What is the best electric fireplace from Dimplex



Life-like flame effect

Remote control usable from any point in the room

Thermostat control

Flexible use

Safe and easy to use



One buyer who submitted one of the Dimplex CS33116A reviews wishes that the product came with a digital readout instead of a knob.

The remote can only be used to turn the unit on and off.


 Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • The life-like flame effect is always a sight to behold on this best electric fireplace from Dimplex. The flame looks good, as proven by many happy users. Instead of the mess from burning wood and the danger of gas, you have an electric fireplace that looks good enough for your room. When it’s turned off and unplugged, you can still see the embers glow as from a real fire, which is cool.

  • The remote control lets you turn the unit on or off from any part of the room. This ensures that it is switched on only when you really want it to be.


  • With its thermostat control knob, the Dimplex heats up till it reaches the programmed temperature. Once that is done, you simpy turn it down to keep heat at that level. No fire tending, no need for bellows or poking with a fire iron. You can just enjoy the warmth while lounging in your favorite chair.


  • With the Dimplex CS3311, you have the best electric fireplace for the money. You can place the unit anywhere you like in the house and plug it in. It requires no piping or venting, just a standard power outlet. It is easy to move from room to room. Unlike wood or gel stoves, the unit runs with no mess. You don’t have to worry about running out of fuel or having to purchase wood or gel. The Dimplex CS3311 can even be opreated with flame only or with flame and heat.


  • With thermostat control and remote control, the Dimplex CS3311 is easy to use. It has a tempered front glass that remains cool to the touch, so your children and pets can get as close as possible without risk of getting injured. It uses no dangerous combustion fuel and produces no toxic gas emissions. The product is UL-approved for use in the USA and Canada.


The Dimplex CS3311 may not have a wide array of electric fireplace accessories to go with it, but it does what it’s supposed to for you to enjoy  terrific stove ambience. It has a remote control that you can use to turn the product on and off. The thermostat control knob lets you adjust the temperature to the level you prefer. The Dimplex CS3311 is a convenient, hassle-free way to get heat and light in the room.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($119.99)