Preventing the flu is the best thing to do in a cold season, especially if your immune system is not what it used to be. Therefore, you have to know what places to avoid during flu season, to keep yourself protected from the germs. We have selected some of the most dangerous locations where you can easily get a cold.

  1. Public toilets

Actually, not the toilets are the problems, but the sinks. All the germs caught in a toilet get on the faucet when people want to wash their hands. Moreover, this place is the best environment for germs to spread, since it is a wet place. They cannot wait for you to get in touch with them.


  1. Restaurants

Even if the waiters clean the tables and the chairs in a restaurant, they usually do this with the same cloth, so the germs are not killed at all. You’d better avoid having dinner at a restaurant in winter and prepare something for your family at home.


  1. Malls

It may seem that a mall may be a perfect place to spend your Saturday or Sunday in since it is very cold outside and you definitely cannot go for a walk. However, this is the main reason for which these malls are full of germs. The shops are full of people during the weekends, and there is a high risk for you to get in touch with contagious individuals.

Moreover, if you buy something, you have to wash your hands after you touch the money, because the germs may live on a bill up to 14 days. Do not put your hands on your face after touching a dollar. Try to go to the malls in the morning, since they usually get busy only in the afternoon.


  1. Makeup & Perfumes

Be careful especially in makeup and perfume shops. While you are testing a lipstick, you can very well get a cold, since you do not know who has tested it before. Your husband also has to pay attention while testing men’s cologne, since the perfumes used as testers carry a lot of pathogens.


  1. Kindergartens

Of course, you cannot keep your child at home the whole winter, since you have to go to work and your daughter/son needs care. But teach your children not to get too close to other people and make sure they understand that washing their hands is often an essential thing to do during winter. Moreover, you can ask your doctor for vitamins which help the immune system of your young one to get healthier. Kids, and especially those that have not reached the age of 5, are more vulnerable to the flu.

  1. Offices

If you work in an office and you do not have your own desk, your keyboard and mouse are very likely to have germs on them, since other people use them, too. These germs may be taken from your own hands, as well, if you do not wash them before sitting at your desk. You should clean your keyboard and mouse regularly and do not forget about your smartphone! Studies say that phones have more germs on them than public toilets.

It is very difficult to avoid this kind of places because the ones that are riskier are those that we usually need to visit. You just have to keep your immune system strong and try to limit the number of times you are in contagious places.

In order to be healthy, eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can and get supplements, as well as vitamins. Wash your clothes regularly, especially your jackets and shoes. If you have a dog or cat at home, they will definitely play around your shoes and may collect the germs which, in turn, will affect you.