What is the best car vacuum cleaner from Carrand



Design, size and weight

Cleaning performance


Attachments and components



Cord and hose make the job easier but may take a bit of ingenuity to secure them in place for storage

Plastic hose and flimsy ring on the hose may not be all that robust. Fortunately though, the hose does not kink, which most plastic hoses do.


Customer rating -> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • Compact and lightweight, the Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless Auto-Vac is a great cleaning tool that’s easy to carry around. Weighing just eight ounces, this small cleaning machine will not tire the hand. It offers easy grasping due to the ergonomic handle that helps you hold the entire unit effortlessly. The Carrand 94005AS measures 15.1 x 10.4 x 8.1 inches, presenting a small package made for convenient carrying, making it the best car vacuum cleaner from Carrand.


  • This machine is expertly engineered to provide an extremely powerful suction that’s better than what other portable vacuums provide, which makes it the best car vacuum cleaner. You can work without a companion with this 550-watt cleaning device. It may be marketed an as auto vacuum, but you can use it to clean window blinds and baseboards in the house as well. It has a useful professional in-line air blow feature that provides more airflow to remove debris and liquid out of areas that are hard to access.


  • Perfectly sized handheld vacuum that offers exceptional detailing jobs on any vehicle. This US-made machine is brought to the market by a recognized expert and market share leader in car cleaning tools. Carrand has been in business since 1982, developing and designing more than 50 products sold in over 25,000 retail outlets. The company has more leading edge products continuously being developed in response to the constant need for functional, high-quality, innovative and excellently designed cleaning tools. The company has both its headquarters and distribution in Carson, CA.


  • When it comes to car vacuum cleaner accessories, the Carrand 94005AS is tops. Aside from a standard crevice tool, the machine also comes with two other brush attachments (dash and console brush) and a carpet/upholstery tool for great vehicle detailing work. The 12-foot cord is long but working with it is no trouble at all. The 360-degree elbow offers flexibility. The flexible 40-inch vacuum hose lets you reach high up to reach window blinds in the house. The attachments store directly into the unit and a cord wrap keeps everything neat.


Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa reviews cite the reusable basket that eliminates the need to buy replacement bags. The Carrand 94005AS is a compact and lightweight cleaning tool that also comes with a reasonable price. It’s a cleaning machine that does what it’s designed to do and more.


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