What steam mop from Shark is the best


4.1 Shark Professional Steam Pocket MopBenefits

Large water tank capacity

Patented Intelligent Steam Control

Comes with highly-useful steam mop accessories

Fast heat up time and wide cleaning path

Washable and reusable microfiber pockets



At least two Shark S3601D reviews lament how the steam mop leaves floors looking dull.

Cleaning stubborn dirt off floors takes a bit of time.

One user notes the absence of an on/off button, necessitating unplugging of the unit to switch it off.


Customer rating –> B


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Benefits explained:

  • The water tank holds up to half a liter of dirty water so you will need to do fewer trips to empty the receptacle. You won’t even need to empty the tank at all when doing very light cleaning.

4.2 Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop

  • Thanks to the exclusive Intelligent Steam Control of this best steam mop , you have three different steam settings to choose from to handle any cleaning job. Make your selection from Dust, Scrub and Mop, each with its own cleaning power to tackle a variety of floor surfaces and cleaning requirements. Tough cleaning tasks that require more steam such as those in heavy traffic areas and surfaces with embedded dirt can be handled well. Everyday cleaning can be completed using very light steam, which is ideal for light dusting and delicate surfaces.


  • The machine comes with the needed  accessories to make cleaning a breeze. The package comes with a triangular mop head, a rectangular mop head, a filling flask and two washable all-purpose scrub pockets. The two quick-release mops offer two-sided cleaning to ensure thoroughness. The rectangular quick-release mop head works as the ultimate cleaning tool when doing general cleaning. The triangular mop head lets you handle corners and other  hard-to-reach areas.


  • For fast and convenient cleaning, the Shark S3601D needs a quick heat up time of just 30 seconds so you can commence cleaning quickly. The cleaning path width is broad at 12 inches, so you can cover more floor space in less time.


  • The washable microfiber pockets lift and lock out dirt, with two special sides that offer optimal performance coupled with quick-drying results. Each pad can last up to 20 washes so you don’t have to buy new ones frequently.



The Shark S3601D is easily the best steam mop from Shark due to its Intelligent Steam Control technology that offers you a choice from light cleaning to heavy cleaning to deep cleaning. The two quick release mops offer general as well as corner cleaning. With a wide 12-inch cleaning path and fast steam production time of 30 seconds, you can finish the job in little time.


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