What is the best wireless range extender from NETGEAR



Allows problem-free connection of iPad, smartphones and more devices

Easily integrates with any standard WiFi router or gateway

Extends dual band WiFi coverage

Provides 4 wired to wireless connections



Requires a Hex key to work at getting devices hooked up to the network, which can be a bother for some users

Some users may find having to reconnect manually to the repeater for connecting to the admin function using the main network can be confusing, but this is not a system malfunction


Customer Rating -> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • The NETGEAR WN2500RP Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender deserves to be the best wireless range extender thanks to how it effectively boosts dual-band WiFi coverage for portable devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. It enables the connection of portable devices on 2.4 GHz wireless for a smartphone, tablet, and laptop, while allowing connection on 5 GHz wireless for gaming consoles.


  • The NETGEAR WN2500RP works with any standard WiFi gateway or router to extend range of any standard single or dual band provider including Netgear, EarthLink, Verizon, 2wWire, AT&T, D-Link and Belkin Linksys. It offers easy Push ‘N’ Connect installation to interface with routers or computers securely and fast, without need of an Ethernet cable or CD. Optimum wireless WiFi coverage can be achieved with the unit’s ability to find the best location for maximum coverage. Dynamic LED indicators show you the best WiFi coverage available in real time. The device interfaces with a/b/g/n routers or gateways from NETGEAR or other brands. What’s more, you enjoy excellent security and peace of mind through encryption using WPA/WPA2/WEP.


  • Using FastLane Technology, the NETGEAR WN2500RP awesome performance for streaming videos and gaming. It has been the subject of many Netgear WN2500RP reviews due to its green features such as power on/off button, which lets you control when to switch the unit on and off. The device works to extend 2.4 GHz and 5 GHZ WiFi signals from current WiFi routers while boosting range. It provides high-speed WiFi over a single band, making it ideal for video streaming as well as high-definition gaming.


  • The device has four-port WiFi adapters that enable connection of multiple wired devices wirelessly, including a Smart TV, a DVR player, a game console and a Blu-ray player. It is Windows 8 compatible.


Offering easy installation using any web browser and without need of a CD, the NETGEAR WN2500RP boosts dual-band WiFi, making it the best wireless range extender from Netgear. It works with major internet service providers to extend range of any standard single- or dual-band WiFi router or gateway. This versatility alone plus the built-in FastLane Technology for streaming videos and gaming make this device a bestseller.


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