What is the best MIDI audio interface from Tascam


1.1 Tascam US-1800 Audio InterfaceBenefits
Raved about in the Tascam US-1800 reviews is the awesome 16×4 channel interface of the rack-mountable machine.

The Tascam US-1800 produces top-quality sound that any regular commercial audio studio engineer or home studio music creator can definitely use.

The unit comes with ample MIDI interface accessories that contribute to an exceptional music-making experience.

Helping musicians get started right out of the box is the included Cubase LE% recording software.

Customers mostly love how the unit is built compact enough for easy portability.



One customer laments that despite the laudably outstanding qualities of this best audio interface, working with it in a dark environment can be a challenge, as the knobs are black. One has to feel them just to know where they are set.

Another buyer expresses disappointment for not being able to utilize the unit optimally for mix-minus voice tracking. There may be a need for a second set of outs to play music that doesn’t record with the DJ.

There is no mix knob for inputs 11 to 14, which may not be a real issue for most people.


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Benefits Explained

A – The Tascam US-1800 is built with two digital, six line and eight microphone inputs, giving you more components to use than any other interface in this specific price range. Working with virtually any recoding software varying from budget to pro, the Tascam US-1800 boasts of 16-in/4-out interface, perfect for use with Pro Tools 9, Fruity Loops, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Live and Logic Pro. In addition to the awesome digital input and output, the unit also comes with a MIDI input and output, usable for integrating drums and synths machines.

1.2 Tascam US-1800 Audio Interface

B – The Tascam US-1800 has eight microphone inputs conveniently located on the front panel. Condenser microphones get optimum sound delivery via the exclusive Phantom Power. The machine offers a huge amount of gain for recording nearly any source. Delays when recording to a PC are prevented thanks to the availability of a direct monitor path. With this feature, the musician hears the input straight through the output with no latency issues, with no echoes to distract the timing.


C – You can attach six balanced line inputs through the front and rear panel jacks. For connecting to monitors, use the set of balanced line outputs. Use the S/PDIF digital input/output for processing gear and high-end synths. For monitoring, you have the stereo ¼-inch headphone jack at your disposal.


D – The audio interface comes with Cubase LE5 recording software, a 48-track workstation that is extremely functional for less elaborate recording. With this special software, you can get started right away at creating your groove after you’ve taken everything out of the package. The advanced software bundled with this best MIDI interface has VST plug-in support, MIDI tracks and automated mixing, so you can create large, expertly polished projects without need of extra software.


E – The amazing Tascam US-1800 is incredibly compact inspite of its many features, so you can bring it to live gigs or simply mount it on a rack in your home or professional music studio.


Final words

People who’ve given this best MIDI interface from Tascam a spin are genuinely happy about its amazing number of inputs (16). The 16 inputs and 4 outputs can be transmitted to Windows or Mac via lightning-fast USB 2.0 connectivity. Enjoy 60dB of clean gain plus awesome sound with phantom power via the 8 XLR microphone inputs.


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