Which is the best washer and dryer from Midea



Ventless drying cycle

Front load combination machine

Front-mounted control panel for 7 wash cycles

Stainless steel drum



No way to disable the beeping sound the machine emits after completing the wash and dry cycles, but some users find this to be helpful/useful.

Door can sometimes get locked or stuck for an hour. This is so the unit cools down sufficiently after the drying cycle.


Customer rating –> B


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Benefits Explained

  • Built for consumers that want to do their laundry at home but have no access to an external venting source, the Midea 2.0 Cu. Ft. Combination Washer/Dryer is easy to install in locations without conventional washer-dryer connections. Just plug it in and do your laundry, it’s that simple. This feature also eliminates the need to hire professional installation service, making the Midea 2.0 Cu. Ft. Combination Washer/Dryer a hit in many Midea MFL70-D1211S reviews. Dry times vary depending on load size, of course. However, the ventless installation alone works sufficiently for apartment and vacation home dwellers.


  • The Front-load washer and dryer combo has the advantage of energy efficiency. The washer needs less water because of the horizontal setting of the drum. Gravity aids in dropping clothes into the water with every turn of the tub. The machine also simply sprays clean water on the load while the tub turns, saving water effectively. No agitator in the machine means more space for clothes that are to be cleaned, enabling you to load fewer loads because of the greater capacity. Spin speed tops at 1200RPM, making this the best washer and dryer compared to top loaders. This means less water in your laundry, ensuring shorter drying time.


  • The control panel is mounted up front, enabling convenient adjustments and selections. The LED display illuminates choices so you can view what you program and see where the machine is in the cycle. Three wash and rinse temperatures ensure optimum fabric care. Seven wash cycles include babywear, heavy duty, delicate, permanent press bulky/large, sport, hand wash/wool, sanitary and speed wash. This is versatile washing at its best. Five spin speeds ensure maximum extraction of water while three soil level adjustments deliver customized cleaning to light and heavily soiled garments.


  • The 2.0-cubic-foot stainless drum is resistant to rust, chipping and abrasion. This ensures that the tub remains in pristine condition to deliver consistent washing and drying performance. And that’s without too many washer and dryer accessories in the package!


The compact best washer and dryer from Midea does it all despite its compact size. Go ventless when you need to. With this laundry combo, nothing is impossible even when space is limited. With a variety of wash and dry cycles, there’s always a perfect setting for customized fabric care.


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