate is low, and you’ll get to see one of the city’s most impressive buildings and business centers, but unless you are willing to drop a lot of cash, Downtown is not the right place for you.



Where not to go in New York


Visiting New York can be very exciting. There are a lot of places for you to see, especially plenty of areas you have probably seen only in movies or photos. It is clearly an opportunity that’s not to be missed. However, there are some places you’d want to avoid going to, mainly if they’re swarming with tourists and masses of people that bump into each other.

While some of the areas that we will be talking about in the following paragraphs might be on your list of places to see, you’d better listen to our recommendations and visit them at the right times of the day or of the year.

Without any further ado, let’s get straight into the places where you wouldn’t want to go while traveling through the Big Apple.


Everybody’s heard of SoHo at least once in their lifetime. It is considered the shopping Mecca of New York and could provide you with plenty of things to see. But there are still some dangers and disadvantages that you expose yourself to when visiting this part of Manhattan.

First of all, the alleys of this neighborhood are usually home to muggers that will definitely try to rob you as soon as the sun sets down. Therefore, it’s best to avoid this area as the night settles in.

On the other hand, most people have recommended places like the Lower East Side and Williamsburg if you are looking for a better shopping experience. This is because SoHo can offer you only mainstream accessories and clothing, which some of us are trying to avoid.


Little Italy

You may fancy tasting some of the Italian cuisine you’ve heard so much about, but the good days of Little Italy are long gone. Now, the only type of food you can find here is one that’s overpriced and not satisfying at all.

Luckily for you, New York has two Little Italies, so you can visit the one on the Arthur Avenue of the Bronx.

Times Square

We know, this is one of the locations you wanted very much to see, but not all hope is gone. The main disadvantage when reaching Times Square are the enormous tourist crowds that fill this area entirely. In such a crowded place it’s likely that you get pickpocketed and left without any money to buy souvenirs – which are as overpriced as the food in Little Italy.

However, if you really want to get a shot of Times Square, you should plan on visiting on an early weekday, when the crowds are not as big as during the rest of the week. And, of course, keep your possessions close to you to avoid any unpleasant scenarios.

Also, if you happen to have children with you, you should consider equipping them with a GPS kid tracker as they might get lost easily in the tourist crowds. The last thing you want to happen is to lose your child among the people of Times Square.


Any lesser-known neighborhoods

Life in New York is safe in general – it is deemed as one of the safest cities in the States. Still, that doesn’t mean you should wander around and get into every shady alley or neighborhood you might find. The central parts of the city are always safe, but straying off the beaten path will lead you to danger.

There’s the risk of you encountering muggers and getting robbed if you travel to any lesser-known neighborhoods, so it’s better you stay in the areas that are recommended for tourists. Moreover, you should avoid traveling after dawn, especially in parks – yes, even in Central Park. These areas may get filled fast with all sorts of suspicious people that might take their chance and try to rob you.



Where not to go in Savannah


Savannah is considered the “Hostess City of the South” as it has been voted many times as one of the most beautiful cities in America. Here you can visit lots of mansions and historical places, as the Historic District is the center of attention. The Historic District has been kept intact because of one wise decision of a former mayor of Savannah – when General Sherman got into town, in 1864, the mayor at the time offered him the city so as the general wouldn’t burn it down.

Therefore, Savannah can offer you sights of antebellum architecture that has been untouched over the years.

But as with every beautiful city, it also has its bad sides. So, in the following paragraphs, we’ll tell you which places you’d want to avoid while visiting Savannah.

River Street

This zone, especially the river area should be avoided during the night, as it can get crowded pretty fast. Moreover, if you happen to be in Savannah on St. Patrick’s day, you should definitely keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. While people here are generally calm and welcoming, at holidays, situations can become uncontrollable.

However, if the night is silent, you can freely have a walk on River Street and watch the boats and freighter ships in the distance.


North-West of the Historic District

In general, things in the Historic District are pretty calm, because this is where most of the tourists will be – and it is the most crowded place as well. Here, you can travel by foot without any worries, but traveling to the outskirts of the Historic District, specifically to the North-West, could prove to be dangerous because this area has been deemed as less safe due to recent crime reports.

This is why it’s recommended that you take a cab or rent a car if you want to travel and see more areas of the town. Moreover, if you happen to have a dog that is sometimes a runner, you might want to get him or her a GPS dog tracker on and proceed to track the pup down while in a vehicle if the pet has wandered too far away – like in shady neighborhoods and low-populated areas.


West Savannah – Louisville Road

As with our previous entry, this part of the city has also been deemed as being less safe due to recent reports of crimes that have been committed in this area. According to statistics, Savannah has been marked by 1,944 counts of theft and 370 counts of burglary in the past year.

Any area that doesn’t look like it’s for tourists

Since crime rates are not to be overlooked, it is recommended that you – as a tourist – stay away from the slums and outskirts of Savannah. Basically, you’d want to avoid any place that doesn’t look tourist-safe. This includes the South, on Elisabeth or 37th – here is recommended that you have a ride straight from your hotel or have a cab to take you through this area. Industrial districts are also not recommended – after all, there’s nothing for you to see there.

The places you are looking for are Forsyth Park, the river to Anderson, and MLK. Also, to ensure your safety, make sure that you are able to see police officers – either on foot, bicycle, or horseback – especially in the Historic District. Not being able to see any of them means that you’ve gone too far into the city and you should return to a safer place.


These were the places that you should avoid going into or where you have to be very careful – that if you want to see some of them. But, as stated before, most parts of the town that are meant for tourists are entirely safe and shouldn’t pose any danger to your holiday.



Where not to live in Phoenix


In case you are considering moving to Phoenix, we wanted to help you by showcasing what five of the most pest-affected areas are, which should be avoided.

Moving is always a big challenge, accompanied by mixed feelings of excitement and heartbreak. However, after settling in, all these will pale in the wonders of residing in Arizona.

There are 295 bugs and other insects identified by the Arizona Insect Identification. To fight some off, there are a few methods you can apply, like a good insect repellent, fogger or even using a somewhat basic mosquito net.


Common pests in Phoenix

The trouble is that bugs are not the only pests in Phoenix. We’ll begin with the most common ones, out of which the Africanized Bee seems to be the most aggressive and vicious. The American Cockroach is also known to take refuge in homes and other buildings, especially in warm, humid areas.

Ants are also very easy to find in Arizona. From Fire, Black, Pharaoh, Carpenter to Harvester Ants, some of them will bite while others won’t.

In Phoenix, it is very likely to meet the Arizona Desert Scorpion, which is also the largest species of scorpions in the United States. They are nocturnal creatures, and although venomous, they do not pose a threat to human life.

Spiders come in various species, some harmless, others very harmful. Among them, the most dangerous ones are Black Widows and Arizona Brown Spiders.

Termites represent every homeowner’s nightmare. They are great survivors, feed on wood, and work in family groups. Ticks are also notorious parasites which are very dangerous as they carry the Lyme Disease pathogen.

Last, but not least, Yellow Jackets are very common in the Phoenix area. They are very aggressive and their stings are quite painful.


Areas in Phoenix to avoid

Arizona is very similar to the Amazon, where it never gets cold; therefore, life cycles never actually stop. Creatures like scorpions, termites or crickets are right at home in this region.
Based on specific pest issues, the valley of Arizona, Phoenix in particular, a few so-called bug hot zones clearly stand out.

For example, scorpions can be found everywhere in this area; however, there are larger concentrations in specific zones.


Top five pest hot zones in Phoenix

Now that you know what you are up against where pests are concerned, you should know which areas to avoid. According to specialists from pest control, there are five main bug hot zones in Phoenix.

The Scorpion hot zone includes 85383 in Peoria, 85207 in Mesa, 85338 in Goodyear, and 85268 in Fountain Hills. As mentioned earlier, scorpions are everywhere in Arizona, but the largest concentrations can be found here.

Bed Bugs hot zone includes 85281 and 85282 in Tempe, where there are many student housings.

Mosquitos represent an issue as well in this city. Most of them are concentrated on 85029 and 85027 in Phoenix.

The Roof Rats hot zone includes older neighborhoods with a big number of orange trees, such as 85018 in Phoenix and 85251 in Scottsdale.

Cockroach hot zones include 85017 and 85008 in Phoenix.

Vintage stylized photo of skyscrapers in Manhattan at sunset, New York City, USA. View up of building


Although the Phoenix insect diversity can get pretty strange, harmful and sometimes even life-threatening, this should not stand in the way of your moving plans. This city has a lot of positive things, too. Affordable housing, quality education, extended activities for children, and generally beautiful weather are just a few of the qualities Phoenix has to offer.

According to the U.S. Census from 2015 Arizona, Maricopa County, and Metro Phoenix ranked among the top 10 areas in the country for national population numbers added. The Phoenix Business Journal reported Arizona as the eight fastest-growing state in the United States.


Where not to go in Chicago


Chicago, Illinois, is the third city in the United States in terms of size, and it is the economic center of the Midwest area. It is also called The Windy City and it is notorious for its unique skyline of skyscrapers, its art, science museums, and culture. Chicago has always been the front-scene for numerous Jazz and Blues bands.


A history of violence

Since the 1990s, this city has registered a decline in crime, although the history of disorder remains, starting from Al Capone’s mafia to the rival gangs of the 1970s and 1980s.

Anyway, this city cannot be called the safest place in the United States, as there are a few neighborhoods where violence is right at home, and many thieves operate in the subway. These areas are best avoided as much as possible.

Common risks in Chicago

This city is overall secure, but being a victim of pickpockets or muggers is a high possibility, especially in public transportation, like buses and subways, and while walking alone at night. It is recommended to use a personal car, rather than walking at late hours.

Scammers also represent a risk, so try to avoid persistent homeless people or others who offer to help with your luggage — you might end up missing them.

Regarding transportation, fake taxis can become an issue sometimes, so make sure you know about the company of the cab you get into.

The risk of natural disasters is quite low, although some occasional strong blizzards have been recorded. Terrorism does not pose a real threat, as the city has not been targeted by terrorist attacks recently, but it is good to stay alert.

Five areas to avoid in Chicago

Are you dreaming of moving to Chicago, buying a beautiful house and gathering with your family for a barbecue made on your new gas grill on Sundays? Would you like to come home from your job and exercise on your workout machine? Maybe you are just planning a trip to this city for the first time.

That is all possible, as Chicago can be a safe place for you and your family. Before you move, however, it is best you know about which areas to avoid.

Three of these regions are from Downtown — The Loop, Near North and Near South. These areas make up the city’s business district, where many national and international companies are headquartered. Here, you can find museums, shopping centers, movie theaters, and beaches on Lake Michigan.

Although you might think you are more than safe in such a crowded place, the truth is that the streets get really empty very fast, especially after working hours. Beggars sometimes display aggressive behavior, so it is best you try to ignore them or immediately enter a shop or a restaurant.

The Fuller Park and nearby neighborhoods from the South Side are among the most precarious of the city. Tourists should definitely avoid them, especially at nighttime.

The neighborhoods of the far West Side, after the West Avenue, are distinctly dangerous and are very poor in touristic attractions.


Safe places

In case you are wondering where the safe places in Chicago are, you can consider the North Side, with its upscale neighborhoods such as Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Boystown, and Old Town, where you have many choices in clubs, restaurants, and bars.

Compared to the rest of The Windy City, these areas are secure, but usual precautions should be taken by sticking to crowded, well-lit places.

South Side is home to the Museum of Science and Industry, University of Chicago, and Chinatown. Here you can find many great Jazz and Blues bars.

The Near West Side is a relaxed region, and the area around Logan Square is home to a lot of concert venues and bars.



Where not to go in El Salvador


If you plan on visiting South America, you’re going to need a lot more than just money and a passport. You’ll have to take your time to understand the culture and civilization of each country, while also paying attention to potential dangerous areas.

And, while Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina are definitely on every tourist’s list, there are plenty of hidden gems in South America that would make great vacation destinations. El Salvador is one of these countries that has a specific charm. It is the home of around 6,5 million people and is known for its beautiful landscapes.

Agriculture and tourism dominate the country’s economy that has mainly developed in the past 30-40 years. However, although it ranks amongst the first states with the highest industrialization rate, El Salvador continues to deal with high crime rates, inequality, and poverty.

And, as much as we would love discovering new places with just a tourist map and the right facial moisturizer to prevent sun rays from harming our skin, the country is filled with cities that should be avoided by foreigners. Here are some of them.


San Salvador

If you had to ask the locals what the safest places to stay and travel to in El Salvador are, none of them would pick the country’s capital, San Salvador. Despite being the largest city and the home of all local institutions, San Salvador is by no means a safe place to travel, especially if you are alone or a woman.

The capital is the headquarters of street gangs and has an alarming crime rate of about 14 deaths per 100,000 people. This city is beautiful and maintains something of the classic charm of a former colony.

However, if safety is amongst your concerns, you should probably stick to the cities along the Ruta de Los Flores or “The Route of Flowers,” inside the country, and not spend too much time in the capital of El Salvador.

La Libertad

Another important tourist attraction in El Salvador, this city has nearly 36,000 inhabitants. The main points of attraction remain the city’s national park, the fish restaurants, and the beautiful beaches. It is also known as one of the best spots for surfing in the country.

But, as mesmerized as you might be by the place’s beauty, staying safe in La Libertad should be your number one concern. Although the crime rate has decreased in the area in the past few years, as a traveler, you need to pay attention to pickpockets and gang members.

To stay safe in this city, you need to follow some basic ground rules for all tourists – don’t use the public transportation at night, choose taxis instead, don’t wear expensive jewelry or display your possessions in public. You should avoid hanging out in locations that seem abandoned and should never rent a luxurious car.  

San Miguel

Although the city is small, there are still numerous dangers lurking around every corner. Some of the neighborhoods are filled with gang graffitis and, while the locals are still very friendly, you wouldn’t want to spend your night wandering on the streets of San Miguel.

Most gang members are involved in non-violent crimes like mugging and stealing, so you should avoid displaying your brand new designer aviator sunglasses or DSLR camera. In fact, it would be best to avoid the city or just go for a walk during midday.



Top 5 most dangerous cities in California


California is a great place to live, hence its nearly 40 million residents. It is the most populated state in the US and the third largest by area. With its sunny beaches and warm temperatures, Cali attracts millions of tourists per year, generating a total economy of nearly 3 trillion dollars.

Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs or Oakland, although very popular destinations, also tend to have a high crime rate and may not be considered as the safest places to start a family. And if you want to learn more about the high crime rate in the California area, here are the top five cities you should probably avoid.



Oakland is consistently voted as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, with a high crime rate. And, with a violent crime rate of over 1,600 per 100,000 residents (according to Forbes statistics), you may not even enjoy a beach tent family vacation here.

On a more positive note, the rate of property crime has declined in the past few years so you’ll have a better chance of living without being assaulted or robbed if you don’t leave the house at all.


It may come as a surprise, but a city with a total population of just 12,000 inhabitants has the second largest crime rate in the state of California. Home of the Pixar Studios, Emeryville is located east of San Francisco and north of Oakland.

However, unlike Oakland, the high rates of property crime might make you feel safer on the streets than in the comfort of your own house. In the city of Emeryville, there is a chance of 1 in 7 to be the victim of a crime.

The good news is that the violent crime number has declined in the past five years, but we think that it’s still not safe to move there unless you score an excellent job and can afford a great security system.


Santa Cruz

With a population of just a little over 60,000 inhabitants, the city is known for its breathtaking landscapes, alternative community lifestyles, and the beautiful coastline.

Unfortunately, this city also has one of the highest crime rates in California for medium and large-sized cities. Violent crime rates and property crime rates are both at high levels, and it seems like the police cannot do much to stop that. Besides, Santa Cruz struggles with a high homelessness rate, with over 9,000 estimated people not having a place to stay.


According to official FBI statistics, the city of Commerce is ranked as one of the most violent in California. With little over 13,000 people living there, this small city southeast of sunny Los Angeles deals with a high rate of property crime. Although the rates have decreased since 2016, there is still a long way ahead until Commerce becomes a safe city to live in.


Los Angeles

Although much safer than it used to be two decades ago, Los Angeles deserves the fifth place in our top due to a large number of crimes occurred in communities of all sizes and nationalities.

The City of Angels also faced national concerns as the LAPD revealed in 2015 that it had been under-reporting crimes on purpose over the past eight years. So, as much as you would want to grab your tanning lotions and facial moisturizers and head off to one of the city’s sunny beaches, it would probably be safer to move to other cities.