Gaining more and more popularity among all age groups, board games are an excellent way to make friends, socialize and have fun with guests or family members. Having a good board game around can be a great way to socialize, spend the afternoon with friends or bond with your family. With so many models and versions on the market, finding a good board game that all can enjoy is quite a hard task. Providing hours of entertainment and fun, these top 10 board games will never let you down. Read ahead and find the best game for you and your family.


Cards Against Humanity


1.Cards Against HumanityPraised by all reviewers, this extremely fun game is definitely not for anyone. In order to enjoy it to the fullest, you, as well as all others players must have a good sense of humor and not take the game too seriously. In exchange, Cards Against Humanity gives out plenty of laughs that make it one of the funniest board game of the year. Used with great success at parties, this game is not intended for small children and is targeted for a more mature audience.

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Ticket To Ride


2.Ticket To RideLoved by players of all ages, this board game combines the spirit of adventure with fun trains and route planning. Based on the great success title “Around the World in 80 Days”, this excellent game will keep all players involved, offering them a lot of fun challenges during playing sessions that can last up to one hour. If collecting train routes and making yourself rich is one of your dreams, then this board game will make it true. Excellent for 2 to 5 players, this fun but challenging game will keep both kids and adults entertained for hours.

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The Settlers of Catan


3.The Settlers of CatanCombining strategy, development and history, this board game is perfect for anyone older than 10 years old. Friendly with new players, yet offering plenty of depth and variety for more advanced ones, the Settlers of Catan can entertain up to four players at once. With so much popularity, it is no wonder that this board game is number one in both US and Germany. Balancing fun and strategy, this game will surely be loved by both kids and parents, making it one of the best family strategy board games you can buy right now.

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Jenga Classic Game


4.Jenga Classic GameWhen it comes to dexterity, suspense and strategy, the Jenga Classic is by far the one of the funniest games that you can get right now. With its simple rules, this game is so easy that even eight year olds can enjoy it. Simple, challenging and fun, this dexterity game is excellent for parties of all kinds. Breaking the ice and making new friends, are what the Jenga Classic does best, making it one of the top 3 games for parties that you can buy right now.

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HedBanz Game


5.HedBanz GameGeared mostly towards kids, this board game offers plenty of entertainment and fun to keep adults interested long enough. Using headbands, each player must guess the card on their foreheads by asking different questions to the other players. Simple and fun, this game is an excellent game to help children learn to interact with each other, ask and answer questions, use logic and find solutions, by turning into small detectives. Fun and educational, the HedBanz Game is an excellent family game where parents can easily find themselves as entertained as their kids.

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Pandemic Board Game


6.Pandemic Board GameThis game offers players the challenge to save the entire earth from the scourge of four evil pandemics. While not particularly simple, the rules can be understood by all kids above ten, making it an excellent family board game. Using various cards and strategies, each player must cure a disease and help others do the same. Unlike all other board games this one will not make players compete against each other, but instead it will stimulate and reward them when they cooperate to solve the problem together.

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5 Second Rule – Just Spit it Out!


7.5 Second Rule - Just Spit it Out!Easy to play and offering lots and lots of fun, this card game is an excellent party game, helping everyone show their goofy side without any embarrassment and allowing all to feel good at the same time. The 5 Second Rule will give each player a simple topic and only a few seconds to name three different words that match that topic. Targeted at everyone aged 10 or more, this fun party game is an excellent ice breaker. Used at parties or for family fun, the 5 Second Rule is a good way to have a blast and spend some good time together making friends.

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A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition


8.A Game of Thrones The Board Game Second EditionWith its excellent design and superb quality, this game is one of the top rated board games you can buy right now. Based on the famous HBO series with the same name, this strategy board game will challenge each player against each other for the throne of the fantasy world of Westeros. Accurately portraying the look and feel of the movie, this board game will make all the players immerse themselves into politics, war and diplomacy. With plenty of suspense, thrills and challenges, this strategy board game is an excellent choice for everyone above the age of 13.

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Monopoly Board Game


9.Monopoly Board GameWhen it comes to the best board game ever, nothing can beat the classic game of Monopoly. With its fair share of fun, strategy and randomness, this game does a decent job portraying the wild nature of real estate business. Known all around the globe, this game is still one of the favorite board game of many, regardless of age. Simple to start, yet hard to master, this game will keep you, your family and guests entertained for hours and hours. Advertised as a good fit for all ages above eight, the Monopoly is a board game that offers all players a fair share of competition and fun.

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Tokaido Board Game


10.Tokaido Board GameCreated by the author of the famous 7 Wonders game, this board game will offer a great adventure to all its players. Traveling along the beautiful East sea road, each player will create their own adventure. Visiting temples, talking to interesting characters and even collecting items, everyone will take part in an amazing and fun journey. Beautiful, detailed and superbly illustrated, the Tokaido board game is one of the best family games of the year. Loved by all players, this game offers great ways to socialize and have fun together.

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