Whether you’re about to go on a trip to the mountains, or live in an area where winters are very cold, you absolutely need to have at least one pair of snow boots. Why? Because snow boots are designed to keep your feet warm and dry, which is not something a regular pair of boots can achieve. Indeed, most boots out there are simply made to keep your feet covered and warm up to a certain point. Past that, you need something serious.

As you might expect, not all winter boots are created equally. Some are great, some are not so great, and some are in between. In order for you to find the best snow boots, you have to do some research. This means that you should look through lots of models, and find the one that fits your particular needs and expectations the best. However, this can take hours, since there are so many models available online.

In order to help you out, we looked through the top rated snow boots, and came up with the top 10 snow boots. This will really help focus your attention on just the ones that are high quality, hence making the process of choosing far easier.


Timberland White Ledge


1. Timberland White LedgeThis model of boots is one of the top 5 out there. First of all, it’s waterproof, which is extremely important when it comes to walking through the snow. Whether you will be in the snow for hours at a time, or just for a short while, you won’t like getting your feet wet, especially since that means that you will have to deal with the cold while having wet feet. That’s a recipe for disaster! Also, it’s made with both leather and synthetic materials, making the perfect combination for a winter boot.

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Northside Frosty


2. Northside FrostyIf you’re planning on spending time outside in -25F, this is the perfect pair of boots for you, because it will keep you warm, even in that cold temperature. It’s hard to find boots that can do that, but these certainly can, because they have  Thermolite insulation. Also, we’re sure you’ll love the fact that these reach a bit higher than the ankle, which means that that entire part will be under protection. Finally, they have a shell bottom unit that’s waterproof, ensuring that the snow won’t get to your feet.

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Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II


3. Columbia Women's Ice Maiden IIIf you’re looking for something that’s a bit more stylish, but still very practical, then this is the pair for you. Indeed, these lovely boots will keep your feet dry, because they’re made with waterproof leather. In addition, they are extremely light, which adds to the comfort factor.

Many pairs of boots can be quite heavy, and this makes them very hard to walk in. However, with this pair, you won’t have to deal with anything like that, because despite them having been made with such great materials, they were all selected especially to be on the lighter side.

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Kamik Men’s Greenba


4. Kamik Men's GreenbayOnce again, this pair of boots reach higher than the ankle, which is an incredible asset, since it means that not only your foot, but also a part of your leg will be protected. The great thing about this pair is that it comes with a thermal guard liner that will keep your feet warm no matter what. Indeed, you can wear them in -40F, and still be safe from the cold. However, if you don’t need it, then the great news is that you can simply take it out, because it’s removable.

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Skechers Women’s Grand Jams


5. Skechers Women'sThis is yet another pair that adds some aesthetic value to the practical one. This is important if you’re someone who cares about looking good while being warm and comfortable. Indeed, one reviewer talked about how nervous she was about purchasing this pair, as she had gotten one from a different brand before, and it wasn’t very comfortable. However, she found that right from the beginning, she felt perfectly comfortable wearing them.

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Dream Pair Kimber


6. Dream Pair KimberIf you’d rather get an ankle boot, then this is the one for you. It has a very simplistic, but appealing look, especially because of the faux fur lining that can be seen a bit on the outside too. Also, they’re available in 6 different colors, and one pattern, which means that you can get them to match almost any taste. Reviewers talked about how comfortable they feel, and how they pleased they are with their performance. Indeed, you can rest assured that you will be perfectly warm and comfortable, even in cold temperatures.

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Kamik Women’s Snowvalley


7. Kamik Women's SnowvalleyThese boots are made to keep you warm, even in the coldest of winters, thanks to the -25 F temperature rating lining. Being out in the cold can be very dangerous, and having great boots can help you with that. In addition, we’re willing to bet that you’ll love the fact that these boots are 100% waterproof, which means that you won’t get your feet wet at all.

Finally, if comfort is something you worry about, you don’t have to when it comes to this pair. That’s because it comes with a comfort footbed that’s removable.

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The North Face Men’s Chilkat II


8. The North Face Men's Chilkat IIThis pair comes with an amazing, 200 grams Heatseeker insulation, which ensures that your feet will stay warm, even in -25F temperature. This, combined with the rubber sole, the part leather and part synthetic materials used when creating these boots, resulted in a great product that’s also waterproof. As such, you should have no problems wearing them in snow.

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Alaska Mens SJ100


9. Alaska Mens SJ100If you’re someone who is always on the run, and who needs to be able to get his boots on very fast, then this is the pair for you. Indeed, one of the problems with winter boots is that getting them on can be quite time consuming, and if you’re someone who just doesn’t have any time to waste, it can get quite problematic. However, this pair has velcro straps that are very easy to slip on, ensuring that the boots will be on in no time at all.

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Northside Men’s Alberta II


10. Northside Men's Alberta IIThis is yet another great boot that will keep not just your feet warm, but also your ankles. According to the reviewers, this boot will keep you very, very warm, hence ensuring that you will be perfectly comfortable, even in very cold weather. As such, if you like skiing, or any other winter sport, you’ll surely love to have this pair of boots right there with you. Also, it comes with a hook and loop harness strap that’s adjustable, and it’s there to ensure that your feet will be hugged by these boots just right.

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