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4.1 Gemini DJ G4V DJ Controller 4 Channel Midi ControllerBenefits

Various Gemini DJ G4V reviews have praised the top sound quality of the product.  

The item comes with an amazing responsiveness.

Its build quality is durable without it being on the heavy side.

The product comes at an impressively friendly price for a great number of features.

The controller is auto-mapped for many sorts of DJ software.



The Gemini controller seems to be too heavy for some people, but others claim it’s not too weighty.

A reviewer has complained about company customer support, in the sense that he had issues getting in contact with someone from the tech support division.

An individual couldn’t get it to work for a couple of weeks because of the provided instructions, but they ultimately managed to put it together and finally start using it.


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Benefits explained

-The item is by far the best DJ MIDI controller from Gemini, because there’s a plethora of individuals who claim that it’s exceeded their expectations in terms of quality of sound. In fact, multiple users claim they’ve given other controllers a try before purchasing the Gemini controller and they ended up being impressed with this one, in spite of its low price.


-The first thing that strikes you when you start using this best DJ MIDI controller is the fact that its knobs are made of plastic. It’s quite uncommon for their surface to not be covered in rubber, but customers claim that in spite of this initial surprise, they’re amazingly user-friendly. There’s a certain subtlety in working with plastic knobs, but this controller is highly responsive.

4.2 Gemini DJ G4V DJ Controller 4 Channel Midi Controller

-Although some people state that the controller might be a little heavy, a great number of other individuals claim the exact opposite. According to their opinions, the item is easy to carry at gigs and poses no problem when it comes to its weight. After all, it’s been named the best DJ controller time and time again and this denomination comes from the fact that it is a fortunate combination between being lightweight and sturdy at the same time.


-For the degree of complexity and quality of sound it comes with, it seems this controller is a quite cheap alternative. It will of course cost you some bucks, but customers have compared it to other products in the same category and concluded this one’s the best and it has a fair price.


Lastly, the product’s received multiple 5-star ratings also because it is auto-mapped for various software. Some people have used it with Virtual DJ 8, while others have given it a shot with Traktor. It worked perfectly in both cases.



If you’ve been looking for a decent alternative to the pricier controllers that currently exist on the market, this one’s the right choice. If you’re eager to perfect your DJing experience, make sure to look into some DJ MIDI controller accessories, such as the Gemini DJ DJX-07 Professional Dynamic Monitoring Headphones. Other favored products include the famous and popular Behringer HPX2000 Headphones High-Definition DJ Headphones or the Numark Red Wave Professional Over-Ear DJ Headphones with Rotating Earcup.


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