2.1 Corelle Livingware Geometric 16-Piece Dinnerware SetBenefits

Striking black bands design on white background

Made of tempered glass

Dishwasher- microwave- and oven-safe

Pieces stack easily together

Guaranteed quality



At least one of the Corelle Livingware Geometric reviews notes that the mugs that come in the set are not of the same quality as the rest of the pieces.

One user mentions that the bottom of the dishes can get extremely hot or cold, depending on what is placed on them. This happens to any other similar type of product.


Customer rating –> B


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Benefits explained

Thanks to the attractive contrast of bold, black bands on white background, this dinnerware set provides a progressively modern look that still manages to stay simple but elegant. The white dinnerware also goes well with a variety of home décor styles, giving your kitchen a totally contemporary look. There’s always beauty and durability on your table as you share meals with family and friends.

2.2 Corelle Livingware Geometric 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Like most other products from Corelle, the Corelle Livingware set is the best dinnerware set from Corelle Coordinates thanks to its technologically advanced Vitrelle brand glass construction. Made in Corning, New York, the pieces undergo thermal bonding to ensure glass bonding, which also makes it easy to form the shapes. The glass is then tempered to render it truly strong.


Due to the thermal bonding that the glass undergoes in the manufacturing facility, each Corelle piece is versatile enough to go from the microwave or oven to the dinner table. Reheat or even cook with the plates in a convection, conventional or microwave oven. Afterwards, clean everything up in the dishwasher. No fuss, no problem!


Because they are lightweight and ergonomically designed, the pieces stack easily together, saving on storage space. You don’t have to worry about how much kitchen space the pieces can take up as they nest together easily to fit in your cupboard or kitchen cabinet.


Perfect for a range of kitchen decorating styles, the Corelle Livingware set stays beautiful for years to come. The lovely pattern withstands the test of time, as Corelle only uses food-safe enamel pigments fired directly onto the dishes so they don’t fade, scrape, scratch or wear off.


Final words

The Corelle Livingware set carries a bold design that speaks of modern tastes, making it the best dinnerware set. Each piece undergoes thermal bonding at the factory to ensure durability and versatility of use. Take each piece from the oven to the table with ease. The stackable pieces help save on kitchen space. The lovely pattern goes well with a range of kitchen decorating concepts.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($73.46)