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As most feature-packed systems go, the Sony ZSH10CP Portable CD Radio/Boombox Speaker System is designed with a heavy build.

A buyer who decided to give their two cents’ worth in Sony ZSH10CP reviews mentioned that the product does not pick up small-powered radio broadcast stations.


Customer rating –> B


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Benefits Explained

  • You can’t go wrong with yet another best boombox from Sony, which is what the heavy-duty Sony ZSH10CP is created to be. This is a dust- and water-resistant product designed for outdoor durability. It possesses a rugged build in order to gear it with ample protection from the elements. The shatter-proof plastic housing is just what outdoor adventure lovers who are also avid audiophiles want in their devices. The Sony ZSH10CP is outfitted with bushings, rubber gaskets and waterproof seals that effectively keep out dirt, moisture and water. The protective safe guard bar keeps the unit safe from falling debris and stacking items. The protective speaker guard keeps system-damaging water and dust from getting into the boombox.


  • The Sony ZSH10CP is designed with a unique footprint that makes it easy to incorporate the unit into any ruggedly challenging environment. You can choose to burn your music collection and play your MP3s on the Sony ZSH10CP. The machine also allows you to hear CD tracks in various modes. You can listen in sequence as recorded, with all tracks in shuffle or random order, in RMS or program order or to a single track in repeat mode. Connect your portable digital music player to the unit for listening through the speakers and without the need for headphones, all via the line-in jack. Get drift-free tuning to 20 FM and 10 AM preset stations.


  • Built with exclusive Bass Reflex System that Sony has been recognized for, the ZSH10CP delivers rich and powerful sound. Satisfied buyers compliment the huge sound from the full-range two-speaker system.


  • You’ll love what this best boombox can go to just to let you enjoy your music. It has large controls that allow for easy adjusting even when your hands are in thick gloves. It’s doubtlessly made for your rugged and mobile lifestyle.


Built for tough people who want a boombox that matches their way of life, the Sony ZSH10CP offers plenty of features that active people will be thankful for. The sound quality is surprisingly awesome for a machine built with rugged features. The AC adapter is a component that buyers who want functional boombox accessories can truly appreciate.

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