What is the best plasma cutter from Everlast



Cutting power

Air pressure adjustment

Air pressure gauge

Adjustable post flow

Simplicity of use



Some Everlast SuperCut 50 reviews express dissatisfaction over the lack of directions in the use of the machine. Fortunately, the SuperCut 50 is easy to use.


The machine is as basic as they come, with no bells and whistles and awesome plasma cutter accessories.


 Customer rating –> B


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Benefits Explained

  • This may be the best plasma cutter from Everlast despite its being a no-wow-factor machine. It cuts better than plenty of 75-amp units. The SuperCut 50 works on 5/8-inch thick steel like it was ordinary paper. There’s also no arguing that it works as expected to give smooth, clean cuts on virtually any type of metal, going through thicknesses ranging from 3/8 inch to one inch.

  • A special knob on the front of the machine is designed to enable adjustment of the pressure of air circulating through the unit so the user can find the optimum spot to execute a nice cut. What’s more, adjusting is easy and trouble free with this feature.


  • Thanks to the front-located air pressure gauge, you can quickly verify air pressure. The air pressure and over current light indicators provide a way to keep the operator aware of the operating condition of the SuperCut 50 while in use. You can work away confidently while being able to monitor the machine and ensure zero risk of overheating or fire hazard.


  • On this power plasma unit, the adjustable post flow lets you have control for up to one minute to improve life of the consumable and torch. With a high duty cycle of 60% of its rated amperage capacity, the SuperCut 50 executes clean and flawless cuts.


  • With its dual voltage and frequency rating, the SuperCut 50 is super easy to use. It has high frequency arc starting to let you get going with your project right out of the box, or to cut rusty and painted metals. The unit has easy-to-use torches built with inexpensive consumables and service parts.


The SuperCut 50 is able to do as it is designed, offering serious raw cutting power. Despite its basic appearance and make up, the machine is a joy to use and gets the job done, which is pretty much the most important thing at the end of the day. When you want the best plasma cutter with a down-to-the-bone basic personality that easily fits your budget, get this unit now.


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