Getting a good dash cam is difficult nowadays, particularly with so many available models out there. The best way of knowing which one speaks to your needs is to look for the best dash cam reviews. Trusted brands and warranty policies are also noteworthy things to consider, especially since driving on uneven terrain can risk damaging the device. Some producers offer warranties between 1 and 5 years.

After going through thousands of models, we’ve made a short list of the top 10 dash cams that are now available on the market. The top 3 products are the best of their line, based on features and functions.


Falcon Zero by Incredisonic F-360


1. Falcon ZeroThe Falcon zero model comes with a respectable 3.5-inch LCD screen. Unlike other products belonging to the line, this one gives users the freedom to visualize a preview of what’s being recorded. Featuring night vision and a speaker function, the Falcon is certainly one of the top rated dash cams out there.

As for guarantees, the device comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. Customers are advised to purchase their own SD cards, considering the fact that the model does not come with one. The unit is compatible with memory cards of up to 32 GB.

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2. KDLINKS X1This KDLINKS model is by far one of the most performant ones we’ve come across. It comes with an outstanding image quality and even features six-glass lenses. Thanks to amazing night vision and to its wide dynamic range, buyers can record full-HD video, the same quality of larger-sized cameras.

The neat thing about the model is that it even comes with a built-in GPS module, Google Maps included. The unit has a top-notch battery which is known to withhold temperatures of up to 170 degrees F and -40 degrees F.

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Falcon Zero F170


3. Falcon Zero F170Buyers that opt for the Falcon Zero F170 can benefit from a full-HD video that’s 1920*1080 at 30 fps. The device comes with a GPS module, complete with Google Maps, and customers can utilize the app for checking on their trajectory, speed and location. The unit comes with a pre-installed Falcon Zero player software.

In case of an accident, the dash cam is capable of locking the current video and storing it. The neat thing about the model is that it comes with a free 64GB SD card.

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Garmin Dash Cam 20


4. Garmin DashThe model comes in two alternatives: with and without a GPS. The size of the LCD display is 2.3 inches. As is the case of other products belonging to the line, this one also comes with a special sensor which is capable of detecting any accident that the car is going through.

Considering the fact that the model comes with an in-built microphone, the dash cam will record sounds from the inside of the vehicle and images from the outside. Footage can be played back on the device.

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Black Box G1W


5. Black Box G1This Black Box model is destined for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on a dash cam. Although it looks like it is pretty basic, it does come with full 1080P HD recording at 30 FPS and 720P at 60 FPS. As is the case of any other modern models, it features a G-Sensor which is able to detect signals such as impact, quick acceleration and sudden braking. It also features a 5.0 Megapixel camera.

According to many buyers, it’s one of the easiest models to set up and use.

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Papago GoSafe260 GS260-US


6. GoSafe260This dashcam model features a Full-HD 1080P resolution. Automatic turn-on occurs whenever the engine turns on. Although the device comes with a 2.7” display, it can be turned off during driving so that the battery lasts for a longer time. A neat advantage of buying this model is the fact that users can zoom in on a particular area so they catch a car’s license plate.

Whenever buyers need to park, the device will automatically detect the motion and start recording. The dimming mirror it comes with is capable of filtering strong lighting.

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Cobra Electronics CDR 840


7. Cobra ElectronicsThis unit comes with 1080P Full HD. It features a 1.5” LCD screen, so the display is somewhat smaller than the one of other models. However, the ease of installation and the fact that it comes with its own 8GB memory card are net advantages. The dash cam is usable and convenient and comes with its own internal GPS. The system can be connected to a computer via a free PC software.

The GPS marks the location of the vehicle at the time of every recording. Furthermore, the model features a mini HDMI output.

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Black Box B40 A118 Stealth


8. Black Box B40This Black Box model comes with a friendly price and is known to be one of the top rated products of the line. With low power consumption and high definition video, buyers can use it to record for a long time. In fact, the captured images can be automatically compressed by the device once it realizes it has run out of space.

Night vision and automatic motion detection are two features to look for in dash cams, and this model has them both. A G-Sensor will make the camera record images in the event of an incident.

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9. AUTO-VOX B40This model is yet another alternative to consider when looking for high-quality dash cams. It comes with a 1.5-inch HD LCD screen and a storage space of up to 32GB. It works with a micro SD card that is not provided by the manufacturer. When it comes to connectivity, it supports almost anything a buyer might wish for: USB, AV, HDMI and the obvious Micro SD slot.

The device can record Full-HD 1080P at 30FPS and 720P at 60FPS. Night vision is included in the software. Buyers have characterized it as being user-friendly and dependable.

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4Sight 4SK606


10. 4Sight Front and RearAlthough it can be bought for a little less than $200, this dash cam has it all. It can record both in front and behind the driver. What’s more, it can even rotate the lens so as to record side video. The neat thing about the model is that it can be plugged in the 12V car adapter, also known as the cigarette lighter. Even when it is not plugged in, the unit manages to record and play back video for up to 60 minutes.

It is compatible with 32 GB MicroSD cards.

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