Select the Best Canopy from E-Z UP



The E-Z UP Es100S reviews attest to the strength of the commercial frame of this unit.

This makes an ideal temporary shelter due to the top-quality fabric used in its construction.

The unit comes with the necessary canopy accessories for optimal use.

The canopy’s construction ensures comfort and convenience for lawn, beach and garden use.

This makes a perfect shelter for a variety of purposes.



The canopy can take two people to set up and take down.

The unit is heavy due to its strong and thick material.

It is best to familiarize oneself which side is front so the visor and custom-made signage can be used properly.


Benefits Explained

  • The 10 x 10 commercial frame is resilient against rust. The frame is also heavy weight and is supported by the leg panels that enable secure connection to the ground. The canopy is not flimsy like other products on the market. It is well-built to withstand a day at the beach without getting blown over by the wind. When weights are tied to each corner, the canopy becomes even stronger. The canopy offers real value for money for people who intend to use it a lot.

  • The canopy features a 10 x 10 commercial grade fire- and water-resistant fabric top. It comes with all the sides plus a nice little awning. The nice, thick canvas provides 100 square feet of shade, so there is a huge space to show off your wares. The canopy features three Dura-Lon plus sidewalls plus a mid-zip Dura-Lon for the sidewall to maximize shade. The canopy meets NFPA-701 and CPAI-84 fire resistant standards. The fabric has been shown to meet or even exceed fire resistance standards including the California State Fire Marshal provision on fabrics complying with the CPAI-84 specification as being approved by the State Fire Marshal. It is made of 100% polyester, which is your assurance of material strength and overall stability of the canopy.


  • This best canopy from E-Z UP comes with a name banner to personalize your shelter. With this component, you will stand out from the crowd and draw in more customers. The canopy also ships with a commercial roller bag with storage pocket for the sidewalls and stake kit. The top of the sides have velcro, so closing the tent is much easier. The canopy provides a complete package for the small local organization or business entrepreneur.


  • Under the shade of this best instant shelter, you can enjoy cool comfort. Convenient as an instant shelter, the E-Z Up canopy is easy to use on gardens, lawns and the beach. You may find other people having to chase their flimsy canopies but this unit stands strong on its own.


  • The canopy can be used for craft and trade shows, farmers markets, fairs, festivals, sports shows and such.



Built strong and sturdy, the E-Z UP Es100S Instant Shelter provides a temporary instant shelter for any purpose and event. It has strong sides, a sturdy rust-resistant frame, and a fire- and water-resistant all-polyester fabric as the cover material. It can be stored easily and comes with its own carrying bag.