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The thin but bulky frame, according to some iHome IP4GZC reviews, deserves some sort of streamlining or refining. This is especially important for these modern times that require sleek profiles in devices.

Bass may not be as powerful when on lower volume, but when placed on loud, bass becomes audible.


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Benefits Explained

  • Happy buyers are more than glad to share how this best boombox from iHome outperforms small Harman Kardon systems once the SRS TruBass for digital signal processing is turned on and the equalizer is adjusted optimally. The sound is maintained at clear levels all the way up to maximum range. The class “D” amplifier built into the iHome IP4GZC’s system is able to deliver robust sound thanks to the seamless coordination with 4.0-inch carbon composite woofers and 1-inch dome tweeters.


  • Digital signal processing, great amplifiers plus a modern docking bay for easy iPhone or iPod integration give you a robustly updated take on the classic boombox. Don’t be fooled by the retro boombox look on the iHome IP4GZC. This electronic marvel has taken what it can from modern technology to make it a great addition to your modern music listening experience. It features an LCD display plus five adjustable graphic equalizer sliders that empower you to fine tune your sounds. The integrated dock does not require inserts to let you listen to your iPhone or iPod. The auxiliary audio line input can be connected to alternate mp3 players, tablets, portable CD players, laptops and smartphones.


  • With its cool vintage design, who would ever think that the iP4 could become even more portable? It comes with a universal AC adapter outfitted with switching power supply that works anywhere around the world. With ability to run on six D-size batteries, the iP4 lets you troop to whatever location and still bring your music with you. Operate your iPod and iPhone as well as the iP4 from a distance using the magnetic remote control that comes in the package.


  • Aside from the expertly engineered flexible dock, the iP4 also comes with FM radio and 3.5mm auxiliary audio input, which enables you to connect other portable audio gadgets to this best boombox for the money.


When it comes to being shipped with essential boombox accessories, the iP4 has some special elements down pat. It comes with a Universal AC 100 – 240 V Adapter as well as a Magnetic Remote Control. Furthermore, the iP4 should convince you that the manufacturer is serious about total quality due to the 1-Year Limited Warranty it comes with. The integrated iPod/iPhone dock should serve well to give you the flexibility you seek in a vintage-looking boombox.


Buy from Amazon.com for: See The Price!