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At least two Electrolux EIFLS55IIW reviews note that the back of the machine gets hot despite being on cold water cycle, which may prove to be an issue for buyers.

According to one user, the machine needs to placed on a level surface to perform well. Otherwise, it will tend to move around while doing the laundry.


Customer rating –> C+


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  • With its 4.2-cubic-foot capacity, the EIFLS55IIW is the best washing machine from Electrolux. It capably accommodates large loads so you can do the laundry in less time. The washer ensures that even oversized wash loads stay balanced so you can expect great results every time. The washer is perfect for family use, with sufficient power to take care of the heaviest fabrics while providing gentle care to delicate clothes.

  • Quiet operation is achieved thanks to the Perfect Balance® system that keeps clothes in the tub well positioned. The washer has earned Energy Star rating due to how it is 75% more energy efficient and uses 56% less water than imposed minimum levels by the Department of Energy.


  • With Perfect Steam™ technology, the washing machine infuses select wash cycles with steam, which not only deep cleans clothes but results in better stain removal, whiter whites and clothes that come out less wrinkled. With the Fast Wash Cycle, the washer completes a full wash cycle in just 18 minutes. With a customizable wash cycle called the My Favorite setting, the washer activates the right setting you need for your clothes at just the press of a button. With 11 wash cycles to choose from, you are sure to get perfect washing results. The wash cycles include: My Favorite, Fast Wash, Colors, Whites, Heavy Duty, Deep Clean Sanitize, Casual, Normal, Hand Wash and Delicates.


  • The Spin Speed is awesome at 1200 RPM on topmost level. You can choose from Spin Cycle options that run the machine to a Luxury Quiet level so no one will even notice it’s operating. With Last Cycle Recall, the washer runs conveniently on the previous cycle so you don’t have to input everything all over again.


  • This front-load machine has the legendary IQ-Touch® controls, so you can set the washer to different settings with utmost precision. The control panel displays all the options for the washer for easy optimization. Using the Sanitize cycle helps remove 99.9% of common household bacteria from laundered items. Get temperature selection, spin speed selection, delay start and soil level selection at the touch of a button. You won’t need a full load of washing machine accessories to go with this washer as it has them all in one compact body.


With IQ-Touch Controls, Perfect Steam option, selectable wash and spin cycles and Perfect Balancing system, the Electrolux EIFLS55IIW makes the best washing machine for the money. It can give you whiter whites and better stain removal, taking care of all types of fabric so you get optimum results. The large capacity lets you load more and finish the laundry more quickly.


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