What is the best hunting bow from Diamond Archery



Claimed by Diamond Archery Infinite Edge reviews to be versatile and awesome

Light and fast, with excellent adjustability

Suitable for all archers or bow hunters regardless of gender, strength, age and arm span

Cams made for smooth draw cycle



Comes with no warranty from manufacturer when ordered online, which can somehow defeat the purpose of online shopping

No Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, which can serve for full containment of the arrow so the arrow stays where it should

Before hunting, the product requires additional hunting bow accessories including string silencers and vibration dampeners


Customer rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • Claimed by reviews to be versatile and awesome, the 13 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow is primarily targeted for use by the younger market. However, it can easily serve as an entry-level bow for everyone’s use. It has been engineered to grow with the archer. Its specs are impressive, making it the best hunting bow you can ever get. It has solid-style limbs that are parallel to each other and mounted on a single-piece machined aluminum riser. This component serves as an excellent base and contributes easily to the overall compatibility of the bow, eliminating hand shock and giving the bow impressive efficiency.



  •  Huge range of adjustments made for easy use, with a dual-cam system that is not aggressive at all but made for easy deployment by archers of varying skills. System allows maximum adjustability, with slight movement of the cam module enabling alteration of length and draw. The bow can be adjusted to varying draw lengths in minutes even without a bow press. The only silencing required, according to many users, is the string stop. This product can easily turn into a hunting rig if the user so chooses.


  • Male and female archers can easily employ this best hunting bow from Diamond Archery, as it makes the perfect entry-level gear for everyone to use. Unless otherwise dictated by personal preference, this product offers great value for money, with infinite draw setting from 13 inches to 30 inches adjustable in less than five minutes.


  • With broad range of adjustments for length and weight, the Infinite Edge offers impressively smooth draw cycle. Starting from easy to progressively hard, adjusting the pin on the target as the shooter reaches let-off should be easy, ensuring a solid shot. This allows the beginner to get used to good form and eventually move to more complex shooting style. Simple tightening or loosening of the limb bolts to the appropriate weight is always possible. The cams have rotating modules that allow instant adjusting of draw length.


The 13 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow integrates versatility, speed and excellent adjustability that make it more than just an entry-level piece of equipment. It should make an excellent addition to your collection of bow fishing and hunting gear. The 75% let-off makes it easy to have a solid shot.

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