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1.1 The Settlers of Catan

Main advantage

The Settlers of Catan is one of the best family board games out there, with thousands of people loving it and playing it on a regular basis. It’s a rather versatile option for individuals who are looking for a fun way of spending time with friends and family. What’s more, it’s easy to learn and will leave you wanting for more.


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Main disadvantage

There have been some buyers who have underlined that it’s sometimes a pain to get an extension pack and realize that the pieces don’t fit all that well on the original map. These have been just some occasional inconveniences which happened on several occasions. Otherwise, the unit has gathered over 2,000 of the best board game reviews on Amazon and other marketplaces.


Main features explained


One of the most critically acclaimed

First off, a detail that is worth mentioning with the Settlers of Catan is that the board game is not destined for the use of children under the age of 3. It has many tiny parts that pose a choking hazard to babies and toddlers, so it’s safe to say you shouldn’t play it while very small children are in the same room.

Secondly, the popularity of this game doesn’t come as a surprise as it’s one of the most active and easy to learn alternatives available today. The guidelines make it remarkably easy for users to understand the basics of the game, regardless of whether they are prone to playing strategic games or not. What’s more, the four pages containing illustrations make it possible for the user to visualize the game before actually starting to play.

1.2 The Settlers of Catan


Easy to learn

The board that comes with the basic pack contains 19 terrain hexes that are surrounded by the ocean and by several ports players can use to exchange goods. The concept of the game is rather easy to grasp, as every player will have to create settlements and roads so that he or she gets the right resources. Furthermore, a robber piece contributes to the engagement and entertainment felt by the player. In theory, all players shouldn’t have more than eight resource cards in their hands at any given time. The robber makes sure that the extra resources return to the game system and don’t remain in the possession of the player who’s trying to keep too many cards.

Since the game uses the rolling of the dice technique, it’s very easy to learn both by children and by adults. The only detail that’s worth mentioning on this account is that it will inevitably make you lose track of time and spend as much as three or even four hours per game. It all depends on the number of players, after all.



The Settlers of Catan is worth every penny, even though it might not be the most affordable family game you’ll come across. It’s very entertaining and well-made, which is why the cards and pieces are also remarkably durable. Moreover, it’s colorful and engaging and will make you want to spend all your spare time playing it.


Buy from for ($108.95)