Find the best 61 keys MIDI controller from M-Audio


8.1 M-Audio Keystation 61ES USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerBenefits

According to M-Audio Keystation 61ES reviews, everything works perfectly once the keyboard comes out of its box.

Most customers state that the product we’re discussing can be set up easily and requires no assistance from a professional.

Not only is it among the cheapest items of this kind, but it also features a beautiful design.

As stated above, its price is the greatest advantage.

Multiple buyers have praised the delivery and deemed it to be perfect.



One customer claims that they’re a little heavy-handed, which is why according to their opinion, the keystation ended up losing part of its sensitivity. As a reminder, all people who purchase keyboards should always keep in mind these items are electronics and will become damaged in the eventuality they are used too forcefully.

On the other hand, others complain about the keys, of which they have stated that they’re not for the light-handed. Finally, opinions are biased because people are different and require a distinct amount of pressure in order to feel they’re playing properly.

One reviewer has complained about the state of the product when it reached the destination. However, thanks to a valid customer support system, he received a replacement in a timely manner.


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Benefits explained

A – It could be that this is the best MIDI keyboard controller from M-Audio, because most individuals who have purchased the model claim it’s not fit for extraordinarily professional players but it will do wonders in case of an emergency. What’s interesting about this item is that most 5-star reviewers say that it came out of the box perfectly and once they started playing it, everything worked impeccably.

8.2 M-Audio Keystation 61ES USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

B – There are more than 100 reviews claiming that the instrument is easy to assemble by a single individual and therefore gives room to thorough testing. We know most musicians are fascinated with electrical instruments and we understand they feel the need of trying them out before playing them at a gig. That’s the precise reason why we’re recommending this particular keyboard.


C – According to some customers, it works perfectly and sets a standard in design. People in the public are likely to admire its nice finishes and the fact that it sounds great is a major addition. After all, it’s a sensitive keyboard that can be connected to the computer via USB and that can largely improve the depth and complexity of a melody.


D – This best MIDI keyboard controller is among the cheapest on the current market. It’s true, and one mustn’t worry about finances after having purchased this item. Additionally, it’s great for beginners that don’t have the bucks to buy themselves a more expensive keyboard. Fortunately, M-Audio has been constantly working on developing a product that combines reliability with decent sound quality.


E – This best 61 key MIDI controller has been praised for its delivery. Although unfortunate mishaps have existed in the past, they’ve been resolved thanks to a more than satisfactory customer support. Most buyers that have declared to be fully satisfied with the product have stated that delivery conditions are more than acceptable.



Not only does this keyboard come at an accessible price but it can also be associated with various MIDI keyboard controller accessories, such as stands, sustain pedals or adapters. It’s a safe choice both for amateurs and for professional musicians


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