What is the best wireless range extender from Securifi



Gets up and running without requiring a computer or any connected device

Revolutionary Touchscreen novelty is lauded in many Securifi Almond reviews

Innovative design and features




Extended range of about 150 feet can be ideal for a small flower shop or apartment but can be a bit limited for users who want better range of coverage

Inability to support the5GHz band results to more lag and slower data rate than when one is connected to the original network

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Benefits Explained


Hip router that offers easy and convenient method of setting up and managing of the device without need of a computer. One can manage this router/range extender’s basic setting. Adjusting the router’s advanced setting still requires web interlink, though, but at least you wouldn’t have to be connected to a PC device from the onset. This means things are better simplified in a setting where there’s a single computer available within a limited area.



Nearly everything can be managed with the Securifi’s easy-to-use and brightly illumined 2.8-inch touch screen. This can be considered the first compact router for the post-PC era thanks to how it can be managed fully using the innovative touch screen. The unit takes just a few minutes to set up.


This is the best wireless range extender from Securifi that resembles a digital alarm clock with its compact size. Built with a single WAN port for connecting to an internet source such as a modem for broadband. The device has a pair of LAN ports for clients who use wired connections. The ports are regular Ethernet (10/100). They are not gigabit. Under the ports are the power connector and recessed reset button, which make it easy to use the device. The Almond has an interface that also resembles Windows 8 Metro interface, so even first time users should be able to work it with minimal trouble or learning curve. The layout is self-explanatory and well-organized. The large LCD screen has buttons organized as tiles that allow changing of all basic settings including WiFi Protected Set-up, WiFi Network and firmware upgrade.


The Securifi Almond comes configured with a main Wi-Fi network and a Guest Wi-Fi network. You can actually see the settings by tapping on the Wireless tile button of the touch screen. It supports a maximum of 50 Wi-Fi clients. May be small but delivers around 50Mbps in the close-range of 15 feet. It won’t disconnect when in expected working range. This is the best wireless range extender when the user does not expect much in the way of range.



Despite its diminutive size, the Securifi Almond makes the perfect device to use in small living spaces and business areas. It offers affordability in a device with a novel touchscreen feature that simplifies basic set up. It should make the ideal device to extend connection range to a few users at a time.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($89.99)