What is the best toddler car seat from Graco



Safety features

Offers adequate riding support


State-of-the-art harness system

Comes with essential toddler car seat accessories



According to some Graco ComfortSport reviews, the toddler car seat’s chest plate can be unbuckled easily even by young children, which poses an issue for some buyers.

The seat works well in the forward-facing set-up but its tall back can make rear-facing configuration a bit difficult to manage when the child loves to do sightseeing while travelling in the car.


 Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • The car seat has been engineered and impact-tested to ensure that it meets and even exceeds US safety standards. For reliable crash energy handling, the unit is built with energy-absorbing EPS foam. The product adheres to the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics for such products to be rear-facing until the child reaches two years old and front-facing once the child reaches maximum weight and height for this configuration.

  • The toddler car seat is geared to give ample protection and support to rear-facing infants weighing from 5 to 30 pounds. It also offers riding support for toddlers weighing from 20 to 40 pounds or up to 40 inches tall on rear-facing set-up. The snug head support keeps baby comfortable.


  • This convertible toddler car seat has an easy-to-read level indicator that helps with easy rear-facing installation. The seat is LATCH-equipped, enabling you to set it up with ease in modern vehicles.


  • The five-point front-adjust tether system keeps your baby safe and secure while enabling easy in and out. You won’t need to struggle just to get baby securely strapped in for the ride. The harness system is user-friendly, so you can just position baby, strap her in place and go. Truly, this is the best toddler car seat from Graco.


  • Keep baby’s essentials, including her water bottle, sippy cup and snacks within her reach, thanks to the conveniently-placed cup holder. You can just place those essentials on the holder, instruct your child to enjoy the ride (and the snacks), and just focus on driving. No need to reach back and hand baby her essentials as they’re all in front of her. You just need a quick peek in the rear view mirror to check on your child.


The best toddler car seat doesn’t have to be pricey. With the Graco ComfortSport Convertible Car Seat, parents and caregivers can take a child on enjoyable rides while ensuring that their ward is safely strapped in. The car seat is easy to install, carries a special harness system, and has convenient features for a secure and comfortable ride.


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