Spain is the world’s third most-visited country, being famous for its Mediterranean beaches and the Pyrenees Mountains that offer a beautiful landscape in the summer and adventurous skiing in winter.

Also, Spain has a lot of tourist attractions and it is famous for its good food, its fine wine, and its nice weather; summer months can last from May to October. It is considered the land of the siesta, where everyone enjoys a slow-paced lifestyle. Even if traveling in Spain is generally safe, there are some things you should pay closer attention to in order to avoid any unwanted situations.


Watch your pockets!

Due to this popularity, Spain attracts a lot of scammers and pickpockets especially around its main cities like Madrid and Barcelona. That is why it is recommended that you pay close attention to your pockets and personal belongings, especially when you are on public transportation.

Many tourists have had their passports, cash or credit cards stolen, so you should make sure you put them somewhere safe. You have to be extremely careful when you find yourself in crowded places like train stations or airports; even restaurants or outdoor cafes are places where your phone or bag can be stolen.

Also, if you decide to spend the day at the beach swimming, bear in mind that there are thieves who wait for you to go in the water then they will try to steal any valuable that you leave unattended. Make sure you never leave your personal belongings unattended, always go to the beach with someone else or if you do go by yourself don’t take valuable things with you.  

Don’t let yourself be fooled

There are many scams happening on the streets of Spain, especially in Madrid and Barcelona’s touristic places. Usually, there are small groups of thieves who act together in order to distract your attention, so they can steal your wallet. They prove to be very ingenious when it comes to these types of scams, and you can expect anyone to take part, from small children to older women, so don’t let yourself get fooled.

A famous scam is the flower pin scam, which involves an old lady and some of her accomplices. So, she pins a flower on you and then she asks for money and since you are on vacation and you want to feel good you will think that it is ok to open up your wallet and give the lady some money. But the trick here is that when you pull out your wallet, she might just snatch it. You should politely decline and give the pin back.

Another scam involves some “football players” who will come to you to ask you to join a football game along the streets. Their goal is to get you involved in the game, and if you love playing football it may be very easy for them to do that. Then they will steal all your valuables while you are playing. You should stay away from this setup.


Renting a car can be very tricky

If you decided to rent a car in Spain you have to make sure that it has proper insurance, and also very important, you have to check if it has a mileage limit. Sometimes you may find very good deals but be careful because you may find out that you are only allowed to drive a total of 100 km during your car rental period. Pay maximum attention to these aspects.

There are lots of speed radars on the streets of Spain, so make sure you don’t overlook all those speed limit signs. Also, bear in mind that radar detectors are forbidden in Spain, and if you are caught using one the ticket can be as high as 2000 euros (more than 2200 dollars).