What to Consider When Buying New In Ear Headphones under 100


In ear headphones are perfect for when you want to listen to music during your workouts, and almost any other time you are on the go. Designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and basically unnoticeable, you can also find a top quality pair of in ear headphones at an affordable price. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you choose the top in ear headphones under 100.

Top in ear headphones under 100


Since these headphones are designed to be worn in your ears a comfortable fit is absolutely necessary. Not only do you want the earpieces to be lightweight, but also angled to fit more comfortably inside. You also want the earpieces to be smooth to prevent irritation, and feature a durable construction.



Even though in ear headphones are not always known for exceptional sound, it is possible to find an affordable pair that is capable of producing high quality treble and bass. Solid metal casings help to ensure a smooth listening experience without distracting interference, and in ear headphones that are designed to block background noise make it easy for you to hear every note and sound.



In ear headphones can include a variety of features that can improve your listening experience. Tangle free cables are hassle free, and some even include the microphone and controls for convenient and easy access. Extra tips for the ear pieces ensure a comfortable fit, and headphones that are compatible with your digital devices give you the advantage of being able to answer calls and access your favorite playlists.


Most Popular In Ear Headphones under 100


While we can’t choose the best in ear headphones for you, we can show you some of the top rated models. Affordably priced and capable of producing high quality sound in a tiny package, maybe one of these headphones is exactly what you need to enjoy your music on the go.


Bose SoundTrue


1.Bose SoundTrue In Ear HeadphonesThere are several reasons why these are considered the top in ear headphones under 100 that include its comfortable and stylish design. The soft tips are designed to stay securely in place and fit comfortably in your ears. Perfect for workouts and listening to music on the go, you also have the advantage of being able to choose from several stylish colors. These in ear headphones also feature a durable construction, along with a matching case for convenient storage. You will love how crisp and clear your audio recordings sound through these headphones. The wide frequency range ensures that your bass is deep and full, and your high notes never sound “tinny”. Designed for comfort and style, it’s easy to see why these in ear headphones are a consumer favorite.

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Shure SE215-K


2.Shure SE215-K In Ear HeadphonesWith its noise cancelling technology these in ear headphones are perfect for use on the stage or for simply enjoying music at home. The headphones feature a lightweight and durable construction that is designed to be comfortable to wear, and you will love how easily the angled tip slips inside your ear. The ear pieces are also designed to rest securely and will help block outside noise, which is always an advantage when you are playing live onstage. These headphones also include a small single driver that is capable of producing rich full bass, along with an even high quality sound that will enhance your listening experience. The included cable is detachable for easy storage, and you will also appreciate the convenient storage case and informative manual. Perfect for use in the studio, onstage, or during a workout, these in ear headphones might be the perfect choice for you.

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Beats urBeats


3.Beats urBeats In Ear HeadphonesThese stylish headphones from Beats not only look great, but are also able to produce high quality sounds. The comfortable tips are designed to fit comfortably and securely in your ears, while also producing rich full bass and treble tones. The tips also help block out noise interference so you can easily get lost in your music. The metal casing is designed for long lasting durability, along with preventing distracting vibrations in the music. The long cable is conveniently tangle free, and you will appreciate the included storage case for easy portability. These in ear headphones are also designed to work with most android devices and the conveniently placed controls on the cable let you enjoy the convenience of hands free calls. Perfect for use on the go or at home, you will also appreciate the headphones affordable price.

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