What is the best boombox from ECOXGEAR?



This is the best waterproof boombox to take with you to the beach, on lakeside camping trips, or to listen to your music by the pool.

You have the advantage of being able to use battery or electrical power, and the boombox is designed to be easy to carry.

As stated in the ECOXGEAR GDI-AQ2SI61 reviews you have the added benefit of a waterproof storage compartment.

Not only is this durable boombox waterproof, it can also float beside you when you are relaxing in the pool.



While this model does include the power adapter cord additional boombox accessories will have to be purchased separately, including the AA batteries.

Even though this boombox is compatible with most Android devices, it will not support the skip or play buttons on some audio devices.


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Benefits Explained

  • This is the best boombox from ECOXGEAR for its lightweight and durable construction. You have the advantage of the waterproof design that will even protect your Android device, or your MP3 player. Not only can you easily connect your iPhone, the waterproof headphone jack lets you listen to your music without disturbing anyone.

  • With the ability to use electric or battery power, you can easily take this boombox with you anywhere you go. The included AC adapter plugs easily into any standard outlet, and this boombox is designed to give you up to 25 hours of continual play with 8 AA batteries. Use this boombox for daytime parties, and with its long playing ability you and your guests can dance long into the night.


  • You will appreciate the convenient and protective storage compartment on the front of the portable stereo. Not only is it large enough to hold larger size Android phones, it will also keep your keys, wallet, and credit cards safe and dry. With the watertight front viewing screen to access your playlists, you can listen to your music on dry land or while you are floating in the pool. Along with the convenient storage compartment, you also get the advantage of its retractable carrying handle and included removable strap. This makes it easy for you to take the boombox with you when you travel.


  • One of the reasons this ECOXGEAR boombox is so popular is for its fun and durable design. Not only is it compatible with your Android and audio devices, you also have the benefit of the complete waterproof construction. The storage compartment keeps your belongings dry, while the speakers are waterproof for use at the beach or the pool. Best of all, this fun boombox is designed to float beside as you relax on your inflatable raft.


Featuring a waterproof design that includes everything part of this durable boombox, it is perfect for listening to your music anytime you are outside. You have the benefit of being able to access your playlists, while keeping you important Android devices safe and dry. Priced to fit any budget and able to float, this might be the perfect boombox for your next outdoor party.


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