What is the best hunting bow from Genesis



Genesis Original reviews proudly mention how this product is the Official Bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP)

Lightweight and durable riser

Single cam design

Zero let-off



Despite being the best hunting bow from Genesis, the product doesn’t have sights on it

Mounting location for installation of sights is not adjustable

No quiver rest, which has to be separately bought


Customer rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • This is the best hunting bow for students and beginner archers. It is a primary product of choice for NASP members, representing value and impressive adjustability. The string can be pulled back a few inches for children to use, or it can be fully drawn for adult use. The arrow flies swift and strong no matter what adjustment is made. Ideal for beginners, children and adults, the bow is a product that is simple to buy since there’s no need to measure and fit to get the perfect draw length. The product embodies the one-size-fits-all concept, with a single cam design that guarantees no tuning problems.




  • The machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser is engineered to give maximum balance while being lightweight and durable. This component is also drilled and tapped to accommodate hunting bow accessories. The bow has a composite split-limb design that contributes to its light weight. The bow has a molded competition grip for effortless handling, a lower mount stainless steel cable guard that works with the cable slide to keep the cable(s) out of the line of fire of the arrow.


  • Single-cam design has held many patents, helping create a bow that can fit virtually everyone because no draw length is set for the bow. The arrow flies straight and true to the target whether the string is pulled back just a few inches or to its full drawing capacity. The string length is 94 3/16 inches, giving the perfect draw length no matter what age, size, arm span or gender the archer is. You experience no tuning problems with this bow.


  • Zero let-off offers more accurate shooting and less noise so the archer will not develop bad shooting habits from an ill-fitting product. Now, everyone in the family can shoot an arrow using just one bow!


Used extensively and recommended by the NASP, the Genesis Original Bow is always a great buy. Children won’t outgrow it but instead use it as they develop more sophisticated archery skills. Less recoil is experienced thanks to the single-cam design. There is also no need to measure for draw length, which simplifies the purchasing process.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($130.64)