The best washer and dryer will make all of your laundry chores quick and easy. The appliances will also be easy to operate, and include the functions you need to wash and dry different types of fabrics. Size and design are also important considerations, and only you know which appliances will fit in your laundry room. While we can’t choose these appliances for you, we can show you the top 10 washer and dryers. Each of these models includes innovative functions and features that are designed to make doing laundry less of a chore.


Midea MAR30-P0501GP


1.Midea 0.9 CF PortableThis compact washer is perfect for small spaces, and for taking with you on extended vacations. The two sturdy wheels make it easy to move the appliance around, and you will also appreciate its lightweight construction. The portable washing machine is large enough to handle small loads of laundry, and you also have the advantage of choosing between 5 cycles and three temperature settings. There are also 3 water levels to choose from, depending on the size of the load. Easy to use and efficient, this portable washer will ensure that you still have clean clothes even when you are away from home.

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LG Graphite WM8000HVA_DLEX8000V_WDP5V


2.LG Graphite WDP5VThere is very little not to love with this washer and dryer combo. It is designed to handle large loads of laundry, including fluffy comforters and heavy winter coats. You have the advantage of the front loading design, along with two pedestals that feature convenient storage drawers. These appliances are designed to be easy to operate, and include all of the functions you need for different types of fabric. With the 9.0 cubic foot dryer and 5.1 Cu. ft. washer, you have plenty of room to wash and dry large loads of laundry.

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Electrolux Laundry Bundle


3.Electrolux Laundry BundleConsidered one of the top rated washers and dryers, it is not hard to see why with its durable construction and energy efficient design. The appliances include  convenient pedestal drawers, which are ideal for conveniently storing your laundry supplies. The 4.3 cu. ft. washer uses less water than other models, and also includes a convenient fast washing cycle. The dryer can also handle large loads of laundry, and has the advantage of the steam function. Clean and protect your delicate fabrics with this efficient washer and dryer combo.

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4.LG H-E Ultra Large CapacityWith wave force and steam technology included with this washer and dryer combo, it is not hard to see why this is one of the top 3 models. The appliances are energy efficient, and capable of handling large loads. You will appreciate how easy the appliances are to use, along with the automatic diagnostic program that takes all of the guesswork out of maintain the washer and dryer. The high efficiency design also helps you save money on your energy bills, along with helping you leave a smaller carbon footprint.

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Maytag Maxima XL


5.Maytag MaximaThe graphite construction is durable and even looks great in your laundry room, and you also have the advantage of the included 10 year Maytag warranty. This extra large washer and dryer are ideal for families, and anyone else who frequently deals with large loads of laundry. The front loading design is convenient, and you will also appreciate the included steam functions. Gently clean delicate fabrics and steam wrinkles out of blouses, pants, and other items.

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Whirlpool WET3300XQ


6.Whirlpool WET3300XQThis washer and dryer combo is perfect for small spaces, and you will love its stackable design. The upper dryer is front loading for convenience, while the washer opens from the top for easy access. Not only do you have the advantage of 8 washing cycles, but there are 6 settings to choose from on the dryer. Safely wash all types of fabric, including delicate lace and linen. With the steam and wrinkle shield technology you might never have to iron your laundry again, and you will also appreciate the self cleaning lint filter that makes maintenance a breeze.

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LG Pair Special


7.LG Pair SpecialThe bright red color is stylish and eye catching, and you will also appreciate the durable steel drums that are resistant to fabric ruining rust. The washer and dryer feature a front loading design for convenience, and the controls make it easy to choose the right setting for any type of fabric. The electric dryer also features wrinkle care technology that helps to keep your clothes looking fresh and new, while the 4.0 cu. ft. washer gently powers out the toughest stains. With options for cold washing and a sensor that automatically stops the dryer when your clothes are done, doing laundry has never been so easy.

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Samsung WA56H9000AP + DV56H9000EP


8.Samsung WA56H9000AP + DV56H9000EPWith a 5.6 cu. ft. capacity you can easily fit large loads of laundry in this top loading washer, and the matching dryer includes all of the functions you need to care for all types of fabric. With the ability to do up to four baskets of laundry at one time, you can wash everything from comforters and quilts to heavy winter jackets. Easy to operate and maintain, you won’t mind doing laundry with this convenient washer and dryer combo.

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Samsung WF42H5200AP + DV42H5200EP


10.SamsungThis washer and dryer combo is designed to clean and sanitize all of your clothes, and you will appreciate the ability to remove allergens and bacteria from your fabrics. Not only will your clothes look and feel cleaner, you will also notice a difference in your breathing. This feature is also ideal for anyone who suffers from frequent asthma attacks. With 4.2 cu. ft. of space you can easily wash and dry larger loads, and you will love the steam wash function which will remove stains without you have to take the time to pretreat each one.

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9.FrigidaireFeaturing a convenient top loading design and easy to use controls, you will love how easy it is to keep up with your laundry. The gas dryer is efficient and features an extra large 7.0 cu ft design that lets you dry more clothes at the same time. The washer gently and thoroughly cleans all types of fabric, and you also have the advantage of the extra cycles. Choose one designed to get tough stains out of jeans and children’s clothing, or safely wash all of your delicates without tears or rips in the fabric.