What is the best backpacking tent from Coleman


1.Coleman Hooligan 2 - 8'x6' 2 Person TentBenefits:

It fits two people.

Keeps you dry when it’s raining outside.

It has improved ventilation.

It’s easy to set up.



It is a bit on the heavier side.


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  • If you’re someone who loves backpacking trips, and if you do it with no more than one other person, this is the best backpacking tent from Coleman for you. When going on this type of trip, the last thing you need is a huge tent that will take up a great deal of space in your backpack. In these cases, what you need is a small tent, which will easily fit into your backpack, without taking up the entire space.

2.Coleman Hooligan 2 - 8'x6' 2 Person Tent

  • When backpacking, you have to pay extra attention at how well your tent will resist when it rains. Though this is very important for nearly all camping trips, it’s less of a problem when you have a car in which you can hide if your tent fails to protect you from the weather. However, when you don’t have a car at your disposal, the only thing that can save you from the rain is the tent. This is why it’s so important that it is waterproof.  As such, this is the best backpacking tent for you, because it is especially made from a material that ensures you will not get one single drop of rain while inside the tent.


  • A common problem with tents is that they tend to trap heat within them on hot summer days, which renders them almost impossible to stay in during those times. Some people might think that this is not such a big problem, because if they’re on a trip, they’re probably going to spend most of their time outside anyway. However, it can happen that you might want to take a nap in the afternoon after a very tiring morning, but in an extra hot tent, this won’t be possible. Of course you can get backpacking tent accessories which would make the heat more bearable, but these accessories would weigh even more on your backpack. With this tent, you won’t have to go through the trouble of getting such accessories, because it was built to have increased ventilation so that you’ll feel comfortable in it even during the hot summer days.


  • When it comes to backpacking tents, one of the most important features they can have is being easy to set, which is exactly what this tent is. In fact, one of the Coleman Hooligan reviews mentioned that it only took 10 minutes to have this tent built and ready to use, which is almost no time at all. So, if you’re not into spending hours and hours of your trip trying to put the tent together, this item will be just right for you.


Going on backpacking trips can be a lot of fun, if you have the right equipment, of course. If you don’t, then the whole thing just ends up being a frustration-filled experience, which is not something anyone desires. In order to avoid having to go through unpleasant experiences, you should get this tent, which is one of the best tents out there because of its many characteristics.


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