Maintaining your leather furniture isn’t rocket science, as long as you keep in mind a number of tips. Just remember, it’s always better to keep your sofa looking perfect than to use it and perhaps clean it the wrong way and then need to repair it. It is widely known that leather is, after all, pretty expensive, so try to keep your furniture in the best possible shape with these few tricks.


Cleaning leather sofa


Use these ideas to maintain your sofa looking as new

The online environment is filled with maintenance suggestions, so it might be a little difficult to understand just which rules you should abide by. Several simple tips and tricks can mean a lot when it comes to properly caring for your leather couch.

Dusting and vacuuming the sofa is a good idea to prevent dirt from penetrating the creases. Think of it this way: you probably vacuum once a week anyway or when your time allows it, so why not take your vacuuming to a whole new level and do it with your furniture as well?

Another idea would be to keep the furniture covered at all times unless you get a visit from someone or you’re simply interested in using it with your family, on a special occasion. However, this would somehow defeat the point, as you probably bought it because it’s durable and beautiful, and therefore, needs to be used more frequently. Even so, you need to keep in mind that leather furniture that is not constantly exposed to sunlight has a high chance of holding up through the years.

Yet another tip, in this case, would be to use nourishing and conditioning products. Don’t use harsh soaps to clean leather furniture, since saddle soap is able to do a good job of removing dirt and dust. The people who are genuinely committed to maintaining their leather sofas can look into purchasing and using several conditioning products, which can give a helping hand when it comes to rejuvenating leather upholstery.

On the contrary, if you honestly don’t find it absolutely necessary to pay any money on conditioners, you might want to use pure and plain olive oil. The bottom line is that conditioning the leather can prevent it from drying out, and even from developing any cracks at all.


Leather conditioner



Want to keep your sofa looking sharp? Avoid doing these things

Let’s say an accident happens and someone spills juice or soda on your sofa. In this case, what you have to do is take a soft, dry cloth and soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Once you’ve removed it, be sure to use a microfiber cloth to clean and massage the leather, as it’s made from animal hide and is sensitive both to scratches and to liquids. The main idea is that you should never let the stains set, as spills can be at the root of discoloration.

If, for instance, you want to take your couch cleaning to a whole new level, and wish to use some products that might be abrasive or contain any bleach or ammonia, just don’t. Avoid utilizing these products more than anything, because they were not initially developed to clean leather. Therefore, when your sofa starts looking sad, your complaints will be worthless as the cleaners you used weren’t destined for it in the first place.

Another thing to keep in mind when maintaining a leather sofa, chair, or ottoman is to test the cleaning products before using them on the entire surface of the furniture. Leathers are different from one another, so they require different cleaning and stain removal products. If you are ever feeling unsure about the ones that you should use with your furniture, be sure to contact the manufacturer and ask for a recommendation.

Often times, the manufacturing brand will specify several products that work for maintaining a leather sofa. If the company does not, you might want to refer to a leather specialist and ask for his or her opinion, as he or she is likely to give you a helping hand. If you have friends or acquaintances that own leather furniture pieces, you might want to ask them directly what products they might be using.


It doesn’t matter which style you choose; the main idea is that you should try to maintain your leather couch for as long as possible. Quality and durability are two core features of leather furniture, but it can’t last through the years without any care.