Most popular electric fireplace from Dimplex



Trouble-free installation

Realistic flame

Exceptional quality and engineering

Great alternative to gas, wood and gel fireplaces

Appearance and safety



At least two Dimplex DFI2309 reviews talk about the half-moon mirror in the back of the unit, which can reflect light. Both buyers found their own way of addressing this issue.

The remote control can only be used to switch the electric fireplace on and off, and not to control heat settings.


 Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • Installing easily without need of piping or venting, the Dimplex DFI2309 is the best electric fireplace from Dimplex thanks to its durable steel inset that conveniently transforms a gross-looking standard fireplace into an elegant center of attention in the room. What’s more, you enjoy the benefit of extra heat when needed. The self-leveling modifiable base provides a snug fit. You won’t need any tools or complicated assembly to set everything up.

  • When Dimplex introduced the modern electric fireplace, it was an invention that got a lot of attention from homeowners. The company has pioneered in revolutionary fireplace technologies to this day by bringing to you this best electric fireplace that not only dazzles the eyes but also offers dependable functionality. The product has world-leading 3D flame that looks nowhere like fake. The unit offers a soothing atmosphere either with or without heat for year-round enjoyment.


  • Of premium steel construction, the Dimplex DF12309 also boasts of a durable, corrosion-resistant finish, which ensures protection for your investment along with long years of great use. The log set is hand crafted to provide a natural look. The product is well-built, simple to put together and operate. Every stage of the production process adheres to the manufacturer’s quality control standards to ensure that a product of superior craftsmanship gets to you.


  • Installing a gas or wood fireplace requires troublesome wall configuration to make way for venting and piping. However, with the Dimplex DF12309, you have a mess-free electric inset without worrying about fuel supply or repeated and regular wood or gel purchase.


  • Without producing harmful gas emissions and fumes, the Dimplex DF12309 can operate on either flame only or flame-and-heat functionality. It is a practical method of zone heating, so you can turn down your central home thermostat and still get the room sufficiently heated. The handcrafted realistic log set offers natural fireplace ambience. Dimplex uses a patented flame technology that’s the best on the market. The tempered front glass remains cool to the touch so it’s always safe for children and pets to play in the room while the unit is turned on.


Get quiet function and efficient heat circulation without having plenty of electric fireplace accessories. With the Dimplex DF12309, you can enjoy the glow and warmth of a fire without having to actually light one. The product can be used for many years, making a great investment for the modern home. It is UL approved for use in the USA and Canada.


Buy from for ($243.22)