Where not to go in El Salvador


If you plan on visiting South America, you’re going to need a lot more than just money and a passport. You’ll have to take your time to understand the culture and civilization of each country, while also paying attention to potential dangerous areas.

And, while Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina are definitely on every tourist’s list, there are plenty of hidden gems in South America that would make great vacation destinations. El Salvador is one of these countries that has a specific charm. It is the home of around 6,5 million people and is known for its beautiful landscapes.

Agriculture and tourism dominate the country’s economy that has mainly developed in the past 30-40 years. However, although it ranks amongst the first states with the highest industrialization rate, El Salvador continues to deal with high crime rates, inequality, and poverty.

And, as much as we would love discovering new places with just a tourist map and the right facial moisturizer to prevent sun rays from harming our skin, the country is filled with cities that should be avoided by foreigners. Here are some of them.


San Salvador

If you had to ask the locals what the safest places to stay and travel to in El Salvador are, none of them would pick the country’s capital, San Salvador. Despite being the largest city and the home of all local institutions, San Salvador is by no means a safe place to travel, especially if you are alone or a woman.

The capital is the headquarters of street gangs and has an alarming crime rate of about 14 deaths per 100,000 people. This city is beautiful and maintains something of the classic charm of a former colony.

However, if safety is amongst your concerns, you should probably stick to the cities along the Ruta de Los Flores or “The Route of Flowers,” inside the country, and not spend too much time in the capital of El Salvador.

La Libertad

Another important tourist attraction in El Salvador, this city has nearly 36,000 inhabitants. The main points of attraction remain the city’s national park, the fish restaurants, and the beautiful beaches. It is also known as one of the best spots for surfing in the country.

But, as mesmerized as you might be by the place’s beauty, staying safe in La Libertad should be your number one concern. Although the crime rate has decreased in the area in the past few years, as a traveler, you need to pay attention to pickpockets and gang members.

To stay safe in this city, you need to follow some basic ground rules for all tourists – don’t use the public transportation at night, choose taxis instead, don’t wear expensive jewelry or display your possessions in public. You should avoid hanging out in locations that seem abandoned and should never rent a luxurious car.  

San Miguel

Although the city is small, there are still numerous dangers lurking around every corner. Some of the neighborhoods are filled with gang graffitis and, while the locals are still very friendly, you wouldn’t want to spend your night wandering on the streets of San Miguel.

Most gang members are involved in non-violent crimes like mugging and stealing, so you should avoid displaying your brand new designer aviator sunglasses or DSLR camera. In fact, it would be best to avoid the city or just go for a walk during midday.



Top 5 most dangerous cities in California


California is a great place to live, hence its nearly 40 million residents. It is the most populated state in the US and the third largest by area. With its sunny beaches and warm temperatures, Cali attracts millions of tourists per year, generating a total economy of nearly 3 trillion dollars.

Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs or Oakland, although very popular destinations, also tend to have a high crime rate and may not be considered as the safest places to start a family. And if you want to learn more about the high crime rate in the California area, here are the top five cities you should probably avoid.



Oakland is consistently voted as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, with a high crime rate. And, with a violent crime rate of over 1,600 per 100,000 residents (according to Forbes statistics), you may not even enjoy a beach tent family vacation here.

On a more positive note, the rate of property crime has declined in the past few years so you’ll have a better chance of living without being assaulted or robbed if you don’t leave the house at all.


It may come as a surprise, but a city with a total population of just 12,000 inhabitants has the second largest crime rate in the state of California. Home of the Pixar Studios, Emeryville is located east of San Francisco and north of Oakland.

However, unlike Oakland, the high rates of property crime might make you feel safer on the streets than in the comfort of your own house. In the city of Emeryville, there is a chance of 1 in 7 to be the victim of a crime.

The good news is that the violent crime number has declined in the past five years, but we think that it’s still not safe to move there unless you score an excellent job and can afford a great security system.


Santa Cruz

With a population of just a little over 60,000 inhabitants, the city is known for its breathtaking landscapes, alternative community lifestyles, and the beautiful coastline.

Unfortunately, this city also has one of the highest crime rates in California for medium and large-sized cities. Violent crime rates and property crime rates are both at high levels, and it seems like the police cannot do much to stop that. Besides, Santa Cruz struggles with a high homelessness rate, with over 9,000 estimated people not having a place to stay.


According to official FBI statistics, the city of Commerce is ranked as one of the most violent in California. With little over 13,000 people living there, this small city southeast of sunny Los Angeles deals with a high rate of property crime. Although the rates have decreased since 2016, there is still a long way ahead until Commerce becomes a safe city to live in.


Los Angeles

Although much safer than it used to be two decades ago, Los Angeles deserves the fifth place in our top due to a large number of crimes occurred in communities of all sizes and nationalities.

The City of Angels also faced national concerns as the LAPD revealed in 2015 that it had been under-reporting crimes on purpose over the past eight years. So, as much as you would want to grab your tanning lotions and facial moisturizers and head off to one of the city’s sunny beaches, it would probably be safer to move to other cities.



5 Places to avoid in Phoenix


Phoenix is America’s fifth most populated city, and in this area, you can find a couple of the most beautiful sights in the world. Places such as The Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, The Sonoran Desert promise to make your stay in Arizona truly unforgettable.

The gorgeous desert scenery and wildlife here sets Phoenix apart from other big, cosmopolitan American cities. Here you can find a balanced mix of wonderful scenery and urban life, perfectly suitable for your next vacation.

However, there are a few places you should stay away from for the sake of your trip. There is no need to worry, however, because Phoenix is a generally safe place, but as a tourist, you should be aware of sketchy areas. We compiled a list with some areas that you should be avoiding during your stay in Phoenix.

The West Side of town

The west of 7th Avenue sees the most crime that happens in Phoenix. Even residents usually avoid this area because most of the crimes happen in convenience stores and strip mall parking lots, so try to avoid stopping at any of those if you happen to be in this area.


Tower Plaza Shopping Center

The Tower Plaza Shopping Center and its surrounding areas (24th to 40th street) is a region you should most probably avoid. Here you can mostly find strip malls with businesses which cater to low-income clientele such as laundromats or fast food stands.

The Tower Plaza Shopping Center is an enormous lot which hosts supermarkets such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Walgreens. This is not a very dangerous place, but robberies, burglaries, and thefts are pretty frequent activities around here.


Southeast Encanto

This area is placed between the Van Buren and Thomas roads, and the most dangerous part of this neighbourhood is the area past the Circle K convenience store on 11th Street and Van Buren.

This area is known to have the highest rape rate in all of Phoenix, so it is safe to say that there is no business for you here as a tourist.


South Phoenix

South Phoenix is known as ground-zero for gang-related activities and street violence. Where poverty exists, crime tends to rise. Graffiti, random shopping-carts left on the streets and garbage are constant occurrences.

There are almost no good businesses in the area, not even basic shopping markets. However, at every corner, you can find check cashing places, smoke shops, and liquor stores. The rates of robbery, assaults, and drug arrests are very high, so this is truly a no-trespassing zone for a tourist.



Maryvale is a neighborhood in the greater Phoenix metro area. This is another neighborhood with a pretty sketchy reputation. It is advised that you avoid this place, especially the 59th Avenue and Indian School area. Crime maps indicated that this place has the highest crime rate in Phoenix.

From residents statements, we can find out that it is not advised to live here either, because the sound of gunshots will eventually become something casual for you. The mall in the area is closed down and it was transformed in a middle school because nobody bought from there anymore. At some point, whatever they bought was going to get stolen anyway. So it’s pretty obvious that you should stay away from this place.

If you want your trip to be safe and unforgettable for all the right reasons, make sure you avoid these sketchy areas. Check all the attractions that make Phoenix so well known, such as museums, the Sonoran Desert, or hot air balloon rides.

If you are traveling with your child, you will discover lots of baby stores here, where you can find a large variety of objects: from toys to baby swings. There are a lot of activities to do as a traveler here, so don’t let yourself be intimidated or scared by these areas, and plan a beautiful trip to Phoenix, Arizona.



5 places to avoid in Florence


Florence is one of the main tourist attractions in Italy, alongside Milan, Rome, Venice, and others. It is also known as the “cradle of the Renaissance” because of all the monuments, churches and buildings that this city boasts, all of which are dated to that period of time.

This is a wonderful destination for a relaxing and memorable trip, but there are a couple of places that most probably won’t make you feel great during your vacation here. Every city has these types of areas so you shouldn’t worry. We compiled a list with the top places you should try to stay away from during your well-deserved vacation in Florence, Italy.



Stay away from crowded places

Tourists flock to Florence, and rightfully so. However, you should try to stay away from over-crowded tourist areas if you want to experience the real Florence.

If you are looking forward to trying some authentic Italian cuisine you should probably stay away from the restaurants placed within the view of the Duomo.

This area is known to be the most popular among tourists, so you won’t have the possibility to relaxingly stroll around the streets of Florence without bumping into hundreds of other people and smelling every men’s cologne on a radius of 10 feet.

The central area, around Duomo, Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Croce, has the second position for the highest crime rate in Florence, mainly because of the presence of drunk people at night, noise and pickpockets.


Don’t stay near train stations

Usually, the neighborhoods around train stations, such as Santa Maria Novella, tend to be dodgy areas, which is not something that only happens in Florence, but almost everywhere in the world.

Here you can encounter pickpockets, muggers, drug users or just mean-spirited people. These areas are relatively safe at day, but it is safer to avoid them as much as possible at night.


Don’t swim in the Arno

The Arno is a river in the Tuscany region of Italy and it is the most important river in central Italy after the Tiber.

Swimming here is technically prohibited, but there are people that still try to get in and take a bath. We highly suggest you stay away from swimming in the Arno, because the river is also really polluted and the water is extremely cold.

Le Piagge

Le Piagge is a neighborhood from Florence known for its bad reputation. This is almost the only sub-zone in Florence that has the highest crime rate in the whole town. Criminal activity here is mostly represented by car thefts and drug dealing, so it’s clearly not the area where you should spend your time while on vacation.

Florence is a rather safe destination, but you should still be aware of your surroundings to make sure you don’t experience any unpleasant events during your stay. Crowded buses are the most dangerous places, so either try to avoid using public transportation or be very aware of your belongings while riding the bus. Pickpockets are very agile and it only takes a few moments for them to snatch your phone or wallet.


Santa Maria Novella

Avoid wandering late at night alone on the streets, especially around areas such as Santa Maria Novella. Stick to main streets rather than narrow or poorly lit streets.

There is a high risk of scammers approaching you, with “gold” rings or “designer” bags, so make sure you check the products before you buy anything. Be respectful, and most probably they’ll just leave you alone.



Where not to go in Chicago


Chicago, Illinois, is the third city in the United States in terms of size, and it is the economic center of the Midwest area. It is also called The Windy City and it is notorious for its unique skyline of skyscrapers, its art, science museums, and culture. Chicago has always been the front-scene for numerous Jazz and Blues bands.


A history of violence

Since the 1990s, this city has registered a decline in crime, although the history of disorder remains, starting from Al Capone’s mafia to the rival gangs of the 1970s and 1980s.

Anyway, this city cannot be called the safest place in the United States, as there are a few neighborhoods where violence is right at home, and many thieves operate in the subway. These areas are best avoided as much as possible.

Common risks in Chicago

This city is overall secure, but being a victim of pickpockets or muggers is a high possibility, especially in public transportation, like buses and subways, and while walking alone at night. It is recommended to use a personal car, rather than walking at late hours.

Scammers also represent a risk, so try to avoid persistent homeless people or others who offer to help with your luggage — you might end up missing them.

Regarding transportation, fake taxis can become an issue sometimes, so make sure you know about the company of the cab you get into.

The risk of natural disasters is quite low, although some occasional strong blizzards have been recorded. Terrorism does not pose a real threat, as the city has not been targeted by terrorist attacks recently, but it is good to stay alert.

Five areas to avoid in Chicago

Are you dreaming of moving to Chicago, buying a beautiful house and gathering with your family for a barbecue made on your new gas grill on Sundays? Would you like to come home from your job and exercise on your workout machine? Maybe you are just planning a trip to this city for the first time.

That is all possible, as Chicago can be a safe place for you and your family. Before you move, however, it is best you know about which areas to avoid.

Three of these regions are from Downtown — The Loop, Near North and Near South. These areas make up the city’s business district, where many national and international companies are headquartered. Here, you can find museums, shopping centers, movie theaters, and beaches on Lake Michigan.

Although you might think you are more than safe in such a crowded place, the truth is that the streets get really empty very fast, especially after working hours. Beggars sometimes display aggressive behavior, so it is best you try to ignore them or immediately enter a shop or a restaurant.

The Fuller Park and nearby neighborhoods from the South Side are among the most precarious of the city. Tourists should definitely avoid them, especially at nighttime.

The neighborhoods of the far West Side, after the West Avenue, are distinctly dangerous and are very poor in touristic attractions.


Safe places

In case you are wondering where the safe places in Chicago are, you can consider the North Side, with its upscale neighborhoods such as Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Boystown, and Old Town, where you have many choices in clubs, restaurants, and bars.

Compared to the rest of The Windy City, these areas are secure, but usual precautions should be taken by sticking to crowded, well-lit places.

South Side is home to the Museum of Science and Industry, University of Chicago, and Chinatown. Here you can find many great Jazz and Blues bars.

The Near West Side is a relaxed region, and the area around Logan Square is home to a lot of concert venues and bars.



5 places to avoid in Ireland


Millions of tourists choose to visit Ireland every year, and for good reason, too. Ireland is a dream tourist destination, with stunning scenery and unspoiled areas. The country has a collection of spectacular prehistoric sites to visit, the oldest being at Mount Sandel in Northern Ireland.

Also, Ireland has a long, interesting and somewhat tragic history, which makes it a place full of stories and tales that need to be heard.

Despite being such an iconic tourist destination, there are a couple of places you should avoid when visiting Ireland, for making sure you don’t waste any precious time. We compiled a list with the top traveling destinations you should avoid when visiting Ireland, for the sake of your vacation and your well-being.




If you are looking for a cozy, quiet town to spend your free days in Ireland, Limerick might not be the best choice.

This city is known for its bad reputation when it comes to gangs and crimes, but the situation has improved over time. However, it is still known as the worst big city in Ireland, so we wouldn’t recommend it as your next vacation destination.


The Central Bar in Drogheda

This pub has a really bad reputation and it is a place where violence is often present. There is even a sign in the pub which states “Chairs and tables are bolted to the floor for our customer’s safety.”, so it is pretty obvious that this is not a location where you would want to spend your time.



Unsafe areas are usually the ones further away from the city center. As a tourist, you might want to experience Ireland as a whole and stay away from overcrowded places such as city centers but sometimes it’s better to avoid suburbs or less popular areas.

You can very easily get lost and people that spend their time in these types of sketchy places might not have the best interest at heart when approaching you. Some examples could be areas such as Ballyfermot, Finglas, Clondalkin, and Inchicore in Dublin.


The capital of Ireland is an overall safe place, with lots of tourist attractions to see and places to visit, but there are still a few areas and streets you should stay away from, for the sake of your trip.

Dublin is divided into two areas mainly, North Side and South Side. The division is made based on the Liffey River. Usually, the North Side is considered to be unsafe, but it depends on the neighborhood you are in. Neighborhoods such as Cabra, Ballymun, Finglas from the North Side are not really tourist friendly.

The South Side has areas such as Tallaght, Clondalkin, Fatima, Dundrum which have kind of a bad reputation.


Dangerous Streets

Thomas Street is an area where unemployment rates are high, and where junkies gather at night. Teenagers flock in groups and pick on tourists or strangers, so this is clearly not a place you would want to visit, especially as the night falls. A tool that might be helpful if you find yourself in this situation is a LED flashlight for camping.

Sheriff Street is a street near the city center, which also has a bad reputation. Here, drug users can be found roaming the streets and gang activity is often encountered, so do your best to stay away from this place.

However, you shouldn’t let this list discourage you from visiting beautiful Ireland. As with any other vacation destination, if you pay attention to your surroundings and inform yourself about the places you are visiting, you won’t be faced with any problems.



Where not to go in Baltimore


Who would’ve imagined that one of the most dangerous cities in the world could be found on US soil? Due to recent events, the police has issued a few warnings, letting people know what neighborhoods to stay away from, in case they have to travel to this part of the country. And because we think people should stay safe, we’ve compiled a list with some of the shadiest places where you could actually get hurt in this beautiful city.


Fairfield Area

Baltimore’s neighborhood can conjure up too many stereotypes to count them. This place has hipster areas, preppy streets, colleges where college kids thrive, and of course, dangerous ghettos.

And while the city itself consistently ranks as one of the best places to raise a family, this neighborhood is not all rainbows and sunshine, as it has a high crime rate, especially when compared with richer areas. Although it is a well-known fact that some neighborhoods aren’t as fabulous as others, this one stands out in the worst way, so avoid it if possible.


Monument Street Area

Experts have examined 54 of Baltimore’s most notable neighborhoods to find out the scariest places to live. And Monument Street Area didn’t quite measure up to Baltimore’s respectable reputation. Interestingly, experts also realized that perception is far worse than the actual rate of crime.

However, they suggested taking a taxi and not the bus while you are in this particular place. Also, avoid standing for too long in one place or looking suspicious. Police officers also think it might be a good idea to use credit cards instead of cash while visiting Baltimore. Oh, and try not to get into any fight!


This neighborhood has it all: high unemployment, low median income, a high population density, and drugs. No wonder it is perceived to be one of the worst places to buy a house in this city. It is thought to be the neighborhood with the ‘Worst Score’ rank when compared with other parts of Baltimore.

You should not intentionally set out to see the neighborhoods where the riots occurred a while ago, especially if you don’t want to find yourself in a patently lousy part of the city over the course of a weekend trip. This area also has frequent blackouts, so it might not be a bad idea to take a LED flashlight to help you find the right way in the dark.


Dundalk Cityside

Baltimore, once a bare piece of land, is the biggest city in Maryland and one of the largest in the US. Although there are now plenty of fun things to see and do in the city, you should be aware there are also warnings to heed, and dangers to quickly avoid to stay safe. And visiting Dundalk Cityside at night is one of them.

Realistically, you can’t really expect all the neighborhoods to be friendly and fantastic, but this area is the complete opposite of what you would expect a US neighborhood to be, so do not travel there all by yourself.

Greenmount East

During the day, the area is safe, especially in the popular tourist areas. If you really want to explore it, it is best to stick to the destinations around the harbor. Experts say the inner harbor is the best place to walk around and thoroughly explore while solo traveling.

At night, the main thing to keep in mind is not to use any outside ATMs, unless it is an emergency and they are well lit. Likewise, stay in highly populated areas, like a mall, unless you know there’s a policeman nearby. Don’t forget that crimes are committed in the downtown area at night time, including muggings and drug use.



Where not to go in Savannah


Savannah is considered the “Hostess City of the South” as it has been voted many times as one of the most beautiful cities in America. Here you can visit lots of mansions and historical places, as the Historic District is the center of attention. The Historic District has been kept intact because of one wise decision of a former mayor of Savannah – when General Sherman got into town, in 1864, the mayor at the time offered him the city so as the general wouldn’t burn it down.

Therefore, Savannah can offer you sights of antebellum architecture that has been untouched over the years.

But as with every beautiful city, it also has its bad sides. So, in the following paragraphs, we’ll tell you which places you’d want to avoid while visiting Savannah.

River Street

This zone, especially the river area should be avoided during the night, as it can get crowded pretty fast. Moreover, if you happen to be in Savannah on St. Patrick’s day, you should definitely keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. While people here are generally calm and welcoming, at holidays, situations can become uncontrollable.

However, if the night is silent, you can freely have a walk on River Street and watch the boats and freighter ships in the distance.


North-West of the Historic District

In general, things in the Historic District are pretty calm, because this is where most of the tourists will be – and it is the most crowded place as well. Here, you can travel by foot without any worries, but traveling to the outskirts of the Historic District, specifically to the North-West, could prove to be dangerous because this area has been deemed as less safe due to recent crime reports.

This is why it’s recommended that you take a cab or rent a car if you want to travel and see more areas of the town. Moreover, if you happen to have a dog that is sometimes a runner, you might want to get him or her a GPS dog tracker on and proceed to track the pup down while in a vehicle if the pet has wandered too far away – like in shady neighborhoods and low-populated areas.


West Savannah – Louisville Road

As with our previous entry, this part of the city has also been deemed as being less safe due to recent reports of crimes that have been committed in this area. According to statistics, Savannah has been marked by 1,944 counts of theft and 370 counts of burglary in the past year.

Any area that doesn’t look like it’s for tourists

Since crime rates are not to be overlooked, it is recommended that you – as a tourist – stay away from the slums and outskirts of Savannah. Basically, you’d want to avoid any place that doesn’t look tourist-safe. This includes the South, on Elisabeth or 37th – here is recommended that you have a ride straight from your hotel or have a cab to take you through this area. Industrial districts are also not recommended – after all, there’s nothing for you to see there.

The places you are looking for are Forsyth Park, the river to Anderson, and MLK. Also, to ensure your safety, make sure that you are able to see police officers – either on foot, bicycle, or horseback – especially in the Historic District. Not being able to see any of them means that you’ve gone too far into the city and you should return to a safer place.


These were the places that you should avoid going into or where you have to be very careful – that if you want to see some of them. But, as stated before, most parts of the town that are meant for tourists are entirely safe and shouldn’t pose any danger to your holiday.



Top 5 dangerous cities in Texas


We all know that when deciding on a suitable holiday destination, it can be pretty difficult to tell at a macro level how dangerous and crime-ridden a town actually is. Despite the fact that news circulates all the time, the amount of information that we get is too large to piece together.

Texas, in particular, is a state famous for certain shocking cases that took place there, so tourists might raise an eyebrow if you propose the state as a holiday destination. In the following guide, we’re trying to discuss the reasons behind the high rate of crime in a few Texas towns and why you should avoid them.




With a relatively low population, this city was ranked the most dangerous place in Texas in the recent months, and for a solid reason. The rate of violent crimes here is incredibly high, with 1 in 43 citizens becoming a victim of rape, aggravated assault or in some cases, even murder.

The reasons behind this situation stem from lack of education, poverty and lack of jobs. The economy is also unstable due to these events. We suggest you do not visit this place unless it’s vital, in order to avoid being attacked with a heavy splitting axe in a worst case scenario.



This town is rated as the second most dangerous place you could be in while you’re in Texas, and that’s due to the frequency at which theft takes places here.

The residents of this town have a 1 in 18.1 chances of being the victims of a robbery, home invasion or car theft event. Loosely put, if you lived here, almost a quarter of the people you knew would have been victims to one of these events at a particular time in their lives.

If you do not want to risk losing any of your properties or putting yourself in danger, we suggest you avoid traveling to this small town.



Ranking third on the most dangerous places prone to violent criminal events, Texarkana has a population of almost 38,000 citizens. Where it’s located, it ranks even higher on the list of places where you wouldn’t want to be caught.

The people living here have a 1 in 20 chance of becoming the victim of criminal behavior involving property crime, home break-ins or car theft. Despite these discouraging statistics, recent studies show a steady decrease in the crime rate in this town, so maybe things are finally looking up.


This is a somewhat unexpected entry because Beaumont seems like it’s a civilized, cosmopolitan center. However, its size, population, and infrastructure do not prevent unfortunate events from happening, as statistics show.

It is said to be the second most dangerous place in Texas, at least when we’re discussing violent crimes and not other sorts of a misdemeanor. The residents here have a 1 in 90 chance of being assaulted, raped or even killed.

Unfortunately, the recent studies show that the crime rate is progressing over the years, despite the efforts made by the local police to try and keep the situation under control.



The famous rival of Dallas concerning development is facing a bit of a problem with its crime rate. It appears to be among the most dangerous places in Texas, and it’s clearly losing this battle against Dallas, which deals with safety issues a lot better.

The population here is substantially increased in comparison with other rural towns. Almost 2 and a half million people live in Houston, and unfortunately, the stats say that 25,609 citizens were killed, attacked or raped only throughout the last year.



5 places to avoid in Tucson


Traveling is great. But as soon as you get to a place that you have never been to, you definitely have to take care. It may look like a great city, you may be fascinated, but never forget that even your hometown has places that need to be avoided. If you ever happen to be in Tucson, you have to be informed about the areas that can be dangerous for you, especially at night.

It may seem that Tucson is a very good place to live due to its economy and developments. However, beneath these positive things, there are some neighborhoods that may be a threat to you.

  1. Southern part

It is very important for you to know that you should avoid the southern part of the town, especially at night. You can go there when the sun is still in the sky, but as soon as it starts to darken, make sure you are far from this area. Shootings happen regularly here, and drugs are sold.

It is better for you to stay in a hotel in the north of downtown, it is a safe place, and you can have night walks there.


  1. I-10 East Corridor

There are a lot of inexpensive hotels along the I-10 corridor. This place is known for the property crimes that happen here. If you happen to be in the area, do not ever leave your car running and always lock your bike, because you will definitely be left without it.

At first sight, this area may look entertaining, since you may see people listening to music on a boombox or even dancing in the street. But not everything is as it seems to be. 41 violent crimes and 903 property crimes have been reported over time. This area starts with Valencia road and ends with E. Benson Highway.


  1. Stone Avenue to Limberlost Drive

This area is the best-known place in Tucson where violent crimes happen. Over time, there have been reported 149 accidents and 1263 property crimes. The likelihood of you becoming a victim in this neighborhood is high, so it is better to avoid walking these streets.

  1. San Ignacio Yaqui

San Ignacio Yaqui is another neighborhood in Tucson that you might want to avoid. Recently, there have been registered over 200 cases of assault and over 1500 cases of theft. Moreover, there have been reported both murder and rape cases in the area, so you’d better watch out.

The median income is $17,821. Most of the houses in this area are available for rent. This is important for you to know if you are looking for a place to stay for some days or even live in. You may be attracted by the low price, but do not ever save money on this. Better pay a higher price for a safe place, than get a cheap apartment and get no sleep because of fear.  


  1. E. 22nd Street to E. 36th Street

The area between these streets is characterized as being an urban community, but a number of 88 violent crimes and 659 property crimes have been reported. It may sound like a good neighborhood at first since there are many families with children living here. But, according to most data, these streets are not as safe as they look. You should especially pay great attention to Barrio Centro and Country Club Park.

Maybe it would be a good idea to find someone who has been living in Tucson for the past years. Local people know the areas that are dangerous, and they may help you in this situation. We would also recommend you to visit everything you want to visit by daytime and just relax at home after the sunset. We are pretty sure you do not want your holiday to be ruined if you are on a vacation in Tucson.