Which Maytag wall oven is the best


5.1 Maytag CWE5800ACS 24 Stainless Steel ElectricBenefits

Offers Precision Cooking™ System

Self-Cleaning Upper Oven

Dual Bake™ Control/Broil Elements

Large capacity ovens

Powerful wattage for bake and broil functionality



At least two of the Maytag CWE5800ACS reviews talk about the unit being a bit pricey compared to standard ovens, but making a great deal when sold at a discount.

Two reviewers have also noted that the appliance can be loud when running.


Customer rating –> B


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Benefits Explained

The Maytag CWE5800ACS employs a cooking system that preheats the appliance to an exact cooking temperature and maintains it at an even level, which ensures great baking and broiling results. Power vents contribute to even distribution of heat or oven air, which delivers uniform browning. This ensures that food tastes as good as it looks all the time.

5.2 Maytag CWE5800ACS 24 Stainless Steel Electric

The upper oven performs self-cleaning. This means automatic cleaning according to a pre-programmed cycle, which lets you match the level of cleaning based on how much food debris is left in the unit, whether heavy, medium or light. This best wall oven from Maytag ensures efficient use of energy at every cleaning cycle.

The Dual Bake™ Control/Broil Elements allow you to obtain perfectly baked and broiled results without the guesswork. The Delay-Start Oven Control lets you set the time for the oven to begin cooking so you don’t have to be physically present to get food preparation started. The Precision Cooking™ System is complemented by Precise Preheat so you don’t have to be perpetually unsure of what temperature is best. Reliable Electronic Touch Oven Controls employ easy-to-use touch pad electronic controls that ensure accurate settings and adjustments of temperature. The Electronic Clock with Timer ensures precise timing when cooking.

The lower oven has a 2.4 cu. ft. Capacity and the upper oven has 2.8 cu. ft. Capacity, enabling you to work on an entire feast for a small family.

Bake wattage is at 2,400 and broil wattage is at 3,000, which ensure great power to cook food quickly and most efficiently. The product does not need a lot of wall oven accessories to do its job well and prepare great food that everybody can share at the table.



The best wall oven doesn’t have to be so costly to break the bank. For those willing to make a small investment, the Maytag CWE5800ACS is priced more affordably than others while offering the same basic features. In exchange, you get dependable, even cooking with professional results every time that the family can feast on.


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