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Summer infant babytouch digital color video monitor reviewEvery child is precious for his parents. Especially when babies are little, it is parent’s job to make sure they stay secure and protected always. Sometimes it is not possible to stay with the child because of any reason. In this case it is important to buy a product that can help you monitor the activities of your baby. Baby monitors are used for these reasons. Baby monitors provides you the ability to monitor your baby from far away. In the following link you can find some of the best video baby monitors under $150, to keep an eye on your baby from afar. Baby monitors are designed to keep you always with your child even if you are not physically present with him. It helps you keep an eye on the activities of your child. This product is one of the modern baby monitors that along with the ability to listen to your baby can also provide you the live video of your baby through wireless signals. This product will eliminate any chance stress because you will always be seeing your child. Summer infant babytouch digital color video monitor review includes all its specifications.


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In Summer infant babytouch digital color video monitor review, this feature gives you the ability to monitor all the activities of your baby on screen. It has large LCD screen that is three and half inches. This product provides sharp, clear and high quality images of your baby. The video monitor resembles a Smartphone. It has touch screen that makes it very easy to use it, you can navigate it by simply touching it which also makes it easy to zoom, scan, pan, adjust volume, brightness and other settings. It is light weighted and designed to provide you the ability to simply hold it in your hand also it comes with a dock so you can place it on your desk. This product allows you to see your child on your display screen. Also with it you can listen to any sound your child makes. This product also gives you the features to talk back to your baby, this will keep your baby soothe and you will get peace of mind and joy. You can set up to four different cameras. Place them on different areas to monitor more than one baby or in same room for different views. Cameras are wireless and can be placed anywhere.


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This product fully operates digitally. It has wide range for monitoring in your house. It doesn’t mix up with other radio signals, it always optimizes for best sound and video results. Along with a great video in day it has night vision that can display a black & white video in dark rooms. This product is fully chargeable. Its monitor can be charged with an AC adapter. Once fully charged it can be used for up to ten hours. It displays the remaining battery so you can know when it is time to recharge it. Camera can be charged with AC adapter to along with this it comes with the battery pack that needs 4AA size batteries that can make it more portable.


“Knowing what my baby is doing all the time is essential for me and having a baby monitoring system seemed a very good idea for this. Reading a lot of baby magazines I came across the Summer Baby Touch color baby monitor and all of its features were very intresting to me. I got it for my baby`s room and up to this point I am extremely satisfied with the advantages it gives me. The 3,5 inch display shows me everything my baby is doing in his bed when I am in a different room of the house. Also thanks to it I can hear when he is crying or he is restless, so I immediately go to him and comfort him. This feature is especially helpful during the night. It`s camera has a small speaker which lets me speak with him and this sometimes quiets him down without me actually going to the room. Another reason why I got this video monitor was its excellent reviews and its enormous popularity, meaning that it had to be an excellent product, which it actually is. If you are like me and always want to know what is happening with your baby no matter where you are in the house, this video baby monitor can be a reliable solution for your dilemma, like it is to me.” – Christine Vaughn


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