Top 5 dangerous adventure activities


There’s a sense of power in doing a dangerous activity. While most of us live boring lives, tied to a desk and with 9 to 5 jobs, others do extreme sports for the adrenaline rush and because they want to feel like they are alive. They dare, which is the main difference between an adventurer and a normal person.

It is also true that these things are perceived as dangerous and reckless. And for a good reason, because you can easily get injured and even possibly die if you don’t use the right equipment, or if you don’t pay attention. So if you are tired of dreaming about doing something unusual and off the charts, here are some of the most dangerous activities in the world that you can try, although we don’t suggest you do that.

The first thing on our list is free solo climbing. Some consider it to be the purest form of rock climbing, which should tell you something about its risk and popularity. The purity part means you can’t use any kind of safety equipment or protective gear – just your hands and the strength of your muscles.

Now, this might sound insane since climbing is dangerous as it is, but the ones that practice it say this sport is the most intense form of joy. You’re not even allowed to use harnesses or ropes. It can be deadly, as accidents have happened in the past. But somehow that doesn’t stop people from enjoying it.

Climbers reach heights that exceed thirty feet, and if they fall, let’s just say it’s not going to be pretty. Some countries have banned this activity, and people caught doing it will be fined consistently. Nevertheless, we can’t deny that the ones who do free solo climbing are amazing and brave. We have to give credit when it’s due.

The following crazy thing that some people practice is base jumping. It is one of the more underground forms of parachuting, and it’s not an uncommon thing among adrenaline seekers. Base jumping is thought of as being very intense and fast-paced because it leaves you no room for mistakes or wiggling room to take decisions. Your brain must work very fast when doing this activity.

Moreover, practitioners don’t carry a backup parachute most of the time, as you have no room to deploy it in case the main one malfunctions. The word base is actually an acronym. It means buildings, antennas, spans, and earth, and before getting excited about this sport, you should know it is illegal in most states.

No wonder as to why, because the number of fatal incidents related to this form of parachuting is very high. There is a thrill associated with base jumping, and there even were people who jumped off the Eiffel Tower.

At number three, we have bull running. Originally, it was a Spanish tradition which comprised of driving bulls from corrals, through the streets, and into specially designed bullrings. There, as most people know, they would have to fight with Matadors. This festivity still takes place annually.

However, animal-rights activists are fighting hard to make it illegal, as both humans and animals are killed, and not as rare as some might think. If you are faint of heart and hate the sight of blood, maybe you should stay away from this activity.

Next up is the ever so famous scuba diving. It offers you incredible sights, as ocean life is both diverse and outlandish, but it comes with many risks, most of which are lethal. Recreational scuba diving, done after proper training and at suitable depths, is fun. It even has minimal chances of a severe injury.

However, people are not satisfied with what they perceive as average, and they go much further than the indicated depth, especially when they want to explore shipwrecks, and that comes with dangers of its own. Some people even go inside war wrecks, which are known for carrying explosives that could be triggered at any moment.

And lastly, we have big wave surfing. Our fifth pick is impressive when looked at from the side. Doing it is even more so. There’s hardly any other activity that makes you feel more invincible or like you’re on top of the world. But surfing has many risks, and that’s why you need to get surfing lessons before adventuring into the ocean. Some waves exceed fifty feet, and if you are not trained, they can easily kill you. We recommend you also invest in some premium surfing equipment after carefully reading a guide on the topic.