1.Genji Sports Pop Up Family Beach Tent And Beach SunshelterBenefits

The Genji Sports Pop Up Family reviews express amazement over the awesome pop-up method of set up.

The three-sided tent is made of waterproof and flame-resistant material and is just what you need for a perfect day at the beach.

The tent comes with the basic beach tent accessories that make set-up easy.

The unit provides shelter for two adults or someone with children tagging along.

It offers excellent ventilation in the outdoors.



You will need plenty of space so the tent won’t hit anything or anybody when it pops open.

The tent has to be folded up correctly to avoid damaging or mistakenly bending the structure out of shape.

The tent can be a challenge to set up when the weather is particularly windy.


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Benefits Explained

a) This is the best beach tent from Genji Sports for a parent with kids or for two adults. It just pops open from the case so you won’t spend a lot of time pulling and driving stakes down into the ground. It literally sets up in seconds and just needs a bit of straightening and strengthening at the sides to ensure it’s holding up nicely. The tent coils back down into a flat circle, so you can pop it right back into the carrying case.

2.Genji Sports Pop Up Family Beach Tent And Beach Sunshelter

b) The three sides of the tent are constructed of durable and robust T190 UV-protected nylon with 50+ UPF rating. The material is flame retardant, meeting the CPAI-84 standard. 600D Oxford nylon covers the strong steel beam frame, making the camping shelter durable and lightweight.

c) With its sturdy steel beam frame and strong nylon material, the tent can give you versatile functionality and durability in use. The four plastic ground stakes can be used to hold the structure down to the ground. The sand bag pockets can be filled with sand to hold the tent down and prevent it from easily rolling over. The Genji Sports tent is packed in a 22-inch carrying shoulder bag for easy portability. The zippers on the pack panel can be opened or kept closed.

d) Protecting your family from the harmful rays of the sun is the flame-resistant nylon fabric of this best beach tent. Your children can take shelter in the tent when the sun is high up in the sky during the day. The tent stays cool at night, allowing you to have naps or sleep under the stars with the ocean breeze blowing while on the beach.

e) The two side screen windows with roll up cover let more fresh air flow through the tent, for adequate ventilation. The tent has three wall panels that allow easy in and out and that keep the breeze blowing through unhampered.


The Genji Sport Pop-up Tent is the best pop up beach tent due to its genuine pop-up structure that enables set-up in seconds. You won’t need any tools or special skills to get ample shade from the sun when on the beach. It’s great to use for families and for mothers with babies.


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