How to find the best toilet from Kohler



One-piece compact design

Flushing mechanism

Durable canister design

Elongated bowl



A couple of Kohler Santa Rosa reviews complain about the unit’s uncomfortable height. Although this toilet is compliant to standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1991 in terms of seat height, some individuals may find it a bit high for comfortable sitting.

The concave configuration of the seat may be a little awkward to use for some users since the outer edge is higher than the inner edge.

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Benefits Explained


Built with a one-piece design, the KOHLER Santa Rosa Comfort-Height Elongated Toilet presents a compact form that is easy to clean and maintain. It integrates the bowl and tank into a seamless single-piece structure. Enjoy a relaxing time on the toilet as you do your inner cleansing routine. The one-piece design also means less installation work as everything fits into a template with no complicated parts to assemble together. Keeping it clean is also hassle-free.


The KOHLER Santa Rosa is the best toilet from Kohler built with a Class Five canister that enables it to flush in one gulp. Even large deposits are flushed down easily, leaving the water clear afterwards. The tank fills up quickly, ready for the next flush. The Santa Rosa flushes relatively quieter than older models. The flushing mechanism lets you save on your monthly utility bills as it takes only about one third as much water when the tank has to be manually filled with water using buckets.


The Santa Rosa’s AquaPiston canister lets water flow into the bowl from all sides, ensuring a more effective and powerful flush every time. This canister design is durable, with 90% less exposed seal material compared to a three-inch flapper, which ensures leak-free performance. Have consistent flushing convenience every time you use the toilet, with 3.5 gallons delivered in a 1.28-gallon package thanks to the powerful flushing mechanism.


With the elongated design of the KOHLER Santa Rosa toilet, you can sit comfortably without having to squat or with your legs placed awkwardly apart. You can always assume a good sitting position to do your internal cleansing. The elongated seat is huge, giving you plenty of sitting room compared to round style bowls. The Santa Rosa has a longer base that gives it a pretty nice solid feel, with no danger of tilting or rocking. For people who want a complete package with toilet accessories, the Santa Rosa comes with a polypropylene seat that provides a cradling effect. It is a perfect fit to the shape of the bowl.



When you want value for money in your toilet fixtures, the KOHLER Santa Rosa is the best toilet to get. It uses a powerful flushing action equivalent to delivering 3.5 gallons with every flush considering its diminutive 1.28-gallon tank. It comes with a plastic seat so there’s no need to make a separate purchase. The bowl has an elongated design that allows comfortable sitting. It uses water efficiently to flush down waste.


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