Golfing can be a frustrating sport if you don’t have the right equipment. Along with appropriate footwear and the right clubs, you also need the best golf balls. Even drivers that are able to consistently hit the “sweet spot” will not be able to improve your game if you do not have the right golf balls. While distance and accuracy are the most important factors, where and when you are playing should also be considered. Even though we can’t choose the right equipment for you, we can show you the top 10 golf balls in hopes that one of these might be exactly what you need.


Wilson Titanium


1.Wilson TitaniumWith 18 golf balls included in the pack you don’t have to worry about running out in the middle of the course. These top rated golf balls feature a titanium center, and a durable construction that will handle your hardest swing. The sturdy covers are resistant to cracking and splitting, which can ruin your aim and you will love how far these golf balls can travel with the titanium core. Clear water hazards and sand traps with these golf balls, and the increase distance you get with each shot will help your scores dramatically improve.

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Nitro Shag Practice


2.Nitro Shag PracticeThis is considered one of the top products every golfer should have. The convenient bag is filled with 96 various golf balls that are great for practicing your swing. The different weights and brands give you the advantage of being comfortable with several types of golf balls, which can be beneficial when you are out on the course. This assortment of golf balls is perfect for practicing in the mud, and you will also appreciate the affordable price.

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Titleist Pro V1


3.Titleist Pro V1These golf balls are designed to last through your hardest swings, and you will also appreciate the softer feeling when you connect on your shots. Enjoy more control over each shot, along with improved distance. Clear hazards and make it cleanly down the green, and you also have the advantage of being able to control the spin on the ball. With the improve distance and longer flights you will love seeing your golf scores steadily improve when you use this high performance balls.

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Callaway Warbird


4.Callaway WarbirdThere are several reasons why you will love using these golf balls out on the course, which includes its two piece construction that is durable and capable of traveling further down the course. The soft core helps to maximize the speed and distance of each shot, along with the precisely placed 382 dimples on each ball. These golf balls are affordable, and you can feel good knowing you are using recycled materials.

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Srixon Q-Star


5.Srixon Q-StarNot only are these golf balls designed to stand out on the course, you will also appreciate the control and distance you get with each swing. The core is designed to increase the launch of the ball, while still keeping it on the green. You also have the advantage of the 324 dimples that are arranged to improve the speed and trajectory of the ball. Improve your scores and game performance with these responsive golf balls.

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Callaway Supersoft


6.Callaway SupersoftThe bright colors make it easy to find the golf balls on any part of the course, and you will also enjoy being able to shoot farther with greater accuracy. These soft golf balls are responsive to your swing, and you also have the advantage of minimal spinning for improved accuracy even at a distance. Land closer to the hole, and stay on the course with these high performing soft golf balls.

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Precept Laddie X


7.Precept Laddie XNot even windy weather conditions can ruin your perfect shot with these golf balls. Affordably priced and capable of giving your shots distance and accuracy, you will love seeing your game improve with these golf balls. The core is designed for speed and distance, while the durable cover prevents shot ruining splitting. The 372 dimples are designed to provide you with accuracy even in the wind, so your scores stay consistent every time you play.

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TaylorMade Lethal


8.TaylorMade LethalDesigned for touring, this professional golf ball will help you improve your performance and your scores. You have the advantage of the white cover that is designed for comfort when you connect with the ball, along with improving velocity. The unique dimpled pattern improves the flight of the ball, and it will also prevent dragging that can slow your shot down. With its durable 5 layer construction these golf balls will last through hours of play, and you will also appreciate its unique design when you are trying to stay on course in windy weather.

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Calloway 2018 Warbird


9.Calloway 2018 WarbirdOne of the reasons golfers choose these to play with these golf balls is its high performance design. These golf balls will help to improve your performance on any type of course, and you will also appreciate the affordable price. You have the advantage of the bright colors that make it difficult to lose your ball on the course, and the aerodynamic dimpling pattern helps maintain distance and accuracy so each shot lands on the green. The soft core maximizes energy for greater distance, while the cover helps to improve the feel of your club when it connects with the ball.

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Bridgestone 2018 E6


10.Bridgestone 2018 E6With 12 golf balls included in the set you can get started playing the course. You have the advantage of the unique 326 dimples that are arranged in a web pattern to ensure speed and distance, even in windy playing conditions. Considered one of the softest balls approved for course play you will love seeing how far your shots can go, and watching your scores improve. The soft construction is also feels comfortable when your club connects with the ball, and the 3 piece cover ensures long lasting durability. Improve your golf scores with these high performance balls, and impress all your friends with your accurate shots.

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