Best LED Flashlight from Streamlight 

1.1 Streamlight 88040

Main advantage

For the performance it comes with, it sure looks like the Streamlight 88040 is one of the best LED flashlights money can buy. It comes with pretty much all the features one might ever be looking for, and it thus comes as no surprise that it’s been garnered some of the most remarkable customer reviews out there.


Main disadvantage

Even though over 4,000 people took the time to write detailed positive reviews on this item, there have been some individuals who have expressed some minor concerns. Some of these buyers claim that it might not be as bright as they were expecting while others state that the build of the product isn’t particularly robust or durable. However, these don’t seem to be deal-breakers.


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Main features explained


Controls and ease of use

The neat thing about this kind of flashlight is that it comes with three types of light intensity which can be chosen by the user. Thus, the owner can customize the flashlight in accordance with his or her needs at a given moment. Changing the light intensity can be done by using a switching system. According to the buyers’ opinions we have consulted, using this switching system is the best part in this flashlight. Picking a mode can be done by pushing the on/off button on the tail cap. On a similar note, pressing once will activate a high beam, pressing twice will lead to strobe, while pressing three times leads to a low beam.

Aside from having controls that are easy to reach and use, the model also takes the cake when it comes to user experience. It seems to have been designed to fit the hand of a regular-sized individual, regardless of whether the one using it is male or female.

1.3 Streamlight 88040


Excellent performance

Generally, LED lights are far more efficient than regular and halogen lights. They last for a longer amount of time and consume way less power. One of the main advantages of using this model exactly is that it’s the best Streamlight LED flashlight in regards to performance. Sure, it depends on the one you end up picking, because this one can be bought in various styles, ranging from 70 lumens to 600 lumens. It goes without saying that the 600 one is by far the most capable regarding the amount of light that it can produce.



There was a time when LED bulbs, lights, and flashlights were off limits for the average buyer. Most of the models had off-putting prices. Even though they still took the cake in terms of reliability and durability, it was difficult for the regular buyer to notice the return on investment. Things have changed drastically nowadays, and this model is one of the most affordable ones we’ve run into during our research. It can often be bought for less than one hundred and fifty dollars, which pays off since it can last for over 50,000 hours of continuous use.



The Streamlight 88040 is a dependable and reliable LED flashlight that’s worth considering if you’re still prospecting the market for the best options.


Buy from for ($60.75)