What is the best wireless outdoor security camera from Dropcam



Comes with all the necessary wireless outdoor security camera accessories you’ll ever need

Easy set-up and operation

Superb features


Security and peace of mind for the user



One of the Dropcam Wi-Fi reviews notes that the Dropcam uses approximately 60GB of upload data capacity each month. This can use up a significant amount of your regular allotment from your ISP.

The camera requires a fast and efficient internet service to work at optimum levels, which is typical of such products.


 Customer rating –> A+


Buy from Amazon.com for ($257)

Benefits Explained

  • This is the best wireless outdoor security camera for the money when you consider what comes in the package. Aside from the HD camera and quick start guide, the Dropcam also ships with: an aluminum stand for convenient placement; wall-mounting hardware to enable easy and problem free high installation; a 10-foot USB cable and USB power adapter for easy plugging into the AC outlet.

  • Watch the people that matter most to you at home while you’re away. With the easy set-up and installation of the Dropcam, you can have it up and running in less than a minute. Then, it securely streams video to you via your home network WiFi. Use it to keep watch over your property, your baby, your pet/s and your small business.


  • The camera comes with Night Vision, enabling you to get a view of the home at night time or in the dark  so you are sure there’s no unwanted entry. The camera offers 720p video, ensuring high-definition images. The camera also enables two-way audio so you can communicate with your loved ones conveniently. It provides digital pan and zoom for you to survey the entire area and ensure that everything’s going as it should.


  • With secure online pairing with DVR recording, you can use this hardworking camera to watch live and recorded video from anywhere using any device. You can use your Windows PC, Apple Mac, portable Android device, iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. You just need to integrate the device with the free Dropcam app and your WiFi network. The unit offers a cloud-based WiFi video monitoring service that keeps you connected to those you love.


  • Get security alerts straight to your PC, tablet or Smartphone. With a wide-spanning 107-degree field of view plus 4x zoom, the Dropcam delivers the images you need to help you check on your loved ones at home. Occurrence of a safety event, such as smoke or poisonous gas detection, triggers the camera to switch on automatically, generating a clip that is also saved automatically. The user gets a notification of the event on their mobile device, which is then added to the Cloud Recording timeline and activity feed.


With secure streaming of captured images, high resolution 720p, wide viewing or panning angle, and timely alerts, this product proves to be the best wireless outdoor security camera from Dropcam. Get peace of mind and security with this cloud-based monitoring service that lets you watch and communicate with the ones you love, or to monitor your business or property.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($257)