Top rated cheap computer monitors under $100


You don’t have to pay a huge amount of money on a reliable computer monitor, there are models which are affordable while still having some very good features. If you don’t need a top monitor than there are others more modestly priced which can be your PC computer monitor and do a very good job of it. Be sure to read the cheap computer monitors reviews and see if one of the models presented by them has what it takes to be bought by you.


ASUS VS2070D-P LED-Lit Monitor    


Cheap computer monitors reviewsThe ASUS VS2070D is certainly a great monitor to go for which has a very good price range, easily affordable. This monitor has a 5ms response time which is extremely quick for a model in this price range. You have the option to view everything in a 16:9 aspect ratio, excellent for gaming enthusiasts or for watching movies. When it comes to the picture quality it is capable of delivering to you images with a 1600×900 HD+ resolution, making it one of the best computer monitors under 100 dollars.

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HP W2071D Flat-Panel LCD-LED Monitor


The LED technology used in this monitor from HP allows it to have an excellent dynamic contrast of 3 million to 1 and to have a very fast response time of 5ms. You will also save energy with it because it has Energy star ratings, doing your bit to protect the environment and to cut down on your electricity bills. Tilt the monitor up to 19 degrees as well so you find the best angle to view its excellent picture quality. The cheap computer monitor reviews recommend going for it if you have the chance.

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AOC e2050wd LED Lit Monitor


One of the top rated computer monitors reviews which you can invest in for a very affordable price is the AOC e2050wd. The Graphical OSD menu is very easy to use and will pose no trouble to learn at all. The 19.5 inch display has the capability of showing you images at a maximum resolution of 1600×900 or in other words HD+. You will also have access to a VGA, a DVI-D and a HDCP input for a multitude of connectivity options just waiting to be taken advantage of.

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Hannspree HL HL161ABB LED-Lit Monitor


For an economical solution for a reliable monitor you should get the Hannspree HL GL161ABB model a chance which uses LED technology to ensure a very good image quality. It is even capable of letting you enjoy a 16:9 aspect ratio which is ideal especially for gaming. The monitor also has a VGA input so you can connect it to a lot of different devices with just the use of a VGA cable. If you decide to buy it you will also get a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Hannspree HL205ABB LED LCD Monitor


The Hannspree HL205ABB LED LCD monitor is another reliable choice you can make which will bring HD+ images before your eyes, whether you are playing games or you are watching videos and movies. This means you will have sharp colors and a great contrast at your disposal, making you enjoy everything you see on its display. The 20 inch wide monitor has some well balanced video option and very easy to use controls. Satisfied customers make it one of the best computer monitors under 100 dollars which you can buy.

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