What is the most popular climbing tree stand from Summit Treestands


5.2 Summit Ultimate Viper SD TreestandBenefits

Comes complete with the necessary climbing tree stand accessories

Offers proven reliability in use

Features Summit’s Sound Deadening technology

Offers versatility for rifle and bow hunters

Convenient, problem-free portability



One of the buyers who submitted his thoughts on the product in Summit Ultimate Viper SD reviews notes how the unit may be meant more for hunters with small builds. The said user is taller and heavier than average.

Another user is unhappy about the zip ties holding the rail and foot padding in place. However, majority of users have not found this an issue.


Customer rating -> B


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Benefits Explained

The Ultimate Viper SD Treestand is an open-front climbing tree stand that is shipped fully accessorized. It has a unique pivoting front climbing bar that lets you get on the seat without any hassles. The fully-adjustable gun rest lets you position your shooting weapon comfortably for extended patrol. The Summit Surround Seat is also fully padded with side pockets to carry your hunting essentials. The comfort mat is thickly padded and camo covered for maximum concealment and long-term comfort. There is also a drop blind that offers more concealment thanks to its mesh camo construction.

5.1 Summit Ultimate Viper SD Treestand

Built with Dead Metal Sound Deadening technology, the Ultimate Viper SD’s five-channel platform frame ensures safe concealment and effective targeting. Expanding foam built into the vital parts of the product ensure reliable sound reduction from unintentional noises when one moves on the platform. This makes it the best climbing tree stand from Summit Treestands.


With its five-year limited warranty, the Viper SD Ultimate has been the lightest and most popular Viper SD sit-and-climb tree stand on the market. The product dresses it up with accessories that ensure maximum comfort and concealment in the field. It provides a perfect balance of low weight, comfort, versatility and roominess that is not standard in all products of this category.


Fitting trees with eight to 20-inch diameters, the Ultimate Viper SD tree stand comes fully assembled. It has a portable frame that nests together so bow and rifle hunters can pack it on their back and still have room for a variety of hunting essentials. The stand weighs only 23 pounds, making carrying convenient and easy. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds so hunters can safely get on and bring along their needed hunting tools while perched on a tree.



This completely accessorized Viper is built with especially comfortable Surround Seat plus super-thick padded Comfort Mat. Those elements take the back pain out of prolonged standing. The Ultimate Viper is a total camouflage package that also comes with a fully adjustable gun rest and armrest padding plus  a drop blind, so you will be hunting in comfort and stealth. This is the best climbing tree stand that weighs just 23 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.


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