What is the best golf club set from Nextt Golf



The clubs in this set are constructed of durable stainless steel, while the driver and fairway wood are made of graphite.

With the tac grip, these clubs are ideal for playing in all weather conditions.

When using this set, you will gain proper launch patterns due to positive placement of weight.

The set comes packaged with a lightweight stand bag.



When reading through the Nextt Golf Pro Score n Elite reviews, the main concern is the quality of the bag. Consumers felt the bag is poorly constructed and is not very durable.

There are a few consumers who claim the clubs are “absolute garbage,” but they failed to go into detail about what makes the clubs so bad. Because of this, the claims should not be taken too seriously.


Customer rating –> B


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Benefits Explained

  • Graphite drivers and fairway woods are excellent because they are lighter and you can feel the moment of impact less when you strike the ball then you would with a steel club. Since graphite clubs are lighter, they can be found in longer lengths to maintain the correct balance. Clubs that are made of this material can give you more distance when you strike the ball;with that said, the stainless steel clubs in this set offer you consistency, more control, and improved accuracy. In order to have one of the best golf club sets, you will want to have both steel and graphite clubs at your disposal.

  • Tac grip on your clubs will give you confidence in your grip, even if your hands are damp due to sweat or rain. The grips are designed to only feel tacky when you touch them, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted debris like grass or dirt sticking to the grip when the club is not in use.


  • Through progressive weighting, these clubs feature dynamic weight control that helps provide a positive control bias. This allows you to achieve optimal launch patterns and provides you with forgiveness while on the green.


  • No set would be complete without a golf bag that can carry your clubs and all of your golf accessories. The Nextt golf club set comes a lightweight stand bag with numerous pockets to store items like extra balls, tees, gloves, and personal items.


Whether you are looking for a set of clubs for yourself or another beginner, you cannot go wrong with one of the best golf club sets from Nextt Golf. This particular set has everything you need, including the bag and the head covers!


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