Best rated Backpacking Tents in 2018


Backpacking can be a fun sport or hobby that is both adventurous and challenging. It’s a great way to combine hiking and camping, which is why the best backpacking tent reviews get a good level of readership by avid backpackers. There is an amazing level of community among backpackers, and tents are a primary component in that sense.

Any novice backpacker knows how difficult it can be to choose the right gear to take along on their outdoor adventures. You might already know where you’re going, but being packed instinctively well for the trip is not exactly something that any one would know how to do on the first outing.

Reading about the top ten backpacking tent products can help, but only up to a certain degree. It must first be established by the user what type of equipment they really need for their specific purpose. After all, lying down to rest underneath the stars is a great come-on to choosing the perfect tent for your purpose.

Experts and hardened backpackers recommend trekking poles for backpacking. This enables them to pack light and simply use a tarp. But backpackers who prefer not to carry something to support their tent and prefer tents with dedicated poles are welcome to go for such an option. Such is what backpacking tents are all about. Built with dedicated poles, backpacking tents are also best when on a bicycle or kayaking trip.

One can choose among the many 4-season tests that have proven themselves the most reliable backpacking tents in the bunch. Such tents are all-weather products built for heavy rain or snow and the fiercest winds, perfect for mountaineering and winter backpacking expeditions.

Three-season tents are ideal when one has to brave the worst weather in summer, fall or spring. Midway between 4- and 3-season tents are convertibles, which are built with one pole out or with a zip out for one panel or section. There are lots of great Black Friday deals on backpacking tents that are two-season. These types ate generally made for mild weather trekking, with ultra-light products falling easily into this category. Minimalist shelters or those made as simple tarps or bivouac bags may or may not be viewed as tents.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size (persons) Price Color Weight (lbs) Our Rating Where to buy

Kelty Salida

2 $$$$$ Grey/Putty 5.4 A+ AMAZON

ALPS Mountaineering Mystique 2.0

2 $$$ Copper/Rust 6.2 A AMAZON

Kelty Grand Mesa

2 $$$ Grey/Putty 5.3 B+ AMAZON

Mountainsmith Morrison

2 $$$$ Citron Green 4.7 B AMAZON

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac

2 $$ Graphite 6.9 C+ AMAZON


If you’re planning to get backpacking gear for Christmas, consider a tent with a vestibule. This component is common in backpacking tents but is not part of all. It keeps camping gear and pack safely out of the rain while not taking up considerable tent space. A large-enough vestibule also allows sufficient ventilation for stove cooking without the danger of carbon monoxide fumes getting trapped inside the tent.

You can surely stare up at the stars under a camping shelter with provisions for stargazing via a zippable roof or roof mesh. The fabric used on the body may be nylon or a form of polyester taffeta, with Ripstop features for extra durability and reliability. Workmanship and quality should be a given, despite the fact that the product is an affordable one you snagged for a great bargain.

A two-person tent should suffice if you plan on going on a trip alone. Freestanding tents allow easy set-up without need to get stakes into the ground. They also allow you to get inside the tent with the rest of your gear immediately through their employment of simple pole insertion.

Double-wall tents have a breathable inner tent embraced by a waterproof rainfly. Single-wall tents are more lightweight and also cost more. They can also have problems on keeping moisture out.

Avoid products whose pole-less tops are flat-like or broad, which can allow rain or wetness to collect on and weigh down the entire structure. Doors should ideally be in a more upright position to prevent rain from pouring in.


Things to consider:

High-quality moisture-repeling material with a strong design, for resistance to the wind, rain and other elements

Premium craftsmanship to withstand the fierce elements with provisions for enjoying great weather conidtions, such as a roofmesh for gazing at the stars or window mesh for added ventilation

Easy in-and-out of the tent, with adequate support to keep the rain out by efficient closure of the tent structure

Enough floor space for comfortable rest and decent space for sitting up, snug but not overly cramped


Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent


Best Backpacking Tent ReviewsSnug enough for two and more comfortable for a single occupant, the Kelty Salida 2-person tent is constructed of polyester for waterproof ability. Its freestanding design allows the camper to just insert the poles and get right in, highly useful when you’re all tired from all the hiking and trekking. No more driving of stakes into the ground! The two poles supplied are of DAC Pressfit aluminum for stability and rust-resistant performance. The nylon floor has taped seams and made Ripstop for better reliability. The dome fly is rainproof. Adequate ventilation is provided by the mesh wall panels while assuring you of minimal condensation, for comfortable rest and sleep inside the best backpacking tent 2018.

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ALPS Mountaineering Mystique 2.0 Tent


Lightweight two-person tent made for those who love travelling and packing light. The tent boasts of two vestibules for excess and wet gear. Its has two side opening doors to allow occupants egress without disturbing their companion. Two-pole design employs 7000 series aluminum poles for added stability plus 75D 185T polyester fly to resist UV damage and help the structure stay taut. Good weather protection is offered by the factory sealed fly and floor seams, with the 75D 185T poly taffeta floor treated with 3000mm coating for extra strength. There are extra large #8 zippers on the door and vestibule, enabling easy entry and great ventilation along with two mesh doors. The weatherproof fly provides a vestibule over each door, for two-sided protection no matter which door is used. The Fly Vent can be kept open or closed, depending upon preference and the weather.

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Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Person Tent


This US-made camping shelter is constructed of polyester for protection against the elements. It is a 2-person backpacking tent with 29 square feet of living space, perfect for getting cozy with one other camping companion or ideal for single occupancy. The 6-square-foot vestibule allows convenient gear storage and mesh wall panels enable adequate ventilation inside the structure. The high-quality DAC press-fit poles and color-coded clip construction ensure easy set-up and extra stability. There are built-in internal storage pockets and gear loft loops to enable more storage for camping gear or for hanging a camping lantern. The zipper pulls are made noiseless to enable entry/exit without disturbing the occupants in the next tent. Peak height is set at 44 inches for sufficient headroom when one is stuck in the tent during rain.

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Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person 3 Season Tent


The polyester material used in the Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person 3 Season Tent ensures water-resistant sheltering ability when one has to camp out during a backpacking trip. The tent is 7 feet high and nine feet wide, allowing sufficient head room for taller campers and for camping gear such as a camping lantern to be hung inside the tent. Its three-season versatility ensures protection against the fiercest winds and rain or snow. The tent boasts of a two-pole, two-door two-vestibule design for extra convenience for either a single or two occupants. The tent is freestanding, eliminating the need to pitch poles when the ground is not that soft. This four-corner tent offers a rectangular floor area that can be put to good use. The bathtub floor will not allow rain in and keeps the interior waterproof.

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Alps Mountaineering Meramac 2 Tent


The Alps Mountaineering Meramac 2 Tent, cited in many best backpacking tent reviews, is a free-standing tent that carries a two-pole design for effortless set-up, employing shock-corded fiberglass poles for extra stability and strength. It offers great ventilation via two zippered windows on the doors plus large side mesh panels. The weatherproof polyester fly has a ridge pole that provides an awning over each door. The factory sealed seams on the fly and floor offer the best weather protection by not letting the rain in. Easy entry is made possible via the two doors with single-zip operation. Two windows provide private viewing plus sufficient ventilation inside the structure. The shock-corded fiberglass frame is strong and easy to use as it connects via clips to the tent. The two windows are fitted with storm flaps to enable closing during inclement weather. They are hooded by the fly to enable users to keep them open in the rain and for good ventilation.

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