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Foldable and adjustable seats


Convenience features

Design and build

Motorization provisions



One or two Sun Dolphin BassTender 0.4 reviews talk about issues on the hull allowing water to get in between the upper and lower parts  of the boat.

The boat needs to be drained in an upright position after use to ensure that no water is in between the hulls.


 Customer rating –> C+


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Benefits Explained

  • The twin swivel fishing chairs allow you a comfortable position to fish and lazily watch the world go by. Their foldability allows you to get the boat into a compact form when transporting the unit. The seats let you face the front, the center or your companion, and the sides so you can be seated where the fish are biting.

  • Like most other boats from KL Industries, the Sun Dolphin Bass Tender 0.4  is the best fishing boat from Sun Dolphin due to how it fits in the back of your pickup truck, needing no trailer to transport it to your fishing cove. It is 9.4 feet long, 55 inches wide and 16.5 inches high, compact enough to fit into your vehicle. It weighs only 150 pounds so it can be transported from the driveway to the water’s edge easily.


  • The bow deck is reinforced for effortless mounting of fishing boat accessories. It also has a livewell with drain system where you can put bait and caught fish to ensure freshness. It ensures easy cleaning after use. The boat meets CE, US Coast Guard and NMMA safety standards.


  • The high density polyethylene construction of the boat makes it easy to carry and ensures stability on the water. The deck and hull are both constructed of rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex™ high density polyethylene that contributes to the light weight and easy manueverability of the boat.


  • The stern has a trolling motor plug into which an electric trolling motor can go, so you can enjoy a fully motorized fishing experience. With a good quality medium-size trolling motor, you should have just the propulsion you will need on the water. The boat is prewired for trolling motors. The built-in trolling mount ensures that. The boat also has an oarlock mounting kit for rowing.


If you could own just one best fishing boat in your life, the Sun Dolphin Pro 9.4-Foot Fishing Boat should be your only bet. It is stable, comfortable, extremely durable and superbly portable. It also costs less than other brands and models so you don’t have to break the bank just to own a boat.


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