What are the best hunting boots from MuckBoots



These boots feature a rubber sole that will help you keep your balance while navigating slippery terrains.

You will blend into your surroundings while wearing these knee high boots because they feature real-tree designs.

The critters that you are stalking will not be able to detect you, thanks to the scent-masking technology.

These boots feature an Airmesh lining that is designed to keep your foot comfortable and dry.



According to several MuckBoots Woody Elite reviews, these boots do not always fit true to size. Some have complained that the boot fits well except in the length, as it tends to be a little short. When the shoe was exchanged for the next size up, it fit well in the length, but it fit awkwardly while wearing it. Because they are worn while traversing uneven terrain, a sloppy fitting shoe could be a hazard to the hunter, as you could slip and fall. Keep in mind, the sizing problem is not a common issue.

Another issue some consumers have had with these boots is the overall construction. It is not a common occurrence, but some construction problems include the glue coming apart at the seams and the rubber may split.


Customer rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • Like other boots in the that you may find in the best hunting boot category, these boots feature a sturdy molded traction outsole and natural rubber uppers that make the boot 100% waterproof. These features keep your feet dry and give you superior traction while tromping through wet terrains.

  • Although you may not think animals take notice of your feet, you may be surprised. These boots feature the realistic look of tree trunks and leaves. Combine this with your camouflage gear and you will blend in seamlessly with your surroundings.


  • Animals have a strong sense of smell, so hunters who are looking to disguise their scent will benefit from the scent-masking technology that are featured with these boots. The odor blocking technology improves concealment from animals and when used in conjunction with an odor blocking spray, animals will never smell you coming.


  • While you wear these boots, your feet will be kept snug and dry thanks to the breathable airmesh lining. The CR Flex-Foam bootie is designed to provide you with optimal comfort while wearing the boot and the insulation inside the boot will keep your feet warm from -40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.


Hunting is a sport that many participate in and take very seriously. This is why many turn to the best hunting boots from MuckBoots to keep their feet dry and comfortable throughout the hunting season. Why wear a boot with inferior protection from the elements that could leave your feet wet, cold, and sore at the end of the day? MuckBoots are boots that hunters prefer.


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