Top rated Ultrabooks in 2018


Choosing the top ultrabooks 2018 is no easy task. To help you decide on which of these is the perfect fit for you, we have put together a list of the most desirable models available right now. Read the short descriptions below and get some basic information regarding each product.


Acer Aspire S7-392-9890 13.3-inch Touchscreen Ultrabook


Top Ultrabooks 2018When looking to buy one of the top ultrabooks 2016, form and function are two of the most important aspects that you should focus on. This model from Acer features both these characteristics and is certainly stunning to look at. The touchscreen functionality offers a whole new level of interaction and control while the high definition screen is guaranteed to impress even the most demanding users.

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Dell XPS 14-inch Ultrabook


Dell is one of the most appreciated laptop manufacturer and their products surely qualify in the category of top ultrabooks 2018. Most reviewers gave the Dell XPS 14-inch Ultrabook very good marks for the innovative design and the user friendly features. The battery is able to provide 11 hours of power, making this model perfect for on the move use. It also comes with backlit keyboard that will allow you to type even in the dark.

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Asus VivoBook V451LA-DS51T 14-inch Touchscreen Laptop


Among the best ultrabooks 2018 is the Asus VivoBook. It has received great reviews and it has gathered quite a lot of fans. This laptop features a very stylish design that will certainly appeal to a variety of buyers. Boasting very long battery life for a product of this level of performance, Asus has made sure its customers will always have their business companion ready to work. The touch screen is great to use and it is able to provide an excellent viewing experience that is both rich and easy on the eye.

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Acer Aspire S7-391-6818 13.3-inch Touchscreen Ultrabook


You should definitely consider this product if you are searching for the best ultrabooks 2018. The most important feature of the Acer Aspire S7-391-6818 is its slim profile, making it the thinnest product that Acer makes. Although it has very compact dimensions, this model still deserves the title of utrabook for the amazing performance that it is able to provide. The Hybrid Standby Technology developed by Acer is guaranteed to minimize battery consumption, making it good for extended periods of use.

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Sony Vaio pro SVP1321DCXS 13.3-inch Touchscreen Ultrabook


The Sony Vaio is already a legendary name among laptop users.  This particular model reinforces the already solid reputation that Sony has developed through the years and is considered by some to be the best on the market. Probably its biggest downside is the steep price that might put off some buyers that have to make do with a tighter budget. However, the price is justified by the amazing performance and functionality. The carbon fiber case was engineered to withstand all kinds of abuse so you can always count on it to protect your data.

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